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Black Shadow Figure


It started when I was 16years old. I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't move. I was in pain like the pins and needles feeling all over my body. The only part of my body moving are my eyes. I couldn't see clearly because around the room was what looked like heatwaves. At the same time I can hear voices of men and women laughing as well as calling my name over and over again. I also saw a black shadow figure floating/gliding above my feet. I knew at that moment this was not good, I closed my eyes while still hearing the men and women laughing and calling out, as well as my body in pain, I started calling out God & Jesus in my head for help. The more I would say the names (God & Jesus) my body got more and more painful until the next thing I knew, I could move again. Two nights later the same thing happened again, but this time there were two shadows. I called out to the heavens and again my body pain worsens and then I'm able to move.

The following week came about, I go to bed and I have a dream of being chased by a wolf. As I'm being chased I trip up and bang. I open my eyes to the same thing where I can not move. This time the voices were very clear and now I can see lots and lots of hands trying to pull me. The strange thing was, I all of a sudden realized I was floating above my physical body, the shadowed figure was hovering above my feet as well, but the hands were pulling me towards them. I knew at that moment I had no body, I was a floating soul or what ever you would call it. I didn't feel any pain, I was in fact feeling light and somehow no pressure any more but I also knew I was getting pulled down to hell by the hands. I tried to fight back by pulling away from them but all I could do was swim towards my body which was just lying there. I prayed again to Jesus and God begging them to take my soul instead, over and over chanting their names until I take a deep breath as I open my eyes. I'm back in my body! I know, this sounds stupid and so dumb but I wouldn't waste my time writing all this. To this day, I still get it but I never open my eyes, I will automatically start praying and praying until I can move again. Any body know what is happening to me?

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Govinda (1 stories) (17 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-03)
Hi Egypt. Sorry this is happening to you.

I notice you say that the shadowy figures often hover above your feet. Perhaps you are already aware - but one has pretty good little energy centres in their feet. Like little chakras. It is a large exit and entry point for energy, and this is why when you are psychically attacked it will usually start with the feet. You may want to try exercising and strengthening your feet chakras. I am going to detail an exercise for you and the more you do it, the stronger you're going to get:

First, go somewhere quiet where you will have solitude. Close your eyes and sit comfortably with your feet on the floor, palms up just resting on your thighs. Turn inward... Connect from the busy mind to your spirit. How do you feel when you become aware of your spirit?

Now this part does not need to be done each time, whenever it feels necessary really: visualize a huge beam made of metal (gold, copper, iron, any metal). Visualize it about half the size of the room if possible going directly from the ceiling down through the floor deep into the earth. This beam will be your vacuum of sorts, call out to the cosmic energies, imagine a flood of vivid light (a color that feels healing and pleasing) pouring through the beam, taking with it all the negative energies from the space that you and those who came before you have left, and imagine it is leaving behind fresh, positive vibes until your place is clean. You have now grounded your room.

Next is the part I think you should do regularly:

Visualize a strong object that is connecting your body at the base of your spine to the deep centre of the earth. The cord will need to be hollow and it will have a glazed or slippery centre. I like to picture the trunk of an oak tree. Alternatively you can picture a column, a crystal, anything you trust to be strong. Tell it to soak up anything you would not want to absorb yourself and tell it that you are using it as a vehicle for spontaneously releasing pain, emotions, thoughts that do not serve you. Focus your attention at the point where the cord meets the base of your spine (your first chakra) and the point on the ground. Imagine the sky pouring intense bright sparkling light, a color of your choice, that again, is pleasant to you. And it is pouring straight into your head, directly into your crown chakra which is opening like a rose or lotus blossom to accept this light. Inhale, draw the energy to your third eye and see it in there cleaning and swirling, then to your throat chakra, concentrate it there, cleaning and swirling, keep going to the heart, the solar plexus and all of your chakras, each time letting the light clean you and move about, getting your chakras spinning, finally bringing it to your spine, the first chakra. When you feel it has cleaned up your energies, send it down your grounding cord.

Feet Energy Exercise - best done outside, but don't sweat it if you are indoors. Imagine energy centres expanding and contracting. Do this for a few minutes, opening them wide - wide - wide - and then bring them in until they are completely closed. Exercise them and then allow them to stay open at whatever degree feels comfortable, this will let energy flow through your feet. Then, call forth earth energy, let is rise from a very deep and clean place that is far within the earth. A nice earthy color is best here, this is a nurturing light - - let it enter your feet. Clean and swirl it through every part of your foot, every toe, both heels, bring it up to your ankles, calves, legs, swish it around in those knees up through your thighs, which should be concentrated on. Get it in your muscles and fat and wash it out! Move this vibrant earth energy to your first chakra (base of spine) let it spin in there and circulate and flush it back down your grounding cord. After doing this for a few minutes try bringing forth more earth energy, more strength.

Anyway these are some meditation exercises that can really change you. I know lots that have helped me so much. I learned these techniques in meditation books, books on raising psychic awareness etc. Osbourne Phillips is really good. Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer have a book out about astral projection and how to control it. Debra Lynn Katz's book Extraordinary Psychics introduced me to those meditative exercises above.

All the best, I hope you can get rid of these nasty little shadows plaguing you and many others. I know you can.
Egypt (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-30)
Thank you soooo much, I should've mentioned before, I'm 25yrs old this year, yet over time it still hasn't gone away. I will face up to it next time and hopefully after that I will be able to share what happened. Thank you again, I'm so glad I've found this website. Cheers!
Edmund (578 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-30)
Egypt... At first I wanted to say astral projection... But then I got something like they pushed the spirit out... If it was astral projection it was forced by something other than yourself. When this happens again in your mind ask Saint Michael the Arcangel to help/protect you then the second thing I want you to do is in your mind scream what do you want... Then listen.

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