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Deja Vu? Good Character Reading?


I've always gotten Deja vu'. But not the normal kind were it just comes from nowhere without any kind of warning. Mine come from dreams. Once we were in Indiana and eating and the night before I had a silly dream where we were eating at this restaurant called Panderosa and my grandma was asking my little brother is he wanted some chicken and he said "No, spicy stuff isn't good". Then the next day we went to Panderosa and he said the same thing. Then, like, 2 years ago I had a dream that I was staring at this red brick and the next day we were driving and we passed by the same exact house. It was exactly like the dream, right down to the bright red door. Then people say I must be psychic because if somebodies texting me and there upset, I can tell. Like me and my friend Jason were texting and he was going to break up with his girlfriend. He didn't tell me that he was, but while texting, I could tell he was upset. I asked people if Jason was acting weird and they said "No?". I asked him if everything was okay and he broke down and told me everything. With my friends I can do the same thing. Over text I usually figure it out. They'll act the same over text, all happy and stuff, but I just get the feeling that there's something wrong. And I'm always right. Am I a good reader? Please, help.

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