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Three Ghost In One House? Psychic Abilities?


So I was with my friend Hannah and we were talking about a ghost or spirit that guards her. But it's only there when that person is lonely. So I have had two recent experiences with her. But also Hannah named her Eliza and we picture her as a 5 or 6 year old. We think this because she wants attention. Because a Root Beer glass feel and broke. Kids like mischief and getting attention. So I think that was one of the ways Eliza wanted to get attention. And as me I have had numerous ghost experiences, but mostly when I'm alone. Which is very frightening, as you know ghost usually take people from surprise because usually they don't reveal themselves. If they do it usually means they trust you. And the only person I trust with ghost is my friend Hannah. We hangout everyday possible. But we think her house is haunted. Not with 1 ghost, but with 3 ghost. One Eliza,Invisible,Shadow. But I knew this before Hannah. With my psychic vision. I had one as an encounter with a ghost. So it happened. Some say ghost encounters are fun, they are, if your not there. So anyway I was hanging with Hannah and I had a vision that I was going to encounter with a ghost. But I was unsure when, where, and how. Now I know when, where, and how. Hannah went off to the movies on a Saturday night, and I left my phone at her house. It was about 8:30 and pitch black. So I went back to her house and retrieved my phone in her room. Also nobody was home, besides me and Shadow. She was in Hannah's room starring at me, with frightened guts I looked back, she was gone, her black and white body was frightening. Also I couldn't see her face. So I thought I can't leave Hannah with fright so I looked back, I felt gutsy, and brave, and terrified. She was there this time in some color. She had long white hair, 4feet 11inches about, black and pink skirt, long selves, also with Mary Jane's on (high heels). She stared at me and started walking, away from me. I ran outside in fright. I charged to my house and went straight to sleep. If I saw her face I thought she would lay a curse on me, so I made the decision to run. Smart or Stupid? I don't care I'm safe.


1.Am I Psychic? (Read my first story!)

2.Eliza Shadow or Invisible, which one?

3.Good description on what she looked like?

4.Should we try and contact her?


Steven aka PsychicStarter103

(Special Thanks too Hmb36)

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PsychicStarter103 (3 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-06)
It can be interesting, but without a doubt it's frightening. Sometimes you could just be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or it could have been showing its self to you purposely. You'll never know, unless you try to contact a spirit. Which usually isn't a good idea! 😁
MirrorsO (1 stories) (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-26)
At first I always thought that spirits showed themselves at will, but later on I learned that they are always there and seeing them if you don't usually have this ability is sometimes pure luck or that the spirit had gathered enough energy to appear in front of the person. Some gather energy for this purpose so they could interact with the living while others are much stronger (like the ones I've seen close powerplants and heavily lit roads) and can been seen by pretty much anyone passing that general area. I can see them completely, even if they don't have enough energy and it comes in handy since you know that you're not being watched in 'secret' to then have a spirit pop up suddenly. Some friends get scared and run off screaming into the night thinking that I'm weird because seeing spirits around me is quite easy. I don't really why they can easily manifest around me enough to the point that others that can't usually see them do, but it's interesting nonetheless. 😁

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