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Hearing Static And Need Guidance


I have experienced many things throughout my life time that I labeled odd and different but it hasn't been until the last year that these events really picked up. I about to turn 21 in about a week, and although I can't place an exact age on when things first started happening I know for fact I was saw my first ghost around the age of 12. My mother was sitting in front of the hallway linen closet putting away towels; I remember the hallway light was on so I didn't bother putting on the bathroom one. I walked into the bathroom and there he was. He was leaning against he was wearing a suit and top hat, like he was dressed from another time. I was so scared I became paralyzed with fear and couldn't run or talk. After about a minute the energy in the room released and I ran out. I told my mother what happen and she thought I was insane.

Growing up I was always that girl who took the time to get to know everyone including the people everyone over looked, I wasn't much a loaner but I knew I was very, very different from the people I surrounded myself with. I felt and processed my emotions differently, and I knew I understood how others felt to a tee. I have always been able to know how someone is feeling without even asking.

Next thing is my hearing, I hear static pretty often or other high pitch noise frequencies. I still always ask the people around me if they hear what I'm hearing, and it's always a no. I haven't been able to figure out yet what the noise comes from though. Sometimes it become painful it gets so loud. And I have experience migraines and facial numbness sensitivity to light and auras since around the age of 12 as well. Does anyone else hear this static?

I also have had something try and communicate with me through electronics such as speakers and my TV. I was sitting on my bed one evening and a had a pair of computer speakers that were plugged into the wall but not into any sort of technology, a man's voice began to start talking to me, it stopped and started 3 times before I unplugged them. Then he began to talk through my TV overtop my TV show. He talks so calmly, but I still can't seem to comprehend what he is saying.

Recently I was lying in bed and I heard a woman say "Lizie" which woke me out of my sleep and then I closed my eyes again and thought nothing of it. A few minutes later something pressed on my arm and blew in my ear and began to ramble. This motivated me to see Christine Whitehead an amazing psychic that my salon has been seeing for years. She verified that I was indeed psychic and that nothing was going to hurt me. She also told me the first ghost I had ever seen feels a deep fatherly connection with and stays with me. But now I'm at a loss for what is next.

Last night my grandmother lost her battle to colon cancer. My only wish was my mother made it there to see her before she passed and that she no longer suffers, both came true. I also asked for a sign from my angels or my guide to just let me know they are they. This morning I was asleep and my bed started to pulse, I woke up and I couldn't move. I tried to scream my roommates name and I couldn't speak. I couldn't even open my eyes. There was this image that really startled me at first, it was of something very angelic and aged looking young man, and it was in like a sepia kind of tone. The thing was is it wasn't a straight on image it was if I was looking at it through a ball or something curved to make the image looked curved. I mean I was definitely startled but I think this was just the sign I asked for.

I guess I would just like some insight thanks:)

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Red_Drag0n (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-07-20)
hello, I'm new here.
Well I don't know if the noise I heard was static or not.
I have been experiencing it since the last year or so.
There were a few times, when I fell asleep at odd times like evening or afternoon, and I was trying desperately NOT to fall asleep.
And so the momment I try to pull myself back up from falling asleep, I used to hear this strange electrical noise in my head, as if someones tuning the radio channels.
I thought maybe someones trying to communicate with me by establishing a connection between the minds, so I replied in my thought - Helloo, is anyone trying to contact me or something?
But there was no reply or anymore of such sounds.
Even this summer I heard it and now its monsoon and I don't hear it anymore.

Any idea what this sound is all about? Thanx.

Besides I have never seen ghosts or spirits in my life... Only in my dreams a few times. But that was ages ago. Nothing to do with this sound I guess.
kanderson (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-20)
Oh my goodness, what relief! I hear static and voices but they are rarely ever decipherable! It seems like I'm listening to a radio that's just a tad past a good station. I hear very clear talking/singing but through really loud thick static white noise type of sounds. I thought maybe my ipod was on but the headphones were out of it, I thought my computer started playing a movie but it was unplugged and actually dead. It scared me! I usually get strong odors that pass when I'm hearing these episodes too. Different smells for different voices, different tones, etc. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

And I do fall into the category of girls between age 12-20. Maybe there is something to that.
AnnaMarie12 (3 posts)
11 years ago (2010-06-03)
Your story is eerily similar to my own, although I have never really felt psychic. It all started with very vivid dreams about a blond man I found caged in a forest. In my dream I let him out and then things started going wrong and getting scary. One night I went to the kitchen for some orange juice and I glanced out the living room window on my way back to bed. I became paralyzed, I couldn't scream and broke out in a cold sweat. Outside the window was the blond man facing away from me. As he began to turn towards me I unfroze and ran back to my room and hid under my blankets until the sun came up. After that experience I began to hear voices calling my name at night and noise like the TV or radio was left on and when I would check it was always off. I can never make out any of the words. I would get electrical buzzing, ringing, shouting, sensations like zapping or clap inside my skull and all sorts of other noises occurring during the day and night. I would frequently get sleep paralysis and often felt presences in my room at night.
It all seems so far away now. When it started 15 years ago no one had ever heard of such a thing. It is nice to know that I wasn't crazy, this has happened to other people too. I wonder if it is mostly girls between the ages of 12-20? Curious.
myirishpride7 (3 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-30)
Happy birthday! I hear the static too. It's Some frequency that we are all tuned in to. That's all I know but I don't even know if that's right. I want to know too lol

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