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New And Old Empath Abilities. What Do They Mean?


Based on my last story, you should know what I believe my abilities are. In case you don't I will repeat them. I believe I am an empath, I can see auras and that I can heal and recently I have been predicting things (it has almost always to digits away or correctly). But I one night prayed, not to god but to my spirit guides asking for help and I think they are answering.

An example of my abilities with empath are when I walk by random people I can sometimes tell if they aren't happy or if something is bothering them. I am not sure if this is empath but like when things happen I can look at someone and in my head ill say why the did it and what they are feeling... I am not sure if this is correct but I think it is how can I confirm it... Do I ask the person if that's why they did it and if that's what they felt or do I just believe in the power and assume its correct?

A perfect example of me seeing auras is today in class (3-29) the teacher was making me angry and I began to see green and blue outlines around people, are these auras... What do auras represent... And how can I make it so I always see aura?

Recently the only new healing experience I have had was, I was on the phone with my girlfriend and she said she had a headache again, so I began to think about it going away, and she said it was gone... I did not have a headache this time, that is until I got excited about healing her. I guess I lost concentration because the moment I go happy I got a pretty bad headache. This is one of the abilities I really want to learn how to use at will, can anyone help me... I am desperate for help and I will do anything for it.

Predicting things have been like amazingly close for me. It's usually with numbers, I think its all been with numbers actually. But I was with my dad and we were at a banking machine, he put the money in the machine to deposit and said he put $68 in but I was sure he put in $67. We were both wrong but I was two digits away. This is not the only time there is much much more, but what does that have to do with?

The most important thing I want to talk about is something I have been seeing... I was meditating one night and right before I was going to drift off a black figure darted across my view... Now I have been seeing this in a lot of places... It doesn't bother me but it won't go away, almost as if it needs to be by me.

Last but not least is the voices. I can hear them all day, it's a constant argument between me and he two of them. One's always saying negative things while the other is saying the exact opposite. I dominantly talk to the negative one, because we argue. But I don'$t think they are ghost or anything like that, I think they are my finishing pieces, if that makes sense like they and me make up my whole being... Does this make sense, should I be worried about them and how if they say they are me when I ask them who they are what is their purpose (they don't answer that question).

What do these abilities mean, what is their purpose. How do I make them stronger, and how did I even get them?

Also I maybe young but I have a great goal in life if anyone would like to hear it please email me at michael1334l (@)

(the letter behind the 4 is an L, its lowercase)

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Believer2012 (1 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-23)
You know how little kids have large connections to the spirit world? Well I remember hearing (back when I was little) voices of people talking. I remember walking through my garage once with my father to get my trike and I heard a man and a woman arguing. By then I was so sick of hearing voices and I told them to shut up and they stopped. I never heard them again.
lyndajo (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-02)
I experienced a male voice in my mid-twenties...I didn't have two separate entities, only the one.
It wasn't mental illness, tho I understand Nek's concern.
Touch, perhaps you could try meditations in the morning.

Or free flow writing whatever is in your stream of consciousness (writing without thinking) in the morning before you go about your day. Dedicate yourself to writing one front and back piece of paper... Resist backtracking and reading what you've written until more than two weeks pass... Then reflect.
Within about a month or so, you should find some clarity.
nekrokefali (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-31)
The voices concern me. There's a condition called schizophrenia that includes auditory hallucinations. Read about it at:

I'm not saying that you have the condition but it wouldn't hurt to talk to your parents about it and see a Psychiatrist about it to rule out that you are not suffering from any known conditions.

When you receive a "clean bill of health" you will have more ammo in your corner to develop your gifts.

The reason I'm concern though is because my cousin also hears voice and one day the voices told her to jump off a 5 story building. She did. The ground was a combination of concrete and marble stairs, a very deadly combination for a fall of 5 stories, and to everybody's amazement she landed on the only bush in front of the building that broke her fall and she lived.

So please forgive me if I'm a little concerned about the voices.

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