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Paranormal Experience Dealing With Some Entity


I am 20 years old, and a junior in college studying Biology. I have been ignoring experiences which seem to be supernatural in nature because I've always been into the sciences, trying to explain things through reason and natural causes. What happened today pushed me to come here seeking help because I am scared and freaking out.

We moved to Rockville in 2007, and this apartment has something in it which can not be explained through the natural laws. I've been awake at night in my room with the Central AC turned on... Strange noises only happen when I'm dozing off and still conscious. The strange noises have become louder and more pronounced and I always feel paranoid and scared. Banging sounds, creaking of something metallic within the vents of my central AC have caused me to freak out several nights. I've always felt scared, that in the back of my mind I knew something was there that I was familiar with, but did not know how.

For some strange reason I woke up one Friday morning at 3 A.M and heard the noise coming from the vent, I felt the presence and decided to "ask" it questions, I asked for signs if someone was there, and received loud disturbing bangs, followed by silence. Asked for more signs to be sure that this was no coincidence, and as the signs started becoming more frequent I became too freaked out and stopped. I've asked "it" to please leave me alone. I've ignored this Thing ever since. A month ago I was standing in the balcony talking on the phone (around 12 am) when I looked over into my bedroom window there was a light flashing on and off at a steady pace... My light was turned off, and there was no one inside that could have made that light, also my blinds and curtains were drawn and I felt extremely uneasy. When I went to see what it was, there was nothing there (I had gotten my brother to come with me because I was scared), when we checked the blinds, they were crooked and misplaced at the bottom, a section of the blinds had been completely turned and crooked. I feel so scared because I don't know how to explain this. I saw what I saw,

I was not hallucinating. After I checked I went back to the balcony to look at my window again and the light was gone. I'm so scared, what was that? I saw it, there is no explanation for it.

I'm feeling very paranoid, I'm scared because I know this thing has not gone away, now at night I always wake up around 3 AM every night! At the same time, feeling irritated as if though someone yanked me from sleeping and there is nobody there, I feel like this thing is toying with me. I feel so scared because I really feel like there is something here that's really bad and should not be there.

For a few weeks I have been trying to get my Provisional driver's license and had an uneasy feeling about it from the start. I have been driving on the streets for three years and felt uneasy because I knew this thing would interfere with my test somehow. So far what has happened is that every time I schedule an appointment it is sabotaged and either I miss the appointment or something bad happens. Today was particularly unsettling, when I woke up this morning I felt that something would interfere with my test today, I just had this uneasy feeling of just "knowing" that something would stop me from passing. We have a 1996 Toyota Camry that has run 151, 000 miles without ever shutting down. We (me and my father) drove this car the day of my driving test, a total of nearly five hours of driving up to the point where my test was about to begin. I felt so scared during my test because the uneasy feeling I felt this morning back came to me, and the car made a strange sound and the engine died, in the middle of my test. This car has been running for weeks. And out of the 5 hours it was running that day the engine "died" during my test which took about 10 minutes out of that day. I do not think this is a coincidence, not about the strange feeling, after my test the car worked like magic and took us all the way home. And when the car died I just knew it, I knew this thing is real because this is such a statistically unlikely thing to happen. Out of 5 hours of driving... It "died" during my 10 minutes of test, out of everyday that car was driven it chose to die the one day where I was positive something would interfere and was feeling paranoid from the start.

I don't know what to do right now, I feel like something is bothering me, especially when I sleep at night, I feel something is there, not good or bad, just THERE. Sometimes I feel it brush up against me, or feel it blowing on my face. There have been several occasions where I wake up from sleeping because something "hit" my face, or touched my hair. I'm completely freaked out, I was raised Muslim, I cannot approach my family with this, they will think I'm crazy and losing my mind. I wake up at night all the time because I feel it hit me or touch my face or brush up against me, occasionally I will be dozing off and get up abruptly feeling shocked because all of a sudden I just know its sitting near my bed, I felt it breathing on me several times, felt its face right there. I've seen it once or twice, but the image vanishes from my memory and by the time I wake up in the morning I can remember nothing about it. I also feel like I know this thing, very familiar with it, feel like it gets in trouble if I find out about it. I'm scared that its been interacting with me and I have no memories of it, because if I know I've seen it, and the memory vanishes from my head, who knows what has happened if I do not remember anything the next day. I feel scared and right now I will probably go look for a psychic or demonologist in Maryland for help, but these people are hard to find and I do not want people to think I'm crazy, Sorry for the wall of text but my story has to be told. Please can someone relate? Or am I just really crazy and losing it, there is nobody else I can turn to, I do not even know what it is that I am dealing with. Although I have a very positive and strong opinion that this thing is real, I felt it in the car and I felt it in the morning when I woke up. My father was SHOCKED when the test lady said the car shut down, just What is going on here, what could be doing this to me at night and today, I feel so scared and paranoid and do not even know who could help me, a demonologist? Psychic? Or psychiatrist?

