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Born Psychic... A Few Tidbits


When I was 3-4 I went to a Christmas party with my family. The children were all handed gifts by Santa. Everyone got toys, and I got a dictionary. It wasn't websters. I got the picture in my mind but I can't show you. I can see where my dad used to keep it in the house. But not its location now unfortunately.

As I was walking back to my seat a seemingly reasonable guy popped into my head and said something that made me feel like I was a bad person to my siblings. My dad was my first impression. But something made me think it may not be him. I wondered how he did that, and knew how to do that myself eventually. Though now it doesn't work sometimes.

When I was older "remembering" things was really easy, and homework wasn't work at all. A different guy popped in during grade 5 and mentioned I shouldn't get all the questions right or else people might start to wonder. I could tell he was way older than me. But that was about it.

Later while playing video games. The first guy (I think) let me know that I was looking things up in the akashic records. Of course I didn't believe him at all. Because I'm pretty low on myself, and didn't think I could do anything special. So I did what came naturally to me and checked him out. When he first came in to tell me I was scared I might loose this 'gift' I didn't know I had. That was the first impression I got. Cautiously I looked on and saw he had a few of his friends. Then I saw something that made me freak out and want to get far away from him. (this happens often)

With my vedio games I could always "remember" where to go and see exactly what I needed to do when I wasn't sure. I just got done the water temple in zelda. And I was trying to wonder how to get the ruby coin out of the bottom of the deeper part of the tank in the building outside of the temple. The descriptions could go on I have the picture right here. But I couldn't figure it out! I was so pissed! It seamed as though there was this man in the way. Though I could have been wrong. When I wined this guy came "in" of course it was just in thought, and he was what I could only describe as dark. I had to shut it out, he was too mean and I didn't know what was going on. I had to make up a happy story calm myself.

There was this really rude girl in my grade. Gauntlet legends was the game of choice for this pondering. I decided to use this skill to try and check out why she was so rude (which way I do too often. Foolishly). I didn't get anywhere before a guy popped in and did something funky and I had to leave. No answers at all.

So that's kind of how I figure out who's around me. Though it's kind of invasive... It's a natural way to do things for me. I love checking out people this way, you instantly figure out what kind of person they are when they react.

Something was up later with what seamed like this old guy and I could see, it seamed dangerous stuff. I was a teen by this time. I shut down. Had to forget what went on. (stuff like this happened more than a few times)

During high school I smoked a lot of pot. I was wondering weather I needed to remember any of my schooling but it was kind of difficult to get a straight up answer.

Then my brother came down with schizophrenia... Of course I tried to figure out what happened (don't EVER do that) I got an answer... But the guy wouldn't let me look it up... After that came tons of warnings, and scary stuff which I had to blank out. Until I was so frazzled... Trying to un-frazzled now. Anyho. Don't think about that part there's other stuff.

Turns out my first long term boyfriend's story was told to me (by him?). He 'came' when I was crying about how horrible people are, and told me how he had to steal for his food. But by the time this had happened I'd already lied to my self a million times and couldn't be sure if it was him or not. He says he knows everything about me and says he's been there all along... To bad he was so manipulative. I remember when he first 'helped' not clearly enough though, he thought a lot for me. I disagreed with him, I thought he wasn't that nice but I'm a slow thinker and couldn't keep up with him. No one else I knew was helping my situation, so I stuck it out. He had me doubt all my friendships (which were few since it was hard liking people while knowing stuff) he thinks really quick (I enjoy watching those ppl) though I can't tell you if it was him "with" me or not. But those were definitely somethings he did while he was physically with me.

I met him when I was 19. When I decided I kind of wanted to be with the guy and I was wondering how to approach him. Someone said, just say "how romantic" to him... (talk about people having control over my life much hey...) cody thought I was clear minded and actually knew what he thought. Which I should have been able to do but I couldn't seam to figure that out clearly by then. I definitely wouldn't have dated the guy if I knew. We were really close though, I could feel him pushing me around a lot it wore on me, but I seamed safe. Not from him... But that was ok.

Last year pulled me to him when I played online games with him in another city. It's like we were playing in the same room... Unfortunately I'd been through to much to enjoy it and felt like I was dieing. I couldn't keep up with him... That used to not be an issue.

