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Creeped Out By Premonition


It's starting to get really creepy now. My friends do not get it and they got upset with me this morning because I wasn't talking or doing anything, and I knew I wasn't but I didn't know what to do. I had this horrible feeling, that I do not know how to explain but if felt literally like death. I don't know what death feels like but this felt like it, my skin got ice cold, their was this sick feeling in me and this huge pressure in my chest. I do not know how to describe it, and no words can sum up how I felt. It's not like I could tell them that I feel death, they wouldn't understand and just think I'm going crazy. I was extremely nervous thinking would I be the one who is going to die, one of my friends, would it be right now or a little bit later, and how is this person going to die. I felt totally helpless and scared thinking I could do something but knowing I can't because I didn't know what was going to happen. I lasted through the day though, but when I got home I knew someone or something had died and I was right one of my pets was killed by another animal (either a coyote or a bobcat) and it was killed right outside my bedroom window. When I knew it was just one of my pets I felt relieved knowing it wasn't someone close to me, but I was also sad about the lose of one of my pets. I need to know something about how this feeling works, and if someone has had a similar experience please wright about it so I know I am not the only one who has experienced this feeling.

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Bcupcake (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-18)
I found your story while googling "feeling chest premonition" cause I have them as well and would like to get advice. I guess there's none, just other people as confused as me. But if you want to know how it happens to me here it is:
They happen when I'm in bed, right before falling asleep (doesn't matter the time, can be a nap at 3pm or at 2am after a night out). Usually it's just a thought, or as if someone (from beyond maybe?) was passing this info to me. At the same time I get a bad feeling in my chest (as if it was being pressed or shrinked in) and then I'm scared and frustrated cause I don't usually get much info. The misfortunate events can happen the next day or the same day (if it was an early morning premonition) or days after (but in this case I get the same horrible feeling in more occasions). I know when I'm the one who will suffer or if it's someone else (usually close family) I know the age range (cause I imagine either one of my nephews or my grandma, mum, etc. And even if it isn't them who suffer it is someone of the same age range). I can also tell if it will be inminent death or just an accident (the feeling in my chest tells me it or I sort of ask in my head and then I know if it will be death or not, don't know how else to explain it... Just put the question out in your mind and open your perception as widely as you can to get the answer, it has worked for me)
FeroxFever (6 stories) (101 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
A lot of the time this ability is uncontrollable, the only thing you can do is learn to recognize the symptoms and look for answers related to you premonitions
Deviation909 (1 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
I've had experiences similar to yours-- I have an intuition, or premonition about something that's going to happen and often it does. Whenever I have the premonitions one thing I always notice is my first reaction is always 'this is going to happen to me.' Once I had this premonition that someone was going to the hospital and it made total sense that I would because I'd been practically coughing up a lung for half a year (pneumonia) and I was in a really depressed spot so I figured either my lungs will give out or I'm just going to crack mentally. So I was set on the idea that I was going to the hospital. But maybe a month or two later my sister went to the hospital for pneumonia after hardly being able to breath because she managed to discover she just then had asthma as well.
And I sat there for half a month paranoid that I was going to the hospital while in the end she did. And it usually happens like that nowadays. I'll have a premonition and my first thought is this is going to happen to me, what do I do? But a huge part of the premonitions is learning first to understand most likely your premonitions won't happen to you personally. They'll happen to someone around you and it'll affect you, but I've seen them mostly there to warn me of things.
Lately my premonitions are just words, like "endure the day." hearing those words in my head or at that point, hearing it from some future version of myself it identified as, I know that means death is going to come and I need to prepare myself mentally so I can be strong and get through it.
A lot of times my premonitions are simply warnings saying 'this is going to happen, there's nothing you can do, but if you start preparing yourself for this situation, it'll help you be able to help yourself and others through it.' So as much as I want to be able to do something about it most of the time its too unclear to be able to do anything about it. The other half the time they're there to verify the idea that I have these abilities because I consistently doubt myself thinking its my imagination. 'A buildings going to fall' so, I'll watch the news for 2 months until I hear that a building fell. I can't help it, but I can learn to understand it. And I can prepare myself for things that are above me, and could hurt me a lot. Summing it up, you can't do anything about it until you understand it. Prepare yourself for your premonitions if they call for death, and bear through it so you can later build off of it and maybe eventually try to do something more.
PathR (4 stories) (1271 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
agategirl30 I only believe that each individual experiences impending death differently. During my years it has ranged
So differently. Many of my family have passed and usually one to two weeks a death occures. For myself the prominent claire is clairaliance (smell), but in april it combined with visually seeing smoke in the room which I saw as I moved in the room.
Seemed my husband had an old person from the past trying to get ahold of him and is dying.

Years ago I experienced an errie feeling I could not shake, nor can I describe with words and felt as if death was at my front door. I smelled smoke and out of all my experiences never felt that way. Two weeks later 3 people died in a car accident I had stopped my daughter from riding as a passenger in the vehicle.

I've had a candle snuff out on a Thursday and knew death was coming which was my step father passing the following Thursday.

A double dream which continued with heart palpitations. Turned out my half brother had suffered a heart attack on the same day.
During this night I continued to pray.

So yes I do believe our Aura connects with people and even pets to know when death is coming. I had a vision and shown our cat would die and where the illness was.

I believe it is a mistake to put our experiences in a box and should always be open for as years go by and we develope it can and does change.

Hoping this helps

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