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Throughout my life most of my psychic experiences have occurred in a dream state. I'll know when a close family member dies, because they will visit me in my dreams. I have had many premonition dreams, and I have had out of body experiences in my dreams. Over the years I have gotten to know the difference between a regular dream state and when something else is occurring.

Starting about 7 months ago, I was dreaming a normal everyday dream. I was hanging out with friends and family, and then the dream changed, a dark smoke like shadow entered the dream. It was a similar feeling to when my deceased relatives visit me, so I knew that it was a foreign entity. The smoke flew around the room, and entered into the bodies of my friends and family. I had this uncontrollable feeling that I was supposed to help them from this possession, but I had no idea what to do. I woke up feeling scared and frustrated. I dismissed this dream thinking that it was just a one time occurrence, and it was nothing. I spent several nights after that dreaming that I was practicing telekinesis, I would wake up exhausted. But I figured that I was tired because I was not sleeping well.

About a month later I had another dream, it started out like a totally normal dream then a black smoke appeared, and I had the same weird feeling. This time instead of possessing people it possessed inanimate objects and attempted to communicate with me. I had no idea what it was trying to say, and I again had an uncontrollable feeling that I needed to fight this entity, and remove it from possessing things. I tried everything I could think of (including my newly developed telekinesis) until I woke up feeling frustrated and ineffective.

Normally I would dismiss 2 similar dreams as nothing more than maybe my subconscious acting up. But the feeling was not that of an ordinary dream, and the realism of the dream kept the images in my head for a long time. I felt like something was going on, but I didn't know what.

I have had approximately 15 dreams now, they are increasing in frequency. The dreams no longer scare me, I merely wake up disappointed that I couldn't have done more. All the dreams start out like normal dreams involving random people and events doing normal weird dream like stuff, then a shadow intrudes on my dream and I get this shock that runs through my body. Then the dream completely changes, and I spend the rest of the night attempting everything I can possibly try to keep this entity from possessing other things. I have tried everything from elemental manipulation, to exorcism, to asking for help from various higher powers. I have even asked it what it wanted and what it was doing. Nothing seems to work it won't answer my questions, and now the entity is laughing at me when I try anything. Despite the fact that I am the only one in my dream that is fighting. I have this overwhelming feeling that I am not the only one who is experiencing this, and that I am not the only one that is fighting.

If anyone has had similar experiences, has some idea what is going on, or how to help or fight off these entities so that I can get a decent sleep again, I would really appreciate any help.

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Joslyn_dave (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-03)
Okay. I've been dreaming about this shadow figure since last year. Always the same, dream started normal then all of a sudden I was back on my bedroom, paralyzed, like there was a pressure on my body mostly on my chest that prohibiting me from standing up; then there he was standing at the side of my bed, looking at me. It would take a while, before I would fight those heavy feeling in my body then when I did, I'll wake up, so terrified and frightened, and turns the light on for the rest of the night.

Now, the reason why I decided to comment in this blog is what happened last night. Again, it started as the above, but what was different is that I really felt someone, hands on me, holding me down, and I was struggling & fighting him. And when I turned where the dark shadows usually stands, he rushed onto my side then turned into black smoke and enter through my mouth. After that, I woke up again, slightly terrified but aside from that, felt actually numb.

