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Snow, Fear And Realization


My dad and I were sitting in the car driving to the horse stables were I work. I had just recently had the hint that I can talk to animals through my thoughts. The only way I can describe my gift is as this: Okay so I think I can kind of talk to animals through my thoughts. I work at a stable and when I close my eyes and look into the darkness then picture a detailed image of the animal I personally want to talk to, "think" to, I basically talk to it by thinking what I want to say but really focusing on the image at the same time and once I "asked" a horse to pound it's foot three times and it did it like three seconds later And I can kind of persuade peoples thoughts and actions. Like one day I did what I just described above but pictured my dad siting next to me in the car and thought " you want bagels and cream cheese" (we just passed a bagel shop) over and over and he, like 5 minutes later, said hey I want some bagels do you? Some people would call me extremely intuitive but there is one more important detail to my story. I was standing next to my horse and I was scared because I had been " talking" to my horse all day and whatever I said he would do. So I tried it one more time. I thought to the horse "walk in a circle three times and stomp your hoof three times when done, and so he did. I got really scared an stared to back away from the horse when I realized how cold I was at that moment. I started to focus on that cold feeling and it started to snow with heavy Charlie brown snowflakes and all. I ran to my car and the faster I ran the faster the snow came down but the moment I got into my car where it was warm, the snow suddenly stopped. I have been trying to control my feelings and increase my communication with animals ever since.

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madading (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-06-25)
you can talk to animals and might be able to control an element. If you meditate you won't lose control of your elemental ability. 😁

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