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Since I've been a child, I have been capable to see those who have past and have 'out of body' experiences. Growing up, the few who did know denied these abilities and ultimately shifted my beliefs into believing it was just simply my imagination. But as I grow older now, the signs are hard to dismiss. I found my true love, who happens to be an empath. I begin speaking to those whom, it seems, only I can see. Footsteps are heard throughout my house. Pictures are turned sideways and diagonally, without a pinch of dust being moved. Plates have moved from the middle of the table, to rocking along the edge of the counter (which is about 10 feet from the table). All of my pets tend to stare off into nothing and growl and try to protect me. Tv's, lights, stereo's, anything electronic turns on and off without anyone being in the house except myself. At the age of 10, after connecting with someone with my cousin over the Ouija Board and leaving without saying good bye, I suddenly fell down two flights of stairs. No one was behind me, and yet I had two red hand marks on my back. Much more has happened, those are just the basics, but I'm afraid that it is all just simply my imagination. Help?

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KayStar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-16)
Shame on yourself for giving advice you know nothing about.

epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-16)
I suggest if you ever played again a ouija board. Be sure if one of your companions is an expert on that matter. I mean either he can close the door portal or cleanse the surroundings using his knowledge.
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-15)
if what you say is true, you have opened a door that needs to be closed. Reverse how you opened this door and don't do it again. Sad to say you have put your pets into sad state- looking after you when you should be looking after them. Messing around with things you know nothing about for fun. Shame on you.

Love and light...always
Kiokure (3 stories) (37 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
I sugest not messing with ouja boards. They open bad doors, so try and close those doors you made. If any spirits are bothering you, tell them in a firm voice to go away. Also, do not be afraid of them, spirits can not hurt you. I think the only reason you were pushed was because of you messing with the ouja board.
Starlight22 (11 stories) (166 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
My brother has one of those boards but I'm afraid to use it and I'm afraid it may attrack bad spirits that won't leave me alone... I can sense a srpitirts precence
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
Ah, I see.
I had something similar happen when my grandmother died.
She and my dad made an agreement to contact each other if they died first.
After she died of lung cancer, she started messing with us pretty constantly.
It got to the point where my mom freaked out (my grandma went too far.) And pretty much told her to stop.
My grandma still does stuff occasionally, but she definately toned it down.
She likes to keep an eye on us ^_^.

Also, I stopped seeing ghosts after starting on ADHD medicine. After I stopped I regained the ability, but not to the extend that it once was.
I'm still working on it as well. If you'd like to regain your ability, I recomend meditation.
KayStar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
Mm, true enough. Thanks. Though I still don't believe it is the same person from the board. For two specific reasons;

A. The first time I spoke to him, he hurt me for leaving. I've never been hurt by a spirit since.

B. The things happening in my house only started happening after my grandmother's death about seven years ago. We believe it to be her.

I'm just unsure how to open myself enough to start feeling people agian. I don't see them as often as I'd like to - and I know it's because I second guess this ability.

I just don't know how to work with what I can do, if it's actually not my imagination.

Any thoughts?
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
I realise that it may have been a long time ago... But time doesn't matter. If you don't close a door, it stays open. Distance doesn't matter either.
KayStar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
Thanks for the advice, but I did the board when I was 10 - meaning 10 years ago. And it was in a different house... Guess I should have mentioned that, but limited characters made it a little difficult:P

It was at my cousin's house in Toronto, and I live in Montreal. So whatever is causing the chaos in my house is not the spirit from the Ouija board.

But thanks! ❤
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
Ouija board's are doors.
Something got in, and probably hasn't left.
I recomend telling it to leave. With force, if not with volume.

If symptoms continue, treat thouroughly with incence and/or blessings.

It worked for me on an entity that gave me trouble a long time ago.

Hope this helps!
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-13)
I agree with Anne playing with the Ouija board is notorious for allowing base level entities into your living space. Anyways I have experienced two haunts each different as to how it started. I can offer you some tips if you have a need my email is posted. Make sure you type in subject this website.
KayStar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-05-12)
Last time I've done anything remotely related to the Ouija board was probably about 10 years ago. I learnt the first time around.

And you are correct, from everything that I've been through, words on a monitor won't do much convincing. But I'm from a family who believes in so much, that they begin to disbelieve it. They all want to be special, and therefore they can all do something - when it reality, they can't do a thing. I just wanted to see if there was anyone else that experienced anything similar so I can ultimately determine if this is in fact just my imagination or not. I just feel lost.

I thank you for the advice, but what would be considered as the next stage? I do believe in magic, and have studied a bit of it, but never really knew what direction I need to go towards. Not sure to what extent my capabilities are. I believe I can see people, at times I feel like I am an Empath, I believe in magic and can work with Tarot Cards...

I can do so much, that I begin to believe I can ultimately do nothing.

Thanks for everything.
AnneV (4 stories) (1063 posts) mod
12 years ago (2010-05-12)
If you still can't believe that this isn't your imagination with all that you've seen, heard and felt, then why would you believe the words you're reading via your monitor right now?

I'd say you're safe to assume you're not nuts (nutty people can't generally move objects or manipulate electrical hardware) and consider getting onto the next stage of your development. At some point you have to graduate from "Is this real?"

So you know you've got a highly charged being around you and apparently one that is negative enough to toss you down some stairs so I'd be coming up with a plan to eradicate it. You do have choices and power and I'd recommend using the internet to pick up some methods for eradication. I don't deal with expelling entities since my home is free of them so don't have much experience to share with you. I'm sure others here will have a tip or two.

As for "message" I don't consider negative entities much good at sending any message outside of them wanting attention, at any cost. I'd stay very clear of anything that could potentially cause you're death. Playing with the Ouija board as well is notorious for allowing base level entities into your living space.


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