Is there any one who experienced what I did last night? Or can someone explain what did just happen? I am afraid that something, I don't know enters me? Like possess me? Thanks in advance!
badjek (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-11)
Recently, I have this kind of dream too, hope someone is out there who can read this so we can communicate about each other, I think this is a warning not just to me, in my account, I have 2 dreams related to smoke... First 1 was scary because it possess me and I woke up shouting loud and kicking the wall, the second time, I saw it again randomly popping up and then vanishes...
DavidtheMan (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-11-18)
I read your post and I have had similar dreams. I was looking online to see if anyone had similar dreams as me when I came upon your post. A little about me, my parents are pastors. Although my grandfather was a medicine man to the king of my Island. I inherited his name and also was to inherit his abilities. My parents prayed a lot for me and I knew that it was their prayers that helped. Recently I've been having dreams just like when I was in my teen years of a smoke or dark figure that would come out of my body and choke me or would walk around as my body would become frozen out of fear. The only thing I knew and believed was if I called out the one name that puts demons to fear, it would leave me alone. Once again the dreams of my earlier years have come to haunt me again. An old lady told me to let the dark figure come to me. She knows witch craft so I knew that wasn't a good Idea. Recently these dreams have started to come back. I would call out Jesus...Jesus...give me strength... And I would wake up still calling his name. Last night I had a dream about my family. I was helping my mom with the groceries when my nephew came up to me and told me my dead grandfather wanted me inside. In my dream I knew he had passed. I went inside and asked my nephew where he was and he pointed to the corner. I instantly felt the bad vibe. I grew scared. The corner started turning dark. I saw one of my pastors behind me praying, I knew that I had to call for the power of God. As the name Jesus was barely coming out of my mouth, because I was so afraid. Strength to fight against this entity was coming. As I rebuked it in the Name of the most high. I woke up and my wife was praying. She knew not to wake me up when I had dreams like this. She said she could hear me calling on his name and for strength. I knew prayers were strengthening me in my dream and I'm so glad Jesus was there to help me. Call on him, for he will keep you safe. I pray for you. With Love.
SusieScot (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-09)
Well this is my third attempt on this post after my computer crashed and then my internet connection failed - you sure have some nasty old spirit causing trouble! So I will persevere and pass on my advice and experience. Firstly I'm really sorry to hear about these dreams - awful for you. Dark spirits just love to cause problems, play games, run down your health and emotions and generally make life very unpleasant! They often come in dark mists as well as shadows, shapes etc. You mention you've tried everything and I'm tempted to ask you exactly how you've gone about these things to find out more but I am thinking that if this is still continuing for you I should press on and give you my advice - hope this is okay. Apologies if this is some stuff you know already but it is absolutely my best advice - and I have scared a demon with this approach - as well as one trying to make my Mum commit suicide!

Quick note about me: I've been a healer and clairvoyant all my life and I have a very strong faith in God. Not interested in any debates about who God is or about religion - my faith is self-discovered and all I know is that - like it says in the bible - 'God is Love'. Why am I telling you this? Because in my experience in dealing with these entities - the more your heart - not head - opens to the love of God the more you feel connected and the more easily you access your authority over evil - even in the middle of a dream.

Having just re-read that - please note that this isn't some form of preaching or crazy assumption that you need to be 'saved'! On the contrary, it's about recognising the good stuff you do have within you already and taking charge of the situation.

So here goes:
1. First step - really contemplate God. Sounds obvious? Wait - go deeper. Sit and meditate on the love you have for family and friends. See - really see -their faces and feel the love you have for them. Feel it. See it in pink and white coming from your heart into theirs. Now see it coming from them to you. Visualise, meditate and feel. See every bit of that love entering your body making you stronger and stronger and protecting you from anything negative. Right there in that moment thank God. Thank Him for all the love around you and then see the love connecting up to the heavens and imagine God in any way you want, as long as you recognise the approval from Him and the love that bonds you to Him and all the people you've been thinking of. I like to imagine a fatherly arm round my back or sometimes just a big smile from the sky! Visualise the love connecting to your heart and then, in that very moment:
2. Pray. Deeply, slowly, reverently. Give your soul into it - every piece of yourself you can focus. Ask Him to show you His will for you on earth and for your life. Then ask Him to help you in this situation. Ask Him that you know what to say and do when this spirit next appears and that He gives you courage in asserting your authority over it (it can help to remember from the bible 'the one who is in you is stronger than the one who is in the world').
This bit is about strengthening the bonds of love and also your power over darker forces.
Pray daily and know the Lord's prayer and psalm 23 off by heart. I've found these to be very useful tools (one demon literally shot out of the room at the Lord's prayer when I said it from my soul). Don't feel stupid - stand by yourself in your room and say them out loud - get used to hearing your authority and your voice which you'll be using in your dream. You want it in your head in your voice so you can say it comfortably not just by rote. Don't get anxious about this though - trust the words will come when you need them.
3. Get others to pray for you too - it works - even one small prayer.
4. Get your physical and emotional selves a revamp. Are you balanced physically? Get everything checked out. Are you eating, exercising etc? Not suggesting you live like a saint but these devious spirits look for any weakness! Get to the Dr. If you need to.
5. See a reputable healer. Get any blockages and holes in your chakras cleansed and repaired. Learn about them, visualise them, learn how to protect them. Read.
6. Raise that energy futher: get music - an OM or some buddhist chants on a CD and play them over and over again, get the incense out etc and keep your home clutter free.
7. Speak to and read up on Archangel Michael! My ex was so ill with depression and suicidal and I told him to read psalm 23 (about protection) and guess what? Archangel Michael appeared! Yep - resplendent in blue and carrying his sword. He thought he was going mad and was terrified at first but later, his suicial thoughts vanished.
See an angel healer if you can, read about angels, get cards.
8. Get your head filled with the right images - Archangel Michael, his sword, other angels, Jesus, light. Potent symbols of the power of God and Love over everything.

