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I Am Being Contacted


Ever since I was little I have seen ghosts. At first it was just shadows, movement, unexplained noises that sort of thing.

Slowly over the years my ability has increased.

When I am in graveyards I only have to look at a gravestone to see a figure behind the stone. Or a shadowy hand on the stone. Up until recently it was just visual. I sometimes see a person sitting on the stone itself.

Recently it has become something more.

Now I have started seeing black shadows or white orbs when ghosts are around. And I have had them communicating with me. I have recently joined a gym, the gym is a converted 18th century barn. And I have been the changing rooms, and heard my name being called, when I have been alone and I have also been in contact with someone who calls themselves 'Anne'. Who I have sensed has been near me when I have been in the swimming pool and spa area. I get the feeling that she is tied to a particular area of the converted barn.

I just wanted if I could have some advice on how to handle this situation. I have never come across ghosts who give me their names or who willingly get into contact with me. I am able to sense emotions and I have felt no malice no anger, or hatred towards me from it. I am wondering what it wants and why it is getting into contact with me.


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