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My Son Named Himself Before He Was Born


How did my son, Damain name himself?

In my car one day the most unusual sensation came over me. Firstly, I have to fill you in with my elevated sensitivity to background noises which is very annoying but apparently this is a customary side affect for some people who hear spirits via their auditory system. All my life I have been highly sensitive to background noise close and far and it has gradually exacerbated over the years; my ears zone in on the smallest background noises and more often than not dominating over what I am supposed to be listening to - speech, TV, or trying to enjoy silence, but for me, I never get to enjoy total silence, hence annoying the crap out of me. Apparently in the psychic world, experts call this having clear hearing, known as Clairaudience.

As I said I was in my car one day and I had a feeling of warmth flood my body; a lot like a Christian saying they felt God's love. When I occasionally went to church when I was married to a Christian this was a common feeling that many people experienced and excitedly expressed openly. Also I felt a sensation of heat just above my right side of my head and a strange repetitive sound; ddddddd penetrated my mind as if I was hearing someone near me chattering, but of course no one was physically present in my car; it became very annoying after a while. I told Arno, and he just laughed and said jokingly it was probably my sister trying to contact me as we had experienced a number of strange mysterious occurrences, little signs that we would comically say it must have been my sister trying to let us know that she is still here in spirit. I said to Arno that this persistent dddd couldn't be my sister as it was not a feminine feeling encompassing me, it felt masculine and as if it was a male mumbling.

In the absurdity of this repeating peculiar occurrence, I was drawn in with my curiosity to know what, how, why this was happening so I humoured myself and asked who was trying to communicate with me and what dddd is supposed to mean.

This bizarre occurrence went on for about a week, until one day the incoherent dddd turned into coherent speech which startled me as it definitely wasn't at all what I anticipated and I never thought at all possible; The words were a little muffled, and I couldn't make out the exact words as it sounded like the names, Damon, Daman, then I heard clearly the name Damien. I said, "I don't know any Damien."

"Son..." the word popped into my head. "I shook my head and said to myself that I don't have a son Damien nor are we even considering having another child as we already had three and I wanted to enrol in a Bachelors degree in Naturopathy and Homeopathy and was studying Chemistry for a bridging exam. I would never call any of my children Damien as I didn't really favour the name as it reminds me of an old kind of name, the typical nickname Damo, definitely wasn't to my liking and it reminded me of the Omen movie.

Then I heard a full coherent sentence, "Damien. My name is Damien and I am your son." I heard this a few times.

"How can you be my son? That's impossible."

"I am already here." Then he was gone. I told Arno this. We both laughed at the absurdity and the impossibility.

About five days had passed and I started to feel constantly nauseous, so I went to my Doctor and found out I was pregnant, which was a mystery as I was on a contraceptive that was ninety-nine percent effective. I was stunned when I received this news and I cried at the thought of having a fourth child as our lives were more than busy with three children already and the fact that Arno worked long hours and so it felt like being a single parent, and so I knew having no real physical help from family was going to be stuff, and the fact any dreams of a career was now null and void. Arno and his family were all bewildered and especially our oldest daughter who was already struggling with sharing her parents with her existing siblings let alone another sibling to compete for attention, hence I felt overwhelmed as I envisioned my future, my chaotic life ahead with having a family of six and what that entails. Biggest problem, I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist in the home, everything being organized and pristine and so keeping up would create a nightmare within my soul, even though I knew I would adapt as I always had in the past. I used to joke with Arno that I would never consider having four children without a Nanny and cleaner to help so none of the family misses out on individual quality time and be able to do extracurricular activities. I just wanted everyone to be content and happy as did I personally, to all live a peaceful, harmonious childhood and life, but how was this going to be with six people under one roof knowing that five of us have strong personalities?

The eighteen-week medical imaging scan confirmed that this little miracle baby growing inside was in fact a boy, so with this confirmation Arno and I had to come to terms with naming him Damien since this little boy's soul came to me to let me know he was going to be our son, before I even knew I was pregnant, defying the odds of being conceived, and making sure he was to be named Damien for a reason I do not know. We did name him Damien, but spelt it Damain, with an a, not like in the movie Omen. The name eventually grew on us, but when someone calls him Damo I cringe.

This was the begining to hearing spirits as a special past legend scared the jeepers out of me in 2010 and has taken me on the most amazing spirtual journey that I thought was not possible. Love to share this with you all to if you want.


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Cassan (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-05)
I have been having different experiences all my life but When I was pregnant with my second child I had a hard time with it. I had a daughter who was about to be 1 and I was going back to work. We were also newly married. How were we going to afford another child. We didn't make a lot of money. Well I told someone close to me I felt bad for not being excited about being pregnant. A pregnancy is a miracle in itself and deserves all the joy and love for a new being to have decided to grow inside you. At 14 weeks I talked with my friend and told her my feelings. That night I had such a real and vivid dream of this little boy talking to me. "I am a boy and my name is Michael" I woke up, turned to my husband and said "We are having a boy and his name is Michael". I told my mom and other family. They said Yeah right. Lol. Well at 20 weeks I went for an ultrasound. The technician asked if I knew what I was having. I said I am having a boy and his name is Michael. Sure enough I looked up at the screen and, yep it was a boy! Lol. It was hilarious. After the 14 weeks I felt so much joy for him and so thankful to have him. He has now taught me so much. He was diagnosed with Autism and for that he teaches us everyday! I had 2 miscarriages after Michael. One was too early to know what we were having. The other I had to make the worst decision in the world to end because the baby and I were so sick, (he didn't even have a 1% chance of survival and his body was full of water inside and out, it was horrible to see and know) if I would have went on I may not be here with my babies now. Since then Michael has said he talks to his brother and sometimes he wants to sleep in his bed or play with his toys. I truly believe he does visit him.
Sparkleworks (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-04)
I believe it. I was pregnant with my son and I kept having dreams of a baby boy. In one of the dreams he was born and said "now my sister can come". After my son was born I started having girl dreams and went on to have a baby girl. All of my experiences comes in dream mode though. Hearing what you heard must have been amazing! Such a great story! Definitely put that in the baby book!
max727272 (2 stories) (38 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-03)
That's an amazing story. I hope that you continue to learn more positive things about it! It will be interesting to see what your son will do in this world! I wish you the best. (:

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