You want to clear out and get your vibrational energy raised so that it is unbearable for anything dark to endure. Don't laugh - but one thing that helped me was to stop swearing!

In preparation for your dream: Get into a quiet safe space, light a candle and pray for God's protection. Visualise Archangel Michael's sword in front of you and the Archangel's hand on your shoulder for courage. If you are Christian, you may wish to have Christ's hand on the other shoulder. Then I want you to imagine you are in one of those dreams and see and feel that spirit approaching. Keep breathing and stay centred: you are in control. Say 'Heavenly Father, be with me and strengthen me to defeat this spirit in your name'. Be aware of the fear, or spirit's behaviour (e.g. Laughing at you) and just let it go. See these as nothing more than tactics to keep your power at bay. Visualise the spirit approaching and before it does anything: you approach it. Feel your power - good power. Slowly, with all the feeling you can muster command it to go: " I have authority over you and I command to leave in the name of almighty God." DO NOT engage in any conversation whatsoever with this being - any conversation would be a trick. Ignore what it says and if need be repeat your command. Pick up Archangel Michael's sword if you like. Might sound silly but really see yourself as a warrrior all in armour with loads of power: these visuals are your tools so use them! Stay there and imagine looking this spirit in the face: see how pathetic it is that it needs to prey on people when they are sleeping and conjure up ridiculous images. Give it a stupid face - see it for what it is. See how it doesn't know what to do now it has no tricks left. See how brave you are and how you cannot fail now. Watch it retreat or diminish. See white light enveloping it making it smaller until it disappears or retreats swiftly. Or imagine pushing it back with light and energy from your hands or from the sword.

Repeat this visualisation as often as you like. If you have anyone you can confide in (and you feel comfortable) ask them to pray for you whilst you do this.

When the next dream comes you will know what to do. Don't worry if you use different words - as long as you take authority you will be fine. I anguished for years about the visit I had known since childhood would come, planning everything I'd say and do but in the end it was simply relaxing and saying the Lord's prayer with passion that scared it off!

Good luck with everything and one other point: keep laughing no matter how hard and don't think about the dreams you've had - you're only feeding them. Keep smiling and laughing and do things that bring you joy.

I will be praying for you also. Please let me know how you get on.

Love and light xxx
Gu3rr1lla (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-10)
I just woke up from a dream with a black smoke figure! The dream started off normal, there was a lot of people walking, all my old friends were there. Then I was in this room, there was a blue curtain (and oddly I saw a masonic symbol) the black smoke came out from behind the curtain and I think it was possessing a woman who I didn't know but I can't remember what she looked like. And in the back ground I could hear music in a loop, it was really annoying. Then the dream moved to my bedroom I could see the smoke man outside my window, this frightened me and I woke up.

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