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This Really Happens To Me


Ever since I can remember I have had dreams that come true!

I can remember just about every detail of these dreams and sometimes in my dreams I have full blown conversations with people that are no longer alive! My Grandfather passed away in 2004 and I regularly have conversations about current events with him in my dreams! Growing up I was always terrified of the dark because of my dreams!

I know sometimes what people are thinking and what they are going to say next! And sometimes I know who is on the phone before I answer it!

This is the 1st time I'm am opening up to anyone about this! I'm not crazy and I do have lots of experiences involving my dreams and things in my life! I read another story on here about a teacher who has dreams that come true! He said his hands are always hot and that sometimes things disappear when hes around and he also said that he stores energy in things! I too have extremely hot hands all the time and I too have things just vanish! I also go back to certain places after being away for so long and I can pick up a memory of exactly what I was thinking or what was going on the last time I was there! Its like a movie being played in my mind!

I was making a delivery to a christian college one day and out of no where I was overcome with Hate and Rage! I literally could have ripped someones head off and I had no reason for this rage!

I loaded my things on the hand truck and proceeded up the walkway to the building when a woman stopped me and introduced herself! She was a teacher and she said to me that god just came to her and told her to pray for me! She said you need my prayers... I need to help you!

She asked me if she could say a prayer with me and I said ok!

After the prayer was over The rage was gone! It was such a strange feeling, I'm not a religious person and if I said I completely believed in God I would be a liar!

But I felt 100% better after that! My best guess is that I had a spirit about me that didn't like me being at that holy place and it was pissed! But when she prayed for me it left!

I don't completely understand what's going on with these things but I know I am different than most people!

I want to learn more about this and I want very much to be able to control it!

Can anyone relate to my story or offer any kind of advice on what I should do?

I have a few other really detailed events that I will share at a later time also!

Thanks everyone!

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Fireheart1212 (4 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
Why do you keep thinking your crazy? You arent, I mean I sometimes experience the same thing. One day I was just on the computer and I felt very hot headed one day, I could of punched a wall in if I wasn't carefull, But then I put on a rosary and put a cross to my head, and actually, It felt like it was burning. I wasn't possessed either, because I wouldn't of known what I was doing then. This is when I started giving up on faith in god... But then I started like fighting myself? I looked like an entire maniaque mental person screaming at myself. But then I sat down and started reading the bible and then started feeling a huge releif, and at the time my favorite colors we're like black and stuff, and then I got back to my old favorite colors, which is Blue, Green, and Pink. (Used to be Blue, Green, and Black,) but I tell the total truth, so don't think your crazy, cause you arent, your gifted.
melissa6381 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
I just wanted to share an interesting fact I learned the other day with you. The word religious comes from the latin word religo which means "to be connected to". You may not be religious in the modernized way but you certainly are connected to the universe.
You are definitely not crazy- you are lucky! What a cool gift you have.
I see your experience with the nun from a different point of view. I think maybe you were given that experience to open your eyes to something- some sort of lesson that only you can know the real meaning of.
I take this opinion because from all the reading and research I have done has led me to the conclusion that there isn't really any negative spirit energies only negative human energies. Anyhow- thanks for sharing your story! -Melissa

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