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Weird Guiding Sense For My Fiance


First, let me say this. Everything I am about to write is true. This is not for some childish people to post lewd, ridiculous comments. This sense has intensified over the past 6-9 months. I'm really wondering if I have a sixth sense, or not. It has never happened before like it is now.

I am living in East Asia and my fiancee is too. We are in different countries, separated by thousands of miles at present, but chat every night. Trying to put this as tastefully as possible, she is bisexual and I'm ok with that. Her desire is quite strong.

About a month or two ago, she had a desire to find a sexy lady to satiate her desire. I said, there's one on the same floor as you. She's wearing something red in her hair. I could see it in my mind. She went out to the hallway and walked a bit. I said turn left, you will find her. She did, and she said, OMG, I see her! She's gorgeous! I said, go to her and smile, she will smile back and go with you. She did and the other girl went with her.

At first I thought, nah, just a coincidence. But now this same scenario has repeated over 80 times! And I haven't been wrong once! Now sometimes, I can tell her their name, a color they're wearing, skin color and hair and shoe style. I've even warned her about others coming into the room, like another sexy girl or a boss. She has been in the elevator going to the floor I told her and I suddenly sense another girl will get on the elevator. It happens every time I have sensed it. The feeling just seems to spring from my subconscious to my conscious mind. I sense that these ladies have a specific number of friends who also enjoy this lifestyle but have never done so, and their friends have joined them on many occasions. Again, every time, I was spot on!

I believe that to develop this ability, one first must begin to confidently believe that what they feel, will become reality. Since this is a new thing to me, I sure don't understand it. But based upon the number of times it has repeated, I have no reason to doubt it now. I don't control it - I don't know how to do so.

Generally, I have deja vu's and no other special skills. In fact, I can sense what people are thinking many times, but never really paid attention to it.

I am interested in serious comments only. I don't want to hear foolish comments about my fiancee or the whole sexual aspect. So, please keep it mature.

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