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Chi, Energy And Mysteries. I'm Just Sick Of Not Knowing


Sorry if this story is too long for some, but I really do need your help.

Ok where to start. I can feel the moon's energy. I can also feel heat radiating off people even when I'm not that close. I have been able to see white and translucent glows around every body and everything for as long as I can remember. Sort of like an aura but no colour. Someone once told me it was called "chi" but I'm not sure.

I cannot feel people's energy, though everyday I always have mixed emotions. I get de ja vu like everyday and I have this feeling that I know what is going to happen but I just can't remember it. I have never have felt like I really belong in this modern society and don't like the way things are going. I don't know how to explain it but I just don't feel like I fit in. My friends would describe me as unusual and that I tend to just zone out a lot. This also interferes with my learning because my mind just seems to wander. I just can never concentrate. Whenever I tend to zone out I get these vivid visions. Today for an example I was on my way home from work, just day dreaming I guess and suddenly these unusual images came into my mind. It started with a humming noise. That's when I closed my eyes. What I saw was my mom and my mom's friend. My mom's friend was wearing a gray t-shirt, hair out and black sunglasses, my mom was wearing a white top. In this vision they were just standing in outside my house talking. When I opened my eyes the image went away. I thought what I saw was silly because this morning my mom was wearing a blue top.

When I got home mom answered the door and to my surprise she was wearing the same white shirt. I asked her if her friend had come over and she said no, but she had seen that friend for a coffee. So then I asked her if her friend was wearing a gray

T-shirt, sunglasses and hair out. And surprise my mom said yes. I know this sounds silly but it scared me.

When I look around I see white and translucent grainy and line things and I always hear a humming noise. We once had this old T.V in our garage and it used to make this really, irritating high pitch sound and nobody but me could hear it. Whenever dad get's a phone call he put's the T.V on mute, one day he did just that and I was in bed sleeping. Dad must have forgotten that he left the T.V on and obviously went to bed. I can remember the irritating noise, it was just driving me crazy. So I followed it out to the T.V in the garage and it turned out to be on, just on mute! I can also sense when electrical appliances are on, toaster ECT.

I don't know what this means or what I am. But I need help. I'm sick of not knowing. Write back please.

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Raspa (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-11)
You are an human being. One that is more sensitive than some others, or at least more than those others would admit. Period.

A few weeks ago, I began "feeling things"... Then I realized I had always felt them. All of the ones you mention and some others. It's just that I had been evading that part of me for more than 10 years.

I honestly thought I was getting crazy for real, a kind of vertigo as if the full universe was spinning too fast for me, but then, a good friend came and told me that it was ok, that she could sense those things too. In fact, she can feel even more stuff than me... Which I guess makes me more "normal"...hahaha.

For me vivid visions come often when meditating or getting in and out of sleep, but meditating also helps me concentrating, so you could try it it if you are worried about zoning out.

Probably, there have been a lot of explanations in human history about "sensitive people", most have so much of common ground between them that it makes you smile, some are so complicated that can give you serious headaches, but some other are completely silly. I say if you need one, choose your own one after seeing all of them.

However, since you mentioned "chi" in your post, you could begin looking up for "chi kung/qi gong" and "third eye". Personally I like it, but that doesn't mean you are going to like that more than another, so just keep an open-minded attitude.

To sum it up, you are not crazy, and even more, you are not alone in what you feel. Take a deep breath and enjoy your life:)

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