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My Mum Was A Healer And Psychic, And So Am I


It started with my mum about 20 years ago who would visit my uncle who complained of pain all of the time, he visited many doctors in Harley Street etc who told him that the pain was in his head and should see a psychiatrist.

But Mum said that he had cancer and should see a specialist so he pushed to see the right doctor and low and behold he was found to have cancer, mum helped him through by healing with her hands, just by touch she could take away the pain, this would last about a week before mum would have to go back and do it again, unfortunately she could only ease the pain not cure and eventually he died. Mum would (in her job) visit old people's homes and one particular old lady with a painful elbow asked mum to touch her again as when she last visited she brushed past her and the pain left her.

When mum used to phone me I could always answer the phone and say "hello mum" as I instinctively new that it was mum, even at work I would know that it was her calling.

Mum died about 8 years ago now, and since then my powers have increased, a couple of years ago I was sitting at the dinner table with my dad and my wife, my dad had a little dog which was perfectly healthy, when we left I said to my wife that one of them would be dead within a week but I did not know which one? It came to pass that 7 days later the little dog passed away.

I was sat in the garden and a thought popped into my head that my neighbor wanted to buy a motor bike and could not summon the courage to ask his girlfriend if he could have one, the next day I was sat in the garden when he said to his girlfriend could he have a motor bike? I didn't hear her reply, but I hope he doesn't as I have had the thought that if he does he will get killed by being run over by a truck.

6 months after my mum's death my grandma died as well, my grandma was a very religious person going to church every Sunday etc, but she did not get on well with the vicar, the funeral was held in the church to which grandma attended it was unfortunate that the organist was sick that day and the only thing the step in organist could play in tune was "all things bright and beautiful" my grandmothers favorite, although the vicar asked for "abide with me", so things didn't start to well. My family are not religious and are not used to ceremonies and we were seated at the front, well during the service we were to stand and sit etc but not knowing when to do so this turned into a farce, then near the end of the service the vicar knelt down and started to pat the rug at the altar, we whispered to each other "what is happening?" as we had no idea that the incense had come out of the burner and had set fire to the rug! And to cap it all when we returned two weeks later to bury my grandmother's cask the vicar dropped it in the hole, so I believe that my grandma had the last laugh.

I have also seen my dad's death in a vision and also I know the date (19th) but not the month, the cause will be toxic shock from an insect bite, or boil. But you can't say anything otherwise people would think I'm nuts. Over the last 3 weeks my mum has visited me, it started with her and a male friend who I once new, she asked me to forgive her for things which she has done in the past, my wife asked if she would come in the bedroom as we were in bed at the time, and her male friend replied no as mum was prudish and would be embarrassed so they stayed in the hallway, I also asked her why I could communicate with others on the other side to which she replied it is a gift which you were born with. My wife later asked her dead mother and grandfather to protect us as mum keeps getting angry and since then they have been guarding us, mum has been back again asking me to forgive her, again I have refused as I want my dad to be happy and join mum, because dad blames himself for mum's death but in truth it was not his fault, as it was her time to go, (she died of a heart attack) an interesting note to this is: mum had 3 other close friends within our street of 10 houses, 2 of them died within 3 months, one died of cancer and the other in a road traffic accident and the 3rd had a bleed on the brain and is now a vegetable her nick name was "Pond Life" as I had to fish her out of the pond at the end of our street on the evening of mum's funeral this is such a shame as she was a lovely lady and would never hurt anyone, so I wonder if she wanted her friends with her? I said to mum that I would forgive her if she takes dad, is this fair? I don't know, dad is in a lot of pain and is almost blind so he cannot enjoy his hobbies anymore and wants to go and join mum, but she said that she does not love him anymore and does not want him back, but I cannot tell dad this, although I think he knows this deep down.

I can also feel peoples pain and hate crowded places, as this drains me I also can pick up on deep sadness, I can heal with my hands too just by placing my hands over someone my hands get very hot where the pain is, as though it's drawing the pain out. My wife and I used to go to Psychic fairs but I would come out feeling terrible almost suicidal for some days after until I met a lady in a "Wellbeing" shop who explained to me that there are givers and takers and that people would take my good energy and replace this with negative energy, so she explained that I needed to remove my shoes and pretend to be an Oak tree and direct all of my negative energy through my roots "feet" this works by the way, also if you sit down and close your eyes place both hands on your thighs facing up and take slow meaningful deep breaths and clear your mind and focus on your inner energy you will see the light, and restore your inner being. I have also managed to open my third eye on many occasions now, what this does I'm really not sure but there must be a reason why I can do this, I remember mum saying that she only managed to do it once.

The other day I woke up suddenly as I could hear a woman crying, looking out of the bedroom window I saw my wife walking down the pathway to her car as she was heading to work and thought it was her, so I sent her a text and she said it wasn't her and to be honest I thought it was coming from our hallway, this has not happened before or since.

I have had many day jar view experiences the strongest one was when my wife and I went to a holiday cottage in France with my wife's mum and dad, we were sat at the large wooden dinner table in the kitchen and I knew everything about the place, where everything was etc it was so unreal, I know that we will live in France eventually, as I have seen this in a vision.

My wife is great in regards to my ability's but I know that it scares her, when I get a visit from my mum my right ear goes red and if it's family from my wife's side then the left ear goes red, I also noticed that my hands get very hot when I talk to the dead, my dog knows before me that we are going to have guests as he growls and gets very nervous which he never normally does, it's as if he guards my wife, if it wasn't for this my wife would think I'm mad, I don't blame her as sometimes I think It all is a bit crazy.

Sorry this is a bit long but it's they way it is, Thanks

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moonwatcher (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-07-15)
Thanks Adarn7, I did wonder if mum was a guide, but I have forgiven her and let her go, although I believe that my grandmother is my guide. I keep being asked for help by a boy called Robert Paul Gelsbie who died on 15th Feb 1972 aged 32mins, he wants me to tell his mum it's ok, but I don't know anyone by that surname, he's most insistant, any ideas? Thanks moonwatcher
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
10 years ago (2010-07-15)
Hi moonwatcher

Yes, you definitely sound like an empath and a healer with precognitive ability. The fact that you say your healing abilities increased after the death of your mother makes me wonder if she is still around you--she could even be one of your guides.

Peace and blessings

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