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How Do I Make It Better Or Make It Go Away?


Psychics run in my family dating back to my great great grandma. My mom and grandma can look at you and tell you your past and present, and they are dead on with it. But I want to know if I have the psychic gift or am I just really in tuned with people or if I'm crazy for instance. I have deja vu how many times a day. I have dreams about things that later on come true. That turns into deja vu. And A few months ago I was at home, and all of a sudden I could feel a friend of mine as if she was setting right next to me. Something told me to call her but I didn't. I could see her in my head, and her name kept flashing in my head in red. Then the next morning I found out she got in a car accident and she was hospitalized and her boyfriend who was also my best friend died. Or Ill have someone on my mind that I haven't seen or talked to in a long time be on my mind for a few months, and its either something good or something bad has happened to them when this happens. Or another time, I was next door to my mom's house visiting with a neighbor. And I keep seeing the word mom in red letters in my head. Something kept telling me to go to my mom's house. But I didn't follow it. The more I didn't listen to it the stronger it got. About two hours later I was getting ready to leave, and sure enough my mom comes there the door and said that her boyfriend had hit her. I'm starting to really hate this about myself. I want to know too, how can I make it better, or is there a way I can get rid of it.

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ShadowPanther (54 posts)
10 years ago (2012-03-16)
Judging by your story it sounds like you are definately clairvoyant. Dreams that come true and thinking of certain people before something major happens to them is a sure give-away of this.
The only one that seems slightly different is you getting a feeling to go to your mother's house. The fact that the feeling got stronger when you ignored it, it seems to me that this could have been your intuition combining with your gift to warn you that something bad was going to happen.
Don't try to get rid of this ability of yours, it is a part of you and you shouldn't hate it. It is there so that you can help those around you.
If you want to improve this ability I'm afraid I don't really know any sure-fire way to improve it. My best guess would be to try meditating on these thoughts or maybe observing all that is around you and paying attention to the details of your observations. I really hope you work this through.

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