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Good Guess Or Prediction?


I am wondering whether the following are good guess or real predictions;

The first day I came to my new school (transferred during semester) I had the strongest urge to wear my purple pants and my purple shirt. I also told my brother to wear black (of course he didn't though) and when we got to school, a third of the students were wearing purple, a third was wearing orange and the other third was wearing black.

I later asked someone about that and they told me that it was spirit week and that the 7th graders (me) wore purple and the 9th graders (him) wore black.

Another time was later in the year when we started the civil war unit. I wrote a poem the day before we watched a movie, a poem about a war and the last two line were "the final battle that saved us all" and the movie we watched was about Gettysburg.

I had no idea of the movie beforehand, but when I watched it I overheard two people talking in front of me, one of them said that Gettysburg was "the final battle that, like, saved all the African Americans".

The third incidence was when I was taking out the garbage at my dads house. We live in an apartment filled with old people. One of the people who lived by us was really old and had to use a a oxygen tank. I usually didn't hang around with him, but I felt like if I didn't visit him something would happen.

So I knocked on his door, but he didn't answer. I knocked again, no answer, so I just went in. I found George's oxygen tank had been disconnected somehow, and George was passing out. I hurriedly called my dad for some help.

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Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-25)
Lucky for your neighbour, hey? I hope he was alright. It sounds like you've been listening to your intuition. Most people experience all the same things you do, but choose to see it just as coincidence. So don't worry, you're perfectly normal, just slightly more intuitive than the average person. If you want to strengthen your abilities then meditation should help. ^^

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