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Weird Times


I was shopping with my friend, her mom, and her little sister. We were in Catos and we were going to order pizza at Little Caesar's and have her dad pick it up but when we tried to get a hold of him and he didn't answer I said "I bet when we walk into Little Caesar's that he will be their already getting the pizza." and sure enough when we walked through the door and he was standing at the counter getting the pizza. When we walked through the doors and he was their my friend and her mom looked at me and said "That was creepy." and I agreed with them. Something else happened similar to the pizza one.

My three friends, one of their dad's and me were at Volente Beach for my birthday and we had gone tubbing and on our way back to the car we each got dippin' dots. I was already in the car and one of my friends was coming in behind me, one of the others were sitting in the passenger seat and the other was outside the car. When I got in the car I looked at my friends dad and I say "Sorry if we get ice cream in your car." and right after I say that the friend climbing in the car threw up her ice cream all over the seat and her dad just looked at me and said "Did you know she was going to throw up." and I reply "No, I didn't know she was going to throw up.".

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