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I'm Not Sure If I Have A Guide Or Not


I have had bouts with spirits off and on in my life, more off that on, and I have bouts of just knowing things. Especially when I was a kid. It's still pretty new to me. It's been since around 2001 is when it really started strong. That's when the one I called George showed up. And decided to stay awhile.

I tried at first to ignore him but he thought otherwise. I come to believe that he was a watcher. An observer mainly. I came to strongly believe that he chose to stay even though his time was up here and was time to go on. He dressed like an old miner, like the coal miners dressed back in the day for the area. Which I just happened to live on top of part of the old air shafts at the time.

I don't know If I have a guide or not. I have had a spirit hang around me for several years off and on. I can feel them if there good or bad. I can feel them and see them in the corner of my eyes of what they look like. I know that one was coming around just to warn me. It would have a smell when he came and that way I just new was the warning of something is about to happen and be careful. Another one just would hang out and she just liked to observe. They don't talk in voices like you and me, I just know what there saying. Like its just in my head. Boom. Sometimes I have to put my head down a certain way to see them. Once a couple years ago a voice kept coming in in another language and I had to have help with words. Eventually it starting coming in English but then it stopped.

One I called George (although he seemed to agree with the name and it felt like it was although I'm not sure if it was his name), He would move his lips and if I look straight at him it looked like I saw him through a fog but I had to look away to hear and then it was just planted in my head. He would nod and move his hand with jesters. He gave me the impression that he was a mute but not deaf. He could hear me or my thoughts and new my fears and other emotions. Mostly he always just observed. And sometimes he got angry, but not with me. Others have witnessed him being around. And my niece and sister has seen him as clear a day. I feel him pop up to check in every now and then but I feel it's such a struggle for him. I feel that he was bound to the area where I lived at the time as I now live far away. Since then another one showed up. I see in my head. That it was an old native American man. A very old one. Or at least that's the image in my head. I know that it's a very old spirit and has been around a very long time. It's the one that I can smell strongly as an old ancient ceremonial sage or smudge. The strangest thing about it was that one day a old smudge showed up out of no where. No one came over or was around so no one could of possibly have done it. We had determined that it was for use and for a reason. Which as it turned out it was and became very useful. I again moved to another area and another one showed up. A woman. She was dressed like in the early 70's and of mixed native American descent. She wouldn't ever talk or even move her lips even. I could feel her when she showed up mostly in the back seat as I drove. She loved listening to certain songs. It seemed to help her appear. I mostly did the talking and she just smile or look away shaking her head. She was mostly always sad. I again moved away from the area and I although I feel them pop in a few time I haven't had another one stay. Instead It's like they aren't strong enough or something is blocking them. I give them permission and I even tried to call them but I never new there names and when I asked they wouldn't tell me. Just by feeling.

The area that I live at has a lot of gem and mica mines and I wonder if that is partly to blame. The other areas had a lot of others minerals, like crystals, and such but not that many gems.

I believe there is a negative entity that has been following me around and sticking to me lately. It has been causing depression and hopelessness with both me and my mate, and blocking out the positive spirits that I invite. This entity is really messing with my head and I have become almost a recluse.

Like I said, I am not sure if I have a guide or not because no one sticks with me long enough to find out. I wonder if a guide is stationed to an area or something like that.

I would appreciate any help I can get.

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