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Energy, Lights, Sensitivity And Hauntings?


I have experiences with energy, green, purple and white lights and haunting s please share with me if you can help me with this?


I began to feel energy about 2 years ago. I was 1 month sober and my councilor was talking about how amazing trees are in his own spiritual sense. I wasn't really paying attention and I reached out to touch the big old tree because I am a touchy feely kind of person lol. I felt only what I can describe as low but steady flow of some sort of electricity flowing from the tree into my hand and up my arm. I call it electricity because that is what it feels like - like grabbing a low voltage fence or touching your tongue to a 9 volt. It isn't painful but is curious, it kind of tickles in a way. I may have always been able too do this but was an addict for 15 years and never noticed before then. I like to go up to old buildings or personal items and touch them because I get this electricity off of them. I have always been partial to old things I guess. I get it off of living things as well - people animals, plants and other things like rocks and earth? But only when I touch something, I don't walk around feeling this energy all of the time, and somethings conduct it better than others.

Sensitivity to others hidden Emotions-

I also get energy off of people, or flashes of what they are feeling. Or flashes like mental pictures of something they have done or want to do - I don't see images per say just ideas and emotions linked to it. 9 times out of 10 I my "feelings" about people are correct and have actually saved my life. I was friends with a couple when I was younger they broke up but the man was part of our group and we all partied together occasionally. Even sitting next to him in the car I could feel some sort of dark emotion, some premeditated idea he would enjoy harming another person. He was never anything but friendly and he smiled a lot- yet something was off and I sensed it. I refused to go to his home to party, something always came up or a made up some excuse. 6 months later he had murdered his ex, burned her body, drained her account and stolen her car to try and drive across Canada. He was arrested and now serves life. This gives me chills as I write it. My husband who thought I was strange at first now doesn't second guess these flashes I get.


I saw a spirit when I was 5, but now I only see small purple or white lights from time to time. I seem to have some luck capturing this phenomenon on film as well. At the Governors mansion in Iowa I took many pictures of roped off rooms that no one could get into with out someone seeing it. In all pictures around the personal items and the things used often and also around the ceilings were faint purple splotches and lights. I didn't actually think it was that strange after all we must leave some sort of spiritual or energy residue and I wondered if this was the physical manifestation of what I can feel when I touch things. All things not just old things, in fact sometimes old things have a fainter electrical feeling than newer things. Also in one picture I call the ghost picture there is the figure of a lady in a gray maid uniform standing in front of the "servants" screen by the dining table. You can see her head, shoulders and torso part of her legs and then it sort of melts away - it is very hazy. Around the table on chairs and settings are similar purple splotches. I promise that no person was present inside the dining room at that time - we were on a tour and the area was roped off. I am wondering if anyone else feels this energy pulsing through things? Can you get a mental picture of previous people who have used things? Or lived in a building? I can't seem to make that happen even though I do feel the energy.


Also what the heck ore the purple lights? I saw green ones once at a very negative home I lived in, they would light up the ceiling like someone had painted over glow in the dark stars. Then the atmosphere would get very angry and negative. One night they made the ceiling actually glow a green color and my boyfriend at the time and I got into a horrendous argument- I turned to see what looked like the door had began to bleed!?, I was horrified and screamed, when I looked back it had vanished then some sort of energy passed right through me and hit my boyfriend so hard it pushed him into the wall behind. His pupils went crazy dilating rapidly. In that house a face of a woman mysteriously appeared on the inside of a closet downstairs in my bedroom I have no idea how it came to be out of nowhere or what medium it made of. I am an artist and I didn't recognize the medium as anything I had ever seen. At the same time as face appeared we had an infestation of spiders they came in waves and other insects too - weevils in new food, pincher butt bugs and gobs of ants and always flies. The house seemed like it had an infestation for a period of 2 weeks leading up to the glowing ceiling incident- then I moved out leaving basically everything behind. The channels would change when my roommate would watch inappropriate shows (skin flicks) they would change to the news every time but not the same news channel. If he watched anything else, it wouldn't change - just inappropriate shows. Really freaked him out. Our dogs would not go downstairs into the basement where my room was and where the closet lady and the insects were. They refused and whined. Later I moved to the upstairs room where the green lights began to manifest regularly. And it was ALWAYS a negative feeling. Once when cleaning the door to the downstairs slammed shut forcefully though no one was around. Scared the crap out of me and made the dogs whine.