Please if anyone can relate or help me with this or has gone through it, or knows what I am dealing with, please help me. If you know a good psychic or demonologist who could keep my identity anonymous that you could recommend, that would also be great.

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Kagey143 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-06)
Hi. Please contact Proof Finders Paranormal Investigations, toll-free at 855-35-GHOST, or visit our website: We are a non-profit incorporation working out of Odenton, Maryland that specializes in sorting out paranormal issues for people who - like you - find themselves dealing with unpleasant paranormal activity. We will be happy to conduct a free investigation and share any evidence that we find with you.
GoldenGate (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-31)
I do not know whether this is practical to you or not. While you are being scared by ghosts or entity or whatever just try this. Imagine a ball of light make it clear enough in your imagination: like you can give it texture, even smell, taste or whatever, like rotating at high peak, emanating frequency of Love (it depends on your creativity) and remember: the stranger you got your own imagination it is the better. Try to be unique, of your own. Remember this ball of light or sword or frog or whatever you create is your own. You keep it in your metaphorical bag that you bring sub consciously. Whenever you freak out try to throw this at the entity or ghosts that frighten you. I am pretty sure it will be frighten just the way it makes you freak out in the first place. 😊 I am sure others who read this will have different creativity to make, and laughter as well.
MidnightBlueSwan (8 stories) (134 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-12)
No you're not crazy. Don't start worrying about nothing. (No I do not mean that this experience is nothing I mean that a lot of people go through the same thing and they don't freak out.) This is just a normal haunting, nothing too weird. Just stay calm. For one, try to ignore the entity. And if that doesn't work you may want to look up the history of your house, this could be a spirit that once lived in this house. And you may want to find out what kind of unfinished business the spirit has, or why it won't leave. You may need to contact a paranormal organization to help you do an exorcism of your house. Any more questions you can email me, my email is on my profile.

~The time is ticking away
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-12)
If this entity has been bothering you since you moved to the place, then I would say that the apartment (as corny and unscientific as it sounds) is haunted. Strange noises, flashing lights, banging, things being moved around and all sorts of inexplicable happenings point towards spirit-activity.

I do not feel that it is a demon, but like Chicken1 suggested, a fairly restless soul that has not yet passed on, for whatever reason. And they seem to have taken a shine to you, too, for it's now following you around at times.

I feel that it may be interfering with your life because it's trying to get your attention--it may want help. I would try talking to it, or consult a medium. Don't touch an ouija board.

If the ghost wants help, fine, but then you need some ground rules. It has not right to touch you (this could be the cause of your hot/cold sensations) and absolutely no right to interfere with your life in any other way, and that includes messing around with your things. Make that very clear. It may try and frighten you, but at the end of the day, that's all it can do--it can't hurt you. So stand firm. I know you're scared, but if you have faith, trust in it and your God to protect you, and seek help if the harrassment continues.

Unfortunately, some entities refuse to move on, not for lack of others trying to help them. If this entity refuses to move on, then you just need to find another apartment, unless your happy living with a creepy dead flat mate.

I hope this helps you, and please let us know how it turns out

chicken1 (2 stories) (69 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-12)
what I'm picking up its that its a family or close friend who passed of either choking or suffocating through some sort of accident. Maybe in a fire as I'm seeing flames. I don't actually think its here to harm you but it definitely hasnt crossed into the light. So its earth bound, Its definitely a he. Hes more frustrated than anything. I think hes close to you as maybe your the only one whos felt him. He tells me that your not the only one whos felt him around though. I feel half the issue is that you may have opened your self up by asking whos there. You definately need to protect your self from spirit if you don't have an understanding of them. To do this you need to ask either you guides, angels, or god, or whoever you believe in to keep you protected at all times. As when you ask whos there you open a door to a world where you don't know whos knocking. And you guides or angels can't actually help you unless you ask for help. I have tried to do a clearing on your house and have removed 2 enities, have you tried to talk to other spirits aswell as there was more than one that went. The second one was definitely worse than the first one I talked to. Also try not to fear them if they are around as they can't actually harm you, all they can do is scare you. If they feel not so good just tell them to bugger off like you would if you were dealing with an annoying child, And then pay them no attention, as this is what they feed on, your attention and fear. Remember again, they can't harm you as you are a physical being and they are not. Hopefully I have been able to help a bit and If you need any help or info my emails on my page.

Love and light
hug100 (126 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
Oh and by the way your not crazy this demon is trying to play with your mind to make you think you are.
hug100 (126 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
Sounds like a demon to me. I was raised Cristin but try telling it to go away in the name of the god you follow and if you have any thing related to your religion have it near and ask your god for help. Another thing to keep in mind is when doing this think positive thoughts. I've been dealing with these kind of demon for a while and any fear you show them will be used against you. If this becomes to much to handle go to a physic or someone who can help you. Try not to get too far in over your head and I really hope this helps. ❤

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