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Verifying My Medium Experiences: Truth Or Imagination?


Since I was a little girl maybe 6-7 I remember having 'friends' and some I knew, or thought I knew were imaginary, but now I'm starting to doubt that they were imaginary, that maybe they were spirits of sorts and I hadn't the capacity in my mind to understand it then. Nowadays being 17 I still have 'friends' similar where I know they're not physically there, but it at least feels like an energy is there.

The first I remember was a boy and whenever I saw him he would run after our car while we were driving. I remember staring out the window imagining him running as fast as he could (but here he had the longest of legs). Him I'd always dismissed as my imagination, but I have a speculation in the back of my mind that he might've been my idea of a spirit. If I didn't understand he was dead I might've covered up the grimness of him with some playful characteristic (like having really long legs).

The second was my cat. It's speculative if it was imaginary. I remember talking to him in a different form, as if he'd been a human in a separate life and that's who I was talking to. I remember him telling me that he had to move to Hawaii and that I wouldn't hear from him in a while. I think I've spoken to him one other time when he told me he'd come back and was being replaced somewhere new. That was maybe a year ago that we talked again, but the first time he showed up I must've been about 8.

Another I remember was a man named Max. I referred to him as an angel of sorts, and I remember following him through in heaven and back to when he was reincarnated. I remember often catching up with him and him saying he'd gone back (as in to Earth) and gotten a career as a cop or detective of some sorts.

The fourth was Tina. She was the first that really involved the dying aspect. I remember she introduced herself as Tina and eventually told me 'in advance' so I knew that she was waiting for her children to come to heaven. She said she'd been in a car accident and she and her son had died, but was reincarnated, but that she wasn't reincarnated and was staying wherever she was. I remember she would 'leave' where she was to enter where her son had been sent on Earth, having conversations with him, and still being the part of his life she could be. Eventually she did leave once her son and daughter 'came back' to her, I'm not sure what that meant only that I haven't heard from her since.

One of the most recent ones was a boy named Nicky. He'd killed himself and often stood by my closet door. He'd just stand there and stare it felt like. That was the first 'energy' I really felt was there right next to me. One night I felt him there and I was shaking in my bed- I was scared to death.

One similar to that was one of a girl possibly named Clarice who had really long hair. She was the first energy I felt and could somewhat 'see.' I remember it felt like she was taunting me after a while as she would sit there with her legs crossed with this demeaning appeal about her. And at that point I remember every time I walked into my room I'd become completely drained of energy and would literally fall in my footsteps somewhat you could say paralyzed. It would only last a few minutes and during them I would have vivid visions of past lives I believe. When she eventually left after I attempted to force her out a man with really slick, shined-up shoes showed up with her for a few days. It seemed like her energy was muted but that he was her source to speak to me. I remember him telling me "He's not doing it right-- your friend, when he thinks he banishes those 'demons' it doesn't work, they're just sent out again." I told my friend what the man had told me and he attempted to assure me he banished the 'demons' the right way, although I know even if he thinks he does he has no knowledge, no experience, and no idea what he's doing. I don't know if Clarice was supposed to be good or evil but she seemed on edge along with the man.

The most recent two I've come into contact with was an older man maybe in his 30's and a young girl who was 9. The man was frantic when I suddenly heard him talking to me really rushed but worried at the same time. He told me that he needed my help and asked me if I would be willing. I told him I would make no promises about helping him when I wasn't aware of the task and he agreed to my 'no-promises' agreement with him. He continued to say that he'd passed away abruptly and that I was supposed to locate his wife. He told me in general to search for him until I found a connection between him and his wife to be able to find her, and that I was eventually supposed to somehow contact his wife to tell her something. I think his name was Phil, but I can't be positive it wasn't clear because he'd talked so quickly and refused to mention his name again as 'i already knew.' I searched for him with the information given-- searching obituaries in the state he'd said his wife lived in but I couldn't find her. In the middle of the day-- this was before I was able to search-- he started getting mad at me telling me I was supposed to do something about it and help him or "it wouldn't happen, she wouldn't listen." Once I did search I told him that I couldn't locate him or his wife and I think he'd disappeared to find someone else who would be able to help more than I could.