It's been 7 years since I saw the lights and I have always felt safe in the homes my husband and I have lived in. I feel safe here for the most part but not all of the time. It's almost as if something transient passed in and out from time to time. The first few nights were were here my 2 year old came to our room complaining of the "bad dog" or the "scary dog" that wouldn't let her sleep. I prayed over the room and whatever the problem was vanished for a while. Then a bit later it was something in the bathroom and they will only go to sleep in the door is open and the light is on - or else they come to our room repeatedly. Also our son and his friend said that they saw a weird shadow in the corner of his ceiling and I dismissed it as over active imaginations. Last week I saw a strange shadow moved across the top of our shades in our room, thinking it was our son up too late I went to reprimand him- he was out cold in his room. For 2 nights I have begun to see the lights again - not all over the ceiling but sometimes in front of me or moving across the ceiling then disappearing. They are purple or white -not green. Does it matter - I still feel fear and discomfort when they appear. Does anyone know what is going on?

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Roseburg (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
Actually what you said about Green representing all of those negative things - makes a lot of sense. My boyfriend at the time was all of those things and dabbled I am told in dark arts and may have been possessed or had something demonic fallowing him where ever he went. He is still very much in conflict with peace so he may still have that problem - I stay as far away as I can from him now.
Roseburg (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
I really appreciate your response. It is nice to hear from another who understands a little of what is an everyday thing for me. They call it paranormal or supernatural but really I think it is very common and people just aren't accepting of our world being a very spiritually driven place.
RougeElegance (guest)
14 years ago (2010-06-29)
To Roseburg,

-Sensitivity to others hidden Emotions-

I can completely relate to this because I am an empath myself and can sense others "emotions" and "inner self".

I used to absolutely despise this one man who was my Auntie's boyfriend. I despised him because I knew that there was something very "evil" about him. My family enjoyed him though... He was funny and entertaining, so they welcomed him. I was suspicious however. A few months later, my Auntie called my mom and said that he had abused her in front of their son. When we went to help her, I told my mom that I was right. She started to trust in my feelings from there.

-Hauntings & Lights-

In you response to your "Hauntings", I prefer to call it something else. I do feel energy pulsating in things and also see the energy (auras on people and things). I do not get a mental picture, but I do "feel" and just "know" things. I see spirits, lights, orbs, lines, shadows, figures of people in black and white all around me.

Over time, I learned not to fear these things (when I first started realizing my ability, I was so scared).

That green color is an Aura and an Energy: Here is what it could mean...

Dark or muddy forest green Aura: Jealousy, resentment, feeling like a victim of the world; blaming self or others; insecurity and low self-esteem; lack of understanding personal responsibility; sensitive to perceived criticism [from]

You are being "hit" with A LOT of negative energies and spirits and what I advise you to do is ask for protection. Believe that you are being protected by "Angels" and other good beings. In the past, I would see and experience those types of things, like you, and the energies would affect me in a very bad way. But, not until recently when I asked for protection and believed in it, that I was alright and not being affected so negatively. I do not feel fear because of those beings now.


I see a lot of white and gold lights around me floating and sometimes coming inside of me. I believe that the white ones are Angels and just good and beautiful beings or energies.

I am still unsure about purple, but I have heard that it is a common color.

I ask you to pray about those lights that you see in your house. Pray for protection and that you will find the knowledge you need to know about those lights and the other things you experience.

Email me if you would like to talk some more:) My email should be on my page.

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