I had almost unlimited patience and that's something I was very proud of. I was playing games one day but I got supper pissy over nothing. When I wondered what a picture of guy and his friends popped up. I'm not entirely sure what happened but I can usually see who. This happened after I moved out when I was 20-21ish. Still playing video games.

Now I'm finding extremely tough to act like myself. Things get dark then I get angry or really weird. I guess this is what happens when you go unguarded.

I've witnessed people take traits like that from me, and I can take on traits/feelings from others as well, though I'd really rather restrain.

Unfortunately it's been a bit unclear sometimes lately... And way more weird now. Some of the weirdness is just of my doing since I can't really deal with what's going through my head sometimes traumatic flash back and all that wonderful.

Lisa (23yrs)

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joyy (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-15)
[8shya8] wrote: how'd you know about that.

You already know it, but I am going to verbalize it briefly. As thousands of NDErs say, we [on a higher level] created the galaxies in another time fractal. They perceive in NDE that we came from God-Source that creates universes, and that we naturally have been and are creating galaxies on some level. We are in different soul groups. So your oversoul created 30 galaxies in one time fractal. It's you on a higher level.:) like having many levels of higher selves, with the n-th level creating galaxies.

And then we took on the journey of forgetting a little who we are and exploring the galaxies we created, so as to be able to shapeshift them, create new ones and enjoy the play of co-creating in new ways.

If that's hard to accept for some, we can think of our healthy cells as galaxies for other tiny particles, so we create the healthy cells by our healthy music we listen to, so we all can create 30 galaxies in no time using the science of cymatics.:)

joyy (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-14)
divine [8shya8] loving angelic sweet soft nurturing tender light in human form:)

A thousand angels praise your ascending gentle magnificence.:)

O Ode of Grace singing to All Universes:)


O Infinite Love

Thy Light So Bright, Brings the Divine Delight...

Thank you for thy songs in 30 galaxies of enchanting bliss:)

Actually if Thine Compassion loves music here is some spiritual music too from joseph's angelic voice:


Which reminds me of 2400 AD androgynous humans... Time fractal some talked about.

I was wondering if electrons are galaxies made of much smaller planets...:)

Your story reminded me of the white light breathing technique (in breath from Divine White Light in the heart, out breath out to envelop the earth) that could bring the undreamed of Paradise and even cancel the earthchanges timeline probabilities if 1000 Galaxies join our breating Light meditation. You reminded me how gel like and dream like and lucid dream like the world is.

Billions of lightbeings may help us as we breath the universal light, like these:


As Jesus said in John 14:12, we may be able to do what He and Ramalinga did and more:


The link above describes a perception on the Triple Golden Shadowless Body of the Human ready to ascend. Ramalinga walked without shadow for about 2 years before ascending. They couldn't talke his photo. Some on this forum may be able to do it too one day:).

Ramalinga's life inspired Madame Blavatsky to create the Theosophical Society on Ascended Masters. Some meditation groups talk of the Era of Immortality when we will live thousands of years.:)

8shya8 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-14)
oh joyy ^.^ how'd you know about that.
I checked out your page, wonderful music. Thanks muchly:)
joyy (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-04)
oh yeah, truly amazing we shall continue to be.

Like you - just yesterday in another time fractal you created 30 galaxies.


8shya8 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-11-03)
thank you light 20 ^.^ you amazing people I hope you get to continue to be.

I totaly agree with you feroxfever. I hope you never have to go through/see the things I have. Keep up the sheilding ^.^
light20 (34 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-30)

I honor thy divine grace

Wanted to gently share a possibility:

It could also be often times the quality of our experiences is the quality of souls allowed to be around us for whatever divine or karmic reasons.

Sometimes, great souls, for a few years, could have bad experiences resembling madness, for the purposes of mere education and training for complex missions. I mean, there is so much we don't know:)


It's all good. My own philosophy is that advanced spirits always are super-positive and super-peaceful.

FeroxFever (6 stories) (101 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-30)
i know your brother has a condition, so I'm sorry to say but you might want to get analyzed yourself, because although the psychic abilities we usually remember are bad, psychics do have good ones as well... So when they are ALL bad it usually points in another direction not abilities but madness...

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