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Two days ago, I was sitting by my computer as I usually do and I was feeling just fine, having some food and chatting to my friends. But suddenly, this strange feeling of sadness comes over me just like that. I had no reason for becoming sad, and a little bit after it struck me that this is not my own feelings. Since I've had visits here in my room some weeks before this, I thought oh well, it's probably someone here again roaming around - however I didn't actually feel someone being in the room. The feeling lasted for atleast ten minutes or a little longer, and suddenly just went away.

Later, my best friend comes online again and I told her what I had experienced, and that I thought it probably only was some entity. The answer I got though was "At what time did it happen?" and I told her. Then answered that around that exact time, she had thought and spoken about me and felt sad because she is missing me. She lives in Scotland and I live in Sweden, we were always very tight before she moved and we've come to the conclusion that we are probably soul mates - we are such a perfect match. We like the same things, our personalities are very alike, we end each other's sentences, so we usually think alike and when we've been together for a longer while it's like we are communicating in a telepathic way.

Today it happened again. I was thinking about her and right after I got a text from her that said "I want a hug): ". Why is this? How could this happen? Is this because we actually are connected in some way?

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SASE (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-02)
At first I was thinking you were an empath, as am I, but I don't know now. I still think you might be, because even I, an inexpierenced psychic, can feel things over distances. I don't know how far Sweden and Scotland are, seeing as I live in the US, but I can get a faint feeling from one of my friends that live in North Dakoda when I live in Illinois. 😊

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