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Connected From A Zoo?


Me and one of my friends, Shannon, have recently been talking to each other through heads, or telekinesis, if you prefer. We have traced back to a moment at a zoo, when we did not actually know each other, this is when we believe a "connection" started.

In around 3rd grade, Shannon and I, both from different schools, happened to go to the Toledo Zoo on the same day. We had both went into a gift shop near the end of the day, where I ran into her and we locked eyes. All of a sudden, it's like nothing else existed, it was death silent, and we were just staring at each other, randomly. My dad called me to leave, and we all walked away like nothing happened, and nobody but us noticed, almost as if time froze for a second.

Exactly 5 years from when we were there, we actually knew each other, and we had a random urge to try to talk to each other in our heads. The weird thing was. It worked. And it kept working, and working, that was a Friday. On the next day, we tried again, and it worked just less connected. On Sunday, almost nothing. On Monday, we tried, and it was pretty clear again. Take note that we are telling each other small things to say, such as a name or even a number/letter.

Were we connected from the zoo?

Are there any tips you can give us to strengthen this ability?

Any suggestions would be helpful... Thanks:D

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