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First Obe, Frightening Truths To Future Projection


My name is Tony and I'm 27yrs old. Marine Corps Veteran and not a believer in faith or anything spiritual.

That being said, The spiritual part of me did a 180 in about 2 seconds once I "landed in my body". I've been absolutely terrified for the first time in a long time.

Nearly 3 years ago I suffered a tremendous injury that nearly took my life and left me with my left arm completely inoperable. At the release of my beat up body from the hospital, My friend Rajesh said his psychic told him to buy me a movie and to have me watch it 50 times, ONE DAY I'll understand it. She said I was strong mentally and spiritually". Honestly I took it as a confidence booster, kind of like "Keep your head up".

A month and a half ago I decided to have it amputated up to the middle of my humerus (Mid bicep). Successful Amputation a month ago. At the same moment I saw life differently, I finally loved me, for me.

The other evening I fell asleep thinking about my left hand. Thinking about how when I close my eyes I can still feel my fingers in detail. Then about how each pin prick is distinct, but yet it feels like I have millions of them. As if My brain has the map to which every coordinate has a designated nerve. All of the sudden I'm trying to look at what's going on in front of me. Every thing is light blue and there are grays in front of me. My vision is blurry, I decide to go on with whatever "this dream is". I realize it appears, I'm sorta able to see my body in front of me, face down and all I can see is my shoulders nothing below mid back. I'm covered, feel really cold with pressure, but then it felt as if it was a dream cause really "that can't be! I'm looking at me... (Wait what's going on right now?) It didn't seem as if it was an operation, but something I was there impart for. I listened to this taller Male on my left with clarity and the other person on my right. Some other things happened as well I could tell in detail.

All of the sudden BLURR and woosh, I thought my eyes were partially open, noticed I wasn't breathing... Half second... Took a breath and shot out to grab my phone. I'm terrified of what I just went through. Immediately started texting my most 2 trust worthy friends exactly what was coming to mind in detail, as fast as I can! I've got one hand and an iphone that I'd write college papers on. I refused to look anything up or research these details. *To be honest I was sitting there sweating tremendously. My buddy Nate sent me info on a doc after a little while and I researched it further. Turns out many of the things I heard are specifically what this doctor does. Including words I can't articulate cause I know nothing of the profession... Found in his research. Ex: Cell Kinetics, "in vivo"

I also kept getting the thought of Nashville.

At this point I'm so destroyed as to what's going on in my mind. Why? I don't do drugs, rarely drink, don't smoke, What the hell! So I spend all day thinking about it. I wanted to talk to someone that I knew was spiritual. Rajesh! He's got a psychic! So I called him, I asked to call his! He gave me her number and told me "Hey Tony I think you were supposed to do this" I said what, lose my arm? He said "yes, I just never told you cause I wanted you to keep your head up" I said "WTf Rajesh after 3 years you tell me" His reply was " I don't think time is relative, but you should figure what this is, this could be great for you."

Then it hits me! I was seeing myself basically draw up new particles to my arm from nerve impulses. Into something that looked like it was being kept in a cyrogenic setting... But also an Operating room? Perhaps my "thoughts were becoming things" with the supplemental medical aid that somehow allowed me to build/identify/bond to the rest of my arm through spiritual thought?

The movie I watched an honest 17-20 times was "The Secret" where the point of the movie can be summarized. "Thoughts become things."

The research I've done has just been amazing... How did I not know any of this!? But still found nothing on what it is that I should do next. I'm terrified of saying anything to this doctor, this is so far fetched I feel I'm not sane! I don't feel as if I can talk to anyone. My sister made a mockery of me. I can assure you I'm not here to tell a story. I feel like a zombie!

I've got screen shots of all my texts with time stamps. In my own way it's me saying this is my proof that I was completely unaware of how physically relative it was. I'm looking for help from someone well versed in this. Guidance, something! There's more to this! I'm fine without my arm! I don't even want a prosthetic! But then again I'd try it for science!?

I talked with my father with whom I rarely do, he informs me that he's very spiritual. That in his early twenties he "practiced shaman" (sp) or something like that. Loved all the we had to say. Assured me everything will be ok... Are you F'n kidding me!?

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kev1202 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-20)
I highly recommend you try the following Self-Evaluation Test created by Corrado Malanga (he's originally - still is - a professor of organic chemistry at Pisa University, Italy, but he's the top man globally in matters that could possibly relate to what's happening to you): (click on the 'agree' button and download the pdf file)
gaiamara (19 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-31)
Greetings, Tony.
I'm not entirely sure what it is that you are asking for here. Do you want more information on OBE or are you looking for someone to give you an indication of where your future lies? Because the latter is something that you need to discover for yourself.

