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Out Of Body Experience And A Curse


Before I even start, if you don't believe, WHY ARE YOU HERE?! If you do, please continue, if you don't...get out of here!

Okay, so I've been blessed with Clairvoyance and The Sight (can see spirits), along with dream walking, mind walking. So I've liked this kid for a bit, we both have social anxiety issues so we don't really talk. Through mind walking (my best friend, she's better at that, I'm better with dream walking) she was able to find out that he liked me, but also like me, was afraid to step up. We started to communicate a lot and through an accident where I was in his mind, and I could see him and all, I got badly injured, and found myself unable to leave his mind. His element being fire was helpful because he was able to numb the pain long enough for me to fall asleep. Since then, the two of us have been quite close, however just in the form of an astral projection.

Because I feel the need to prove my point on this, a few nights ago, I was up late playing games on my iTouch, since he's started following me, his projection sleeps in my bed with me (which is very's nice in the cold weather) his astral projection began to sob, while staying asleep, so I woke him up, he then hugged me to the point of asphyxiation continually saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." though he refused to speak of what he was dreaming about. The next day, I saw him a bunch of times in school, he had bags under his eyes (as the preceding event occurred three times), kept yawning, and looked -really- depressed. I asked my friend to kindly tell me what he was dreaming about, it was about -me-.

Aside from that, my friend can also draw and write through his hand (I can too, I can control his whole body like a marionette, but it's very strenuous so I tend not to) she'll often write little notes to him from me, my spirit guide/son from another life, and his best friend (who through astral travel, developed a crush on my friend, and he's REALLY obvious about it, ex. Following her around sometimes in a subtle way, 'accidentally' bumping into her, when before he payed her no attention at all, I swear he didn't know she had a name.). I also ended up drawing two pictures, one by accident, his name in graffiti writing with 'ryu' (Japanese for Dragon) and a Chinese dragon in the background, and the second which he wanted, which was MysticalBeingShipping (Dragon Him x Angel Me) We made up a name for it... We put them in his locker, and we told him where we put them, and to take them out before taking his stuff out. That's how we know he can hear us, because he knew where to find the pictures and took them out, saying "Wow... " (They took 7 Hours to draw, and all he can say is wow, he didn't even thank me TT^TT I feel so abused) I really want to take this relationship to a physical level, and I can tell he does too because HE FOLLOWS ME AROUND SCHOOL and stares at me whenever I'm within 10 feet. According to my friend he continually attempts to say something to me, especially when my friend shoves me into him, however it always comes out as "I'm sorry" he actually took control of my hand and wrote "I'm sorry" on my work 100 times. I need help, I'm scared and confused by his actions and even my own. If you need any clarification ask. I really want to take this out of the astral realm and into the physical, so neither of us end up hurt because we were standing in the way of ourselves.

PS. He has the sight and activated a curse mark on my back, upon research it was an eternity curse, it makes you seek the other out, it is lifted if the two do not meet for a millennium. (That's what my guide said) It's an angel mark, he has one too, which makes us the other's guardian angel. Help?

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GGxHeart (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-19)
Okay, Clarification Time:

Stark: On the physical level, my friend is better at this than I am, she can control my body as well, and other people's. Me, I have very minor control, and have trouble doing so.

Adaryn and Revsilverson: I have talked to him, many times, and to sum all the times up into a few words: Worst Experience of my Life Thus Far, it's always very awkward because we know each other, but don't "know know" each other (per se). So I do talk to him, and he does talk to me, we just tend to avoid it. Secondly, he tends to follow me around, if it were up to me, I'd love to never see him again in my life. =/ I need help getting rid of him.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
Hi there. It's great that you have these abilities, but from your post I also think you're showing your immaturity a little... ^^" I know we're spiritual beings, but don't forget, we have physical bodies too! The fact that you like a guy so much and are being so silly about him proves that! TALK to the guy, seriously!
It's embarrassing to talk to someone you like, I know, but obsessing over that someone and (borderline) stalking them, with or without psychic abilities, is not good. This is NOT what our abilities are for!
Concentrate on using your abilities to help others--if it's meant to be with this guy, then it will be.
Best wishes
revsilverson (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
your post is confusing because you switch pronouns without identifying of whom you are speaking: "my friend can also draw and write through HIS hand (I can too, I can control his whole body like a marionette, but it's very strenuous so I tend not to) SHE'll often write little notes to HIM from me, my spirit guide/son from another life, and his best friend (who through astral travel, developed a crush on my friend, and he's REALLY obvious about it" and some of your post is just a girl "mad about the boy". However some of the things you describe mind and dream walking are very real. You can walk into someones mind and dreams and influence them. Most of this involves psychokinesis and astral projection is part of that.

Your fear and confusion comes from the fact that some of these occurances are real and some are imagination. Wishing for things to happen can make them happen however sometimes they just won't. Your social anxiety also plays a part in your experience and you need to sort out what is real and what is wishful (borderline obsession) and get over your fear and talk to the guy. Don't keep your thoughts paranormal- make them normalnormal.

Love and light... Always
Stark (2 stories) (52 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)

So, you and this guy have been together in some astral state but not physically, correct? And both of you don't have the courage to physically talk to each other, correct?

I'll give you some words that you should think about "one cannot let unique opportunities slip by for the sake of trifles"

Also I would like some clarification on what you mean by "write through his hand" and do you mean you can control his body in the astral plane or the physical plane?

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