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When I was a young girl at the age of 2yrs old I heard a voice that sounded a little distorted coming from upstairs of my house it was saying "I will get you" so you know as well as I do what is a little 2yrs old child going to do (I went walking up the stairs to see what had said that to me) when I reached the top of the stairs the strange voice kept on getting louder and louder repeating those words over and over. It got to the point where I ran down the stairs crying and screaming. I ran to my mother and father told them what that thing had said to me. They went up there and NOTHING at all! They couldn't hear it (but I could).

Then five years later I was 7yrs old living with my mother and my stepfather on Washington street. I will admit I always felt like I was being watched by someone other then my parents! Then a month went by and I was laying in bed in my room and my stepbrother Alex was laying in the other twin bed across from me sleeping. And I felt like someone was watching me so I pulled the blankets up over my head because I was really scared at the time. Then a few minutes later I figured it would be gone so I pulled the covers from my face and looked over at my stepbrothers bed and seen a shadow like figure with huge wings kneeling over the side of his bed praying over top of him. My eyes got really huge and I wanted to scream but couldn't.It was like my voice was gone. So I slowly got out of the bed and tried to make it towards the door to my moms room and just right before I got to the door the black shadow figure with wings turned towards me and vanished. I started crying and ran into my mothers room and went to sleep in there.

Then when I was about 8yrs old I lived in a two story green house. Well one day I think mid summer I was outside in the front yard waiting for my mom to take us out somewhere. She took a really long time so I started towards the door and then *BAM* there it was a 3 foot tall demon looking at me from inside my home! I ran to the van in hysterics and locked myself in there for an hour I wouldn't let nobody in the van until that thing was gone.

After that I realized I need to keep this to myself because not anyone is going to believe me! So as the years went by I have had to deal with spirits,ghost,entities,demons,angels,voices and visions. Just recently my husband and I was laying in the bed going to sleep and around 1am he fell asleep and I was still trying to go to sleep but couldn't!I kept hearing multiple voices talking over on another directly to me (a man and 2 women) it got to the point where I told them to shut up and my husband woke up and said "what did I do" I told him I was sleep talking and caught myself doing it.

The doors slam shut in our home and light turn on and off things get moved around and I can tell you this on a daily basis I see the deceased and have visions of the future! Everyday this happens to me and I wan to control these things because it seems like everything that has passed comes to me for something!


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Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-09)
Well this was a strange thing to happen to you. I really would need more details on the demon itself to know what it was. I been watched by many demons so I would just need simple details on the appearance and everything. The shadow thing with wings... That's a hard one exactly. If you could see any type of details I might know what it was. Contact me with an e-mail. Ill see what my books and sources tell me.
ZiShu (129 posts)
11 years ago (2010-10-06)
I may be able to help you control your ability.
Do you see spirits as clear as the living?
The shadow with the wings is kind of confusing to me.
Hey, send me a message in my email.

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