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Why Does This Seem So Familiar?


I was fifteen years old and living in Arkansas when it happened. Stuck in my own world, I detached myself from everyone around me and turned in on myself for support. It was then that I started having...dreams. Odd dreams. Not your typical fantasy, anything-can-happen dreams, but dreams of the most mundane things I've ever seen go through my mind, chief among them going through an entire day of school. That's part of what this is about.

The day prior to the dream was any normal school day. First period went fine, dreaded second period (I hate math), third period was fine, forth period was fine, wash rinse repeat for the rest of the day. I went home, had some dinner, played video games, role-played on a chat, took a shower, went to bed. When I woke up, I thought the day was Saturday, so I turned my alarm clock off and went to sleep. The day before was actually Thursday, so that meant that the current day was Friday. But I thought I'd already gone through an entire school day overnight.

When I finally figured it out, I was quick to spring in to action and rush for the bus stop. That was when the deja-vu started to set in; in my dream, I remembered almost being late for the bus. I managed to catch it and went to school. When I arrived, announcements came shortly after. I remembered them, finished some sentences, got a few strange looks. When the teacher asked me what I was doing, all I said was; "This all seems very familiar..."

It's been three years since then, and at least once a month I have mundane dreams about the very next day. The time they encompass is sporadic, and mostly I only get glimpses of tiny things that I do, but I remember them so vividly it's impossible to be anything precognition. I'm not sure what the deal is, here, so if anyone can tell me what exactly is going on, I'd deeply appreciate it.

Oh, and I figured I should mention this. Whenever I smoke marijuana and sleep, I typically dream about the entire next day. When I go through the day, I always do the things I do in my dreams...though, if I see something bad happen, I can change it. Then the rest of my day doesn't go like the dream. I don't want to sound crazy, but is weed helping me see the future?

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Osiris (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-16)
I got that cut on my hand, today. We went to the Farmer's Market to pick up some tomatoes and another quart of honey, and I figured it'd be good to get out and walk around a bit. Not five minutes after getting out of the car I trip on air. I hit the ground palms-first, and felt some serious pain in my left hand. I'd fallen on the broken bottom of a beer bottle, and a piece of glass had been jammed in to his hand. When I pulled it out, it left a crescent-shaped gash. I'll be getting some deja-vu here pretty soon, I can tell you that much.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-05)
Hey, Osiris, DID you cut your hand by now or not? - that was a joke! - now seriously:
Me, I do not think this special event was precognitive. You had some skin irritation at that place in your hand which made you wake up halfway, by the itching, and as you were only half awake you misinterpreted the red area as a cut. After that you DREAMED that you went to bed. In reality you slept on your couch. When really awake again the irritation had subsided. Perhaps it was a mosquito bite, which as everyone knows itches badly in the beginning but disappears completely in some hours if not scratched upon until soreness. That's all. Do not overinterpret. Some dope-users, and a lot of people who do not use "drugs" but like to get "drunk" on farfetched ideas of any kind, tend to misconstrue everything as spiritual or psychic even if it is mundane.
Osiris (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-03)
Yesterday I went to bed in the middle of the day because I'd had a pretty long morning of near-constant work. I was listening to my MP3 player, some basic trance, and dozed off on the couch. I'm not sure if I was dreaming or not, but it felt like I woke up with a slight itching on my palm, and when I itched it, it hurt. I looked to see a crescent-shaped cut on the fleshy part of my palm near the thumb. I disregarded it as a cut I'd gotten earlier and went in to my room to sleep in my bed. When I woke up, I was on the couch, I didn't have a cut on my hand, and my first thought was; "Why aren't I in bed?" It took a moment, but I think I had another precognition again. I may be getting a cut on my hand in the near future.
NaturalScience (229 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-29)
I think you really have precognitive dreams. You have a natural tendency to them which is being enhanced by the dope - at the moment. This effect of dope is well-known. The bad side of it is that the effect will turn into the opposite if you use dope regularly and for a longer time. It then will most probably suppress your psychic abilities rather than enhance them. The reason for this is that drugs overtax the brain and if the brain gets worn out it cannot serve as a vehicle for your soul's psychic abilities anymore.
If you are lucky enough to be able to meditate with effect - not only to sit and unsuccessfully try to focus on some mantra, or mandala, or candle-flame, and getting angry about you being untalented for the method you try, as it was most of the time in my case - then leave off the dope and use meditation. If you are untalented for regular meditation methods use the music of which you feel that it can open up your consciousness. Any music you have a real relationship to will do, I think. To ones it will be Bach, to others it will be RUSH, others again will feel the folk music of their ethnic group to be useful, and so on. Just lie down with eyes shut and focus on listening. This is neither illicit nor does it endanger health. And it makes the minds of some of us go really, really far.
If any person of authority had told me some twenty years ago: "it means nothing that you feel only bored when you try to meditate, leave the inefficient methods off and just keep trying to really listen to your favourite music! Doing that is by no way less spiritual than the other methods which the world knows as meditation, nor is it "too mundane to be taken serious" as some would say. Also, don't worry if God could perhaps be dissatisfied with you meditating on mundane music... Don't you remember, He really created every thing and He loves His world!?" - see, I would have made less mistakes then. So I tell You now the same. Understand me, and stop taking unnecessary risks.
But if you have NONE of the "natural" opportunities to enhance your psychic mind but a HUGE desire to do so by any way possible - then perhaps the dope has come to you from mercy of the Creator. Think yourself, if you keep using dope, to be like a school-kid that uses Ritalin in order to function for school. No kid would take Ritalin, or any other pill, without necessity and without reluctance. If you keep this attitude instead of getting fixed on doping you do something important for limiting your social risk.
All things have been made by the Creator for a good reason, all things have a correct place in the cosmos. Dope too. What is the cosmic meaning of that the use of THIS drug is so rapidly spreading? Could it perhaps be a trick of Nature to enforce upon some of us a mental evolutionary step we would miss otherwise?
God/Jah/Shiva bless you.
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-26)
I'm not a pothead, myself, and no offense to you, I hate any drugs, not because of what I learned in school, but because I like to be sure I'm thinking like me. I used to be on ADHD medication and it made me into someone else. I think.

But it is very possible. Different drugs were used in many rituals and magics throughout time. Visions from drugs are common in many mythologies. Myths ofen contain truth.

It is possible the marijuanna could force some psychic abilities. So in your case yes. Weed is probably helping you see the future. (Although meditation could bring the same result.)

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