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Mother Told, Born Starchild?


Six years ago my mother was doing research and came upon websites about "star children" and "old souls in young bodies" and well, ever since she has told me how I am "one of them." Not incessantly, just would bring it up every once in a while. I did not know what this meant and I didn't really care to look it up recently (but we'll get to that later.) She would always tell me, even when I was younger, of how I would always say "such strange things" when I was a young girl and how I would tell her I saw "angels." She told me of how I would speak some words in different languages like German, which was strange to her because no one spoke German that she knew. So I guess when she came across the websites things sort of clicked for her.

The thing is, I do not remember much of when I was a little girl because of traumatic experiences to me chakras on emotional and physical levels. I had not known this until recently either so I have not worked through all the baggage, but while I was researching such I came across how people can block out things from their memory because of traumatic situations, especially through an adolescents formative stage. So I cannot remember the experiences she s speaking of! I can only remember certain parts of my childhood (btw I am seventeen now).

Anyway, I finally decided to look up what my mom has been talking about this whole time, and it has confused me even more! I've read "how do I know?" articles and the "tell-tale signs" and a lot of things are true about myself. But I feel like all of them were more so true when I was younger. Strange things still happen. I will hear voices calling my name. I see shadow people and I think I can read people's minds if I tune in, but I have to try.

So does this mean that I am a star child that has lost its abilities because of blocked chakras/ energies/ negative build up? Or what? I do not know how I can truly be sure. Is my mom right? I come from a line of intuitive woman but does that mean they are psychic and I am too? What does it mean to be a star child? I just want to know, it's been bugging me to know the truth.

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StarlightWW (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-13)
I am also a StarChild. We all have different origins. If you want, I can help you to understand your abilities and your origins, and maybe help you discover who you are, and what you are meant to be.
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-19)
You should concentrate on your studies and school, do not get so lost in research of what you are or what you could possibly be, and how different you are than others, that you can't normally function or complete your mission here on Earth.

In essence everybody is a "star child" if they all come from "heaven" here to reincarnate in the flesh to further their spiritual learning on this plane... God knew you before you were born, and you were in "heaven" before coming to Earth.

Everyone is a star child, just some "forgot" to remember in this life and in doing so forgetting their true spiritual purpose in life.

I am not saying that you are not special, but that everyone is special... Some seek to be more special and different than others, then they end up being very confused individuals, always seeking to be different than other souls etc. Thinking they are better than other people, and therefore more entitled to things than other people... But the Truth is, you are not here to separate people, but to bring people together in the sense of making them realize that no one is better than another one... And that is part of your mission to see that you are no better than others, but here as a HUMAN to experience a human experience like the rest of everybody. A human having a spiritual experience...

There are people who think that they are better than other people, and they don't even call themselves "star children" or any supernatural label... But it is they together with those who think they are better than others in a "supernatural" way that are quick to forget their true purpose and realizing that everyone is Divine... They lose their sight to see the Divine in all things, due to their pride.

So just get grounded, realize that everyone is special and you'll never stop seeing the special in everything and everyone!
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-17)
Well I think you have a psychic bloodlines with greater abilities. If you want to know about star child read this.
It will help you alot. I think it doesn't matter what category of psychic do you belong because it will confuse you even more, well I don't care about that. Try meditation that will help you a lot for discovering and enhancing your abilties. I am working on my abilities and they are showing some preogress as well. Take care and bye. 😁

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