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Can Feel What People Are Feelings Followed By Sense Of Loss


I don't know if I am psychic so to speak because when I think of that I think of Sylvia Brown or someone like her, but I do have strong intuitions, dreams that come true, I can sense things. I feel things, I can sense things before they happen. There are many more occurrences that have happened since I was very young (some I can remember since I was 3 of seeing a "floating object" in my room) and several more like that since then. I do not dream very much but when I do, they are usually events that come true, or they are of a deceased relative or friends relative that has a message to relay to someone. Lately I have been experiencing a whole different thing. I am able to feel what others are feeling, and sometimes what they are thinking. Its been a little draining for me, scary, and I feel like it is effecting how I am. I have always been intuitive to people, but I just thought it was being sensitive to others feelings, I am a Pisces after all:). But lately, I have been feeling it so much more. It is confusing me with my current relationship. I can sense how he feels down to a T, I know what he is thinking, I can feel his thoughts. It keeps me from acting like myself and even keeps me from sleeping when I stay over with him. Its not just with him though, its all the way down to my 6 year old daughter (who also has a strong sixth sense) and my brother and nephew who live right next door, random people I come in contact with.

A little insight as to when it all ramped up: My brother suffered from a seizure 2 weeks ago, he had never had one before and he is 34. I felt something coming, a sense of sorrow in the pit of my stomach that I still haven't been able to shake. I found him on the floor unresponsive. He had a very bad seizure in his sleep, oddly enough I awoke from my sleep do to a pain I was having in my stomach, 20 minutes later my nephew who is 6 came walking in my door saying he couldn't wake his daddy up. My brother is an widow, his wife passed away 6 years ago. He and I have always had a strong connection. I know when something is out of whack with him and I'm always sure to tell him. He is ok now after having to rush him to the hospital that day and terrifying me, but I feel like it opened the door even more, and prior to that even happening I started to feel this "doom" feeling inside the pit of my stomach. I guess I can only compare it to a "loss" feeling. It has been unshakable. I don't know what to do. Should I nurture these feelings and try to gain understanding as to why I am feeling them, or learn how to control them... Guidance would be wonderful as I am not sure what I should do. I have not read any books on intuition or anything so that is why I find myself here. All I know is I just can't shake this feeling and I am usually a very upbeat person, things are going well in my life... I know this may all sound confusing so if you have any questions please ask. I don't know where this negative energy is coming from, its sitting in the pit of my stomach, so much so that I was driving to pick my daughter up from her fathers by myself today and for no reason I just broke down in tears. I'm not depressed (although this posting may sound different lol), I'm not unhappy, but I just feel a sense of something bad coming. That in itself is scary enough. Its like I have a negative energy around me, or I am sensing negative thoughts and feelings of others. The only way I could explain it to my brother was that I just feel like my world is not aligned in some way... Does that make sense to anyone, or only to me? I know a short blog does not help to fill you in on the experiences I have had with my dreams, or visions, or sensing things, I'd be here for a while writing the occurrences, but I have never felt what I am feeling now. It's an entirely different experience. I almost wish it was just a dream, because then I could wake up and know what it is about, deal with it and move on.

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fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
11 years ago (2010-09-10)
Does it feel almost like an overwhelming sense of sadness (like what you might feel if someone close had died)?

As for what it is, the closest thing I could find to giving this a name was empathy. Even calling it empathy is a stretch, because there seems to be a telepathic element to it as well.

In a way, it sounds like the connection some mothers have to their children (they can "tell" when a child is in pain or danger), which might make it a connection between loved ones.

I've experienced something similar, and really didn't like the feeling of it at all. Without too much detail, it felt like I got punched in the stomach, and then hit with a wave of sadness that was almost too the point of making me sick. If I had to draw it on paper, it would probably look like a huge black cloud.

It turns out the source of that was a now ex (who at the time I was dating). I ended up calling her right after just to casually ask if everything was alright, and without going into too much detail, she was crying and debating whether to break it off with me (I think part of my experience was my empathy kicking in, which at the time I had very little control over).

Based on that (my) experience, I think you might be an empath, which makes you slightly more open to feeling other's emotions. In terms of controlling it, I recommend looking into shielding, which may help some.


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