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Shadow Man Connected To My Past Life? 2


I know that a prologue is supposed to come before the beginning of the story, but alas I had not thought of posting this experience until after my other story had been written. This experience is the one thing that had happened to me that started this whole mess; it was a very negative experience, indeed. I will warn you first though, if you do not like anything that involves violence, I suggest you do not read any further... It is not horrible or explicit, but it is violent on my account.

During my "away-time"on this site, I decided to enhance my psychic talents and build them up; I meditated whenever I could, even in the afternoon on the bus ride home (a more casual act of meditation that I have discovered that works well-- if anyone would like to know more about it, I will gladly write a story about it), I have been conversing more with my spirit guides, and I have been accepting help from other psychics, from this site and from real life-- secretly, of course. Now, after what I seem to view as an "awakening" of sorts, I have been seeing many things, and my knowledge and wisdom has expanded considerably on this very deep subject; but even though it has helped me tremendously, along with it came equal sacrifices-- I am seeing things I would have rather not seen, yet even these things have contributed to my ever expanding knowledge. One of these things that I have witnessed was a vision of what could be my future (and do not worry; this is not a 2012 story.), and this has stuck itself in my mind; it has left me wondering what, exactly, is going to happen to me?

One night a few weeks ago, I had gotten into bed normally, getting ready to sleep for the upcoming school day. Even though night is naturally dark, this darkness seemed to be a heavier and more protective. I know protective is an odd way to put something that also seemed evil, but that was the feel of this darkness. I shrugged it off, feeling slightly paranoid, and fell asleep about fifteen minutes later. I slept lightly until about 2:10am, until I was awoken by something brushing up against me. I thought it was my dog until, after looking around the room, I noticed there was nothing else with me. I had stayed awake, slightly uneasy until about 2:30am, when I fell asleep again.

This time I slept deeply; I was in a very, very deep sleep that I never find myself in unless I am having a sort of vision or unconscious type of astral projection. I then found myself at the foot end of my parents' bed, wielding a sword; my mind was going in circles, I was losing grip on my own sanity as I stabbed them and sliced them... The sword of mine was stained in blood, along with the bed, my parents, their room, and myself. I then ventured out into other houses in my addition, slaying my neighbors and other families left and right. The sky was stormy, filled with dark gray clouds and lightning, and it was pouring down rain. After a brutal slaying of many more people, men, women, and children, I ventured across the street just outside of my addition slowly. The rain felt like it was really battering my skin; I was cold, but I had this constant deranged smile plastered to my face like I could not feel a thing. I walked through the ditch on the opposite side of the road and up onto the green of a golf course, sword dragging behind me. After staggering to the top of a small hill commonly found in golf courses, I looked up at the dark sky; I dropped the sword as I lifted my arms up to the clouds. Then I spoke something barely coherent, only these two words:

"Big Brother..."

After speaking those words, as if it was just the key to unlocking a lock, the wind picked up considerably and the lightning flashed even brighter. The rain fell even harder and the clouds darkened even more as a man appeared from the sky, holding a hand out to me. His eyes looked like a bright green, like my eyes turn when I am very upset or very smug, and he spoke to me, "It's time to come back with your Big Brother. You've done a good job... Now, hand me my sword and we will go back home to the land that was promised to us."

I reached my hand up to him after re-obtaining the sword I had dropped, and just as our hands touched, there was a bright flash that awoke me from my dream. I bolted upright in a cold sweat and my breathing was labored. Looking to the clock, I realized that the time was about 3:10. My chest burned and tears were in my eyes by this point; I was extremely confused. I have only had one older brother in my life, and he lives in Ohio and looks nothing like the man I saw. I have also never referred to him as my "Big Brother."

Shortly after this dream, I began to see the man described in my story "Shadow Man Connected to My Past Life?".

As this specific experience unfolds, I will update this story, adding more sections. I will eventually find out why this is happening along with what it means, and I hope those of you who read this will become interested enough to help me. Thank you very much to those of you who read this, and thank you for your comments in advance.

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Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-10-12)
I believe that your past life is indeed catching up to you. Just like your experience on your story about the demon who wants a child.

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