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How Do I Get Back My Prediction Skills With Numbers?


Throughout my life I've had weird things happen but I wouldn't say it was on a frequent basis (I'm 24) so I wouldn't say I'm psychic. Maybe like 10 times per year. Stuff like hearing people / things fall down in the house and when I rush to check there is nothing, no one there or hearing horses galloping around our house (no horse in our neighborhood) or furniture being pushed with us on it (my family), hearing loud knocking sounds at nights on the doors or windows, hearing our names being called, me predicting what will happen to friends (so embarrassing because when I talk I have no idea I was going to talk, why I said it), seeing my body on the bed while asleep, fighting to get back inside my body to wake up, being aware that I'm dreaming and so bored I want to wake up, being paralyzed during sleep, dreaming of things that are going to happen, knowing 'sometimes' what my loved ones are thinking and hearing winning numbers when coming out of deep sleep, thinking about someone I haven't seen for years and meeting them on the road accidentally and stuff I can't recall.

I feel normal except I'm always drawn to studying paranormal stuff and I actually wonder If it's spiritually healthy. Anyway, I jokingly bought some cards with numbers on them because I was convinced I could somehow predict the winning numbers for the lottery. I'm that desperate! Ha! Anyways my friend read my mind as usual (I can't seem to keep secrets from him) and laughed that I was actually going to use these 'normal' cards to win. I was a bit skeptic but someone told me to try so I did. This is a pick One lottery by the way. Everyday I would pick six numbers. I felt the winner would be drawn from this of the 36. I didn't bother to buy tickets because it was just a little 'experiment'. Lo and behold when I checked the results I realized that for the past four days, there was a winning number among every six I had drawn. I started using the number cards the day before my 24th birthday. I sat down shaking and was in total shock. I felt 'special' like I had been blessed with a gift. My dad always made weird comments when I was younger saying he sensed I was the most powerful of his seven children and a silly psychic had said I would be a very rich and powerful woman. So I sat down I thought it all made sense then I convinced myself that it was just a lucky streak that would pass. To test this, I bet money for the first the next day on numbers I freshly selected and shockingly I won $780. You win according to bet. Now I angrily wished I had bet more! So what happened? I bragged to my boyfriend that I had this new gift and thought about telling everybody about the weird thing that had been happening. Can you guess what happened the day after? I felt completely miserable, depressed, guessed the wrong numbers, became anxious, my friend laughed at me, my trusty laptop malfunctioned for no apparent reason and is going to a repair shop, I lost money in this bet and cried. So I sit here wondering how I went from so lucky to so unlucky. Then I sat thinking that maybe I shouldn't have explained anything to my boyfriend who dared me to guess the right numbers next day as proof. He also thinks card reading is ungodly and cursed me for even reading on this site because of the word 'psychic'. I want my gift back! Any suggestions on what's happening?

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Josh12490 (16 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-27)
Hey very interesting story I also have no idea where I came across this info but its just always been in my head since I was little that useing youre ability for money bad purposes or being to full of yourself (pride) leads to the dwindleing of youre ability by far I never knew if it was true and like I said I have no idea where I got this info then I have no idea where I get half the things I know and honestly about 90% of the time I'm right on the money (so to speak) but when I think of where I ehard this all I kind think of is like a female shaman/gypsy not exactly sure but kind of long ago sort of thing just found it very interesting that you both have boasted and you yourself have used the ability wether it luck or not for money and you have been dwindled and I have done the same so I'm not saying anything against you:) (the same happened to me when I had got a little full of myself)
latty (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-27)
😁 Thanks for being considerate. Yes! I have had some luck. Since I posted this article I had a few days that I predicted the numbers wrong but I wasn't freaked out because it was something I did, like I wrote the wrong date for the numbers I was trying to predict "May 16th" instead of "May the 18th" so the numbers were off. And another time I got the numbers wrong, the winning card had fallen from the pack and I found it under my bed so I didn't have it when I was shuffling.That's when I realized it was missing. So I'm not freaked out at all but I'm watching the consistency of this thing before I bet any more money. And though it's unhealthy I realize when I drink a little, it helps me to relax when I'm tense and I feel better when reading. I'll probably do this once a week when I feel very anxious. Good luck with your gifts too an d thanks for responding to my story!
Freakgirl (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-24)
Hey, just checking back to see if you had any luck yet. A few days ago, everything spiked back into action for me, so I was wondering if the same had happened to you.
Freakgirl (guest)
14 years ago (2010-05-17)
The same's happened to me, too. I think it has something to do with vanity. The second we try to be proud of what we have, show it off, and/or use it for the wrong purposes, the abilities vanish. I think it's because (and this is my opinion) being psychic is based off keeping our minds clear and open to whatever information we may recieve. Once we become too overconfident, that reception is blocked.

I've been like that on and off for a good while now. Once the block starts, it's hard to take back down again. Mine also happened when I used my abilities to prove something to someone (which I am in no way proud of. Although, everyone makes mistakes). I've started getting my abilities back, but the key point is that we have to redeem ourselves. We can't want the power for our own purposes or to prove ourselves to others. This is not for our personal entertainment. Only when we can fully understand and practice that will it all come back. I think that's why so many people suggest meditation. It's a way to keep your mind clear of pride and get to that point.

I wish you good luck.

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