Perhaps if you phrased your query a little more succinctly someone could provide you with the information you require. I know it must have been a frightening experience but every new and unexplained experience is scary in every scenario. Also a little exciting if you're willing to look at it as an adventure:)

We astral project every night as we sleep, so the only difference is that your cognitive self was aware of it and could comprehend the goings on around you. It's true that time is not linear. Our concept of time is limited by our 3-dimensional existence. This video is a fantastic explanation of the dimensions that exist and might help you to wrap your mind around the concepts you're trying to understand.

Anyhow, if you're not getting the answers you require then specify what it is that you're looking for. Sometimes knowing the right question to ask is the most important step. May your path be clear and true.
light20 (34 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-30)
it's ok to have even a robot like body made of a different type of chemical assembly structure.

The soul can inhabit infinite variations of bodies.


The self is not the body.


I would love to alter my DNA via picotechnology just to advance science too.


Try new bodies, like we will learn how to translate astrally into cloned bodies of a new type [new matter we discover] and thus maybe live 40000 years. Lol

Life is amazing.:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-29)
You should look into the book suggested by Ursula. Also see if Mastering Astral Projection 90 day guide. By Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer gives: short affirmations, techniques for relaxation
This book comes with a CD, material indicating symptoms as prickly sensations, paralysis, precognitive experience with eyes open and seeing other beings.
AnneV is good for comparing and guiding.

You can start with meditation, relation techniques, physical exercise, stay positive,
Take notes of your dreams which also move into OBE.
Getting ahold of your guide or protector would be helpful. You do not need to be religious in order to work with them.

I do agree with the readers obtaining as much info of like minded experiences, prepares the conscious mind, and trains the unconscious astral body, aka: etheric dbl for what one may experience.

Good Journey
Ursala (48 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-28)
Tony, Perhaps you could gain some additional insight into your OBE by going to Astral Voyages. That site is run by the same lady, Anne V, who runs this site. Trauma, whether physical, or mental, or both, is sometimes the catalyst that propels us to view life much differently and sets one on a whole new spiritual pathway. There are many fine books on the subject. A classic is Robert Monroe's "Journeys Out of the Body". My best to you on your journey.
Chetyre (guest)
13 years ago (2010-10-28)
Hello sgtusmc...

Have you ever heard of the "phantom limb" thing? I have heard many theories, one of them being that the body and brain still hold a type of "blueprint" of the body even though part of it is physically gone.

I read that even the nerves left over still may still hold onto the "old" physical configuration and still fire off as if the rest of the nerves were still intact.

I have also read that the body has a sort of "etheric" body... I guess it is a type of energy field and the etheric form is still complete and maybe it too registers sensations as if the missing part was still there.
Perhaps the etheric body doesn't rely totally on the physical part.

To be honest it would be difficult for me to give an intelligent sounding opinion because I am not you and I feel that since I have not experienced the pain you endured that my views may seem kind of stupid.

You mentioned the sensation of feeling millions of pinpricks? It sounds very similar to what I felt as a child when my broken arm was healing, the nerves were inflamed and may have even been pinched (it was broken right above the elbow joint)

I have seen "The Secret" and while I thought most of the movie was a bunch of new age tripe I have to say that our thoughts "can" affect how we relate to our lives.

For example... I really hate spiders, I fear having them near me and I tend to see them as creepy and annoying; my skin tingles whenever I see one especially when it is dangling in front of me (God I hate it when they do that!) reactions to them skewer my view of the reality in relation to them... I have worked to make myself realize that spiders are just spiders. They still creep me out but I have realized that whether I like them or not doesn't change their reality.

Anyways I am sorry that I rambled... I cannot really comment on what you have seen nor do I really agree with the assessment that you were "meant" to lose your arm but I do think that it may have helped you to gain a different perspective on your life.

You are still you and even though you lost your arm and are learning to adjust your life to this...YOU,meaning the "you" inside has not been diminished.

I don't know... Maybe I am just rambling... The effects of the multiple cups of coffee are wearing off I guess. 😉
sgtusmc (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-28)
I need more than an ok. I need more than what I know currently which is why I joined this site... What would be the best thing for me to do?
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-10-28)
I believe your experiences totally.
Embraced them instead of fearing them. There is nothing to fear. There are lots of stories here on O.B.Es.

You can read my experience. It involves me being startled by the fact I could not breathe either.

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