The last energy I felt was that of a little child, 9 years of age. I do believe she was a daughter in my former life where I'd married a man named Jameson. Her name was Lori and I could 'see' her to an energetic creates-the-picture-in-your-head kind of thing. I walked around with her and I 'watched' /babysat in a way her until Jameson was able to get her again. Its like they were somewhere together but she had to be left alone and Jameson didn't want to leave her and knew that I would be willing to watch over her until he returned from where he'd been. She left the same day and Jameson and I 'talked' about her for a little while as I tried to understand it all. I accepted her as being my daughter although it feels like I've lost all my memories of her except that I'm her mother. Although I do remember having a lot of memories of a missing girl. And whenever I hear of her in my 'head' I'm tempted to say that she went missing a long while ago (1900's--earlier?).

To sum it all up. I always think I can see and hear these spirits, or at least see them in terms of feeling their energy. But I always doubt myself. I don't know if its truth or if I'm making these intricate stories up in my head. You would think that something would be verified by now, one death or date, but nothing yet. I don't know if that means its false or if I just haven't looked well enough yet. I wish I could find verification. Any thoughts? Has anything similar happened to anyone?

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Deviation909 (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-25)
It's probable she left your basement. Maybe she was just hanging out for a while. My sisters room is like that, every time I pass by her room I get the jitters like "not going in there any time soon." and whenever I walk in her room I get the weirdest feeling like 'out now or your going to die.' I don't know I can feel the change of energies in a room I just can't figure out why they give off a certain energy or if its just the air pressure in general.
ouryokushoku (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-24)
I know what you mean. I see people like those too. Not so much in real life, but in dreams. They feel so real though.

One time I saw a woman in a white gown pacing back and forth in my basement. She was really upset about something. It could of been that her lover abandoned her or something and she's blaming me. I don't recognize her or recall her from anywhere. I don't even know her name. I dream of her taking my loved ones 😨. I've had that dream twice already. Then, I was scared of walking near that area but, now I don't feel that scared anymore. You think she left (Our house isn't haunted though) ?

Another time, I dream of this girl on the stairs. I couldn't go up or down the stairs because of her. Sh said she wanted me for something. I got a bad feeling and refused and she took over my sister. I think she held a grudge or something on my sister, but my sister doesn't recall her name. 'Sally'

I dreamed of entering a house that I've never been to before. The front door was busted and I went inside with my dad (He was a Realtor). I think the spirit who occupied the place became frightened and started moving the things around like crazy. I don't remember it well, but my dad fainted. I remember her telling me her name. Her name was 'Linda' Now my dad is sick from stroke. It that somehow related 😕? I don't think my experiences are like yours, but that's all I've got to say.
midnightgold (30 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-20)
You see more in depth than most it seems. I only get glimpses of spirits and their lives, names, ect. Never enough to see the story behind them. I think it's great that you can! Don't doubt yourself about these things, but do keep a healthy dose of objectivity and think about what you learn. Good luck hope it becomes more clear for you soon. Lots of love! ❤ 😆 ❤
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-19)
I remember when I was around five or six, the neighbor kid and I would climb up in a seedling apple tree behind his garden and we would play with an imaginary friend we called curly. She wore blue jeans and jacket like we did, was slight built and had blond kinky hair. We climbed every tree in the woods but we only played with her in that one tree.

I was sitting at a friends house about twenty years later and picked up a book about woods spirits and opened it. There was curly, different dress but it was her so close the hair stood up on my neck. Below, it said it was a wood sprite, and they were associated with a particular tree. Wow. I tried to explain how it was my mind that was playing tricks on me but it didn't work. The part about the tree seemed like proof sort of.

And how did someone else draw what I saw. Boggles my mind. A cool boggle though.

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