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Glimpses Of The Future


I have recently been noticing that for the past few months, I've been having these weird little glimpses of either the past or future. The future glimpses are usually three months before said thing happens. For example, I had a glimpse of the future as I was cooking with my mother. I was busy adding spices to something she cooked up, and in my mind, like a daydream or something, I had a peek of my mother's scarf, around her neck as she was talking to her friends, being blown by the wind into the direction of fire, almost catching one of the flickering flames. Funny thing was, I saw the event happened from all angles, like a television show. I automatically shook the thought out of my head and had it out of my head by the time I went to bed. A few months later, my mother and I were invited to a bachelorette party. My mom was talking to one of my aunts and the bride's mother, when her scarf was blown backward by the wind, toward the fire from the barbecue behind her. My mind blared like a siren, and without thinking, I reached up and snatched the scarf away from the fire. I recalled that day a few months ago, and thought it mere coincidence that I had that vision while watching the flames warm up the dish it was cooking from. Maybe it was Deja Vue, Maybe I have some psychic ability, I don't know. Let me remind you, that was one tale of my future glimpses. Another is when I daydreamed my baby cousin was going to dislike a sour gummy worm he threw a tantrum over, standing in an unknown place. Four months later, I was handing the gummy worm to him in the hospice house my granny is currently residing in.

An episode of my past glimpses is about my birthday party. Five months after my birthday, I was dong my homework when automatically and out of nowhere, my head drifted to a thought of my birthday party, showing a television angle of me, rocking back and forth in our recliner, giggling merrily as I shoveled into a plate of cake with strawberry filling. The vision showed what my other family members where doing as well, Even though I wasn't looking at them at the time.

This is starting to freak me out. I feel concerned about this. I havn't told anyone this; my mother would take me to a physciatrist and be even more stressed out about me than she already is about my grandma. I think it might be something, but most likely Deja Vue. I'm going to start tracking these random visions, see if they come true or confirm that they were true. This comes naturally to me, but if you have been experiencing the same thing, please leave a comment. I want to know if this ability is true or in my head, and if it is true, how to control it. Thanks for taking your time to read this!:)

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DejaVueOrWhat (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-30)
kristal;; Thanks! I'll be sure to drop an email there 😳 This is really supporting me. I just want to say thanks a million times.
kristal (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-28)
The same thing happens to me... At 1st I thought it was a coincidence but its been happening too often to be a coincidence. My dreams are always of the future... Nothing spectacular, just simple things... It freaks me out too, and I haven't told anyone either. Hey, email me littlekryssie [at]
DejaVueOrWhat (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-26)
Thanks, Andrea 😊 I'm glad I have a place to talk about this, and that I have someone to talk about it to! 😳
Andreacalii (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-25)
You're not crazy! It's real! I had a dream that I was going to have a certain conversation with this girl I specifically know by name but haven't ever talked to her in person. A week later, the conversation took place, word for word. I was creeped out but I'm glad someone else is experiencing this.

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