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What Are Spirit Guides?


These are my ideas about spirit guides.

Spirit Guides are souls that guide humans through their life on earth.

What are Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are all human spirits that choice to guide someone instead of being reborn. Most of the time the guide is someone close to the person from a past life such as a family member or lover.

They also can take the shape of anything, such that it is comfortable with the person they are guiding. As well as change their name since it is just that a name, so that they can appear to be anything to their person wants them to be. For example, a person might have a spirit guide from the Middle East or Asia but is reborn and raised in a way that they are more connectable with an Indian spirit. Thus their spirit guides changes their name and appearance to satisfy the person. This also means a person could appear to have multiple spirit guides when in fact they only have one taking the appearance of several different people. Basically a spirit guide takes a physical representation of a person's desires, beliefs and ideals.

As for angels and demons guiding people, I really doubt this. You see you must ask the question, Do you really think they know how someone should live their life if they never lived before? As well as if they are such strong and important beings why would they spend all their time with one person, they should have things to do. Thus these "angel" and "demon" guides are all just human spirits with the desired physical representation of the person they are guiding.

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VValentour (1 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2011-06-16)
Thanks for the post.
This answers a few questions. In my opinon there can always be a spirit that guides someone that is not of the benevolent sort the Germantic people knew this to be true the daemon that guides a person can be either good or bad. It can help the person to do all sorts of bad or good things. The idea of a guide being a messenger between both the subconscious and conscious mind is a lame idea (sorry). There would be no reason for intution then, unless one would say that the intution is just the spirit guide talking to you. Which is lamer, than saying that bob the fire fighter would have only been able to rescue the old lady from 3b with the help of god and not his own determination. I have a spirit guide but will only guide me if I ask. 😕
The only big thing that set the guides apart from other spirits is how closely they interact with a person.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-02)
I've heard also that some spirits, though they are not guides, choose to help some people, though their advice should be taken with a pinch of salt as they are not always beings of highest vibration.

AnandaHya (guest)
10 years ago (2010-12-28)
have you studied the Buddhist wheel of life. I always thought Devas were equal to angels and asuras to "higher level demons" in your vocabulary usage but I might have mistranslated the words...

Here's an interactive website:

Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
10 years ago (2010-10-19)
This is a very good ideal you have friend.

However, demons and angel spirit guides are there, just they are there for that person protection. Yeah they might be powerful and why stay there. Angels and demons did live before. Many demons infact where human at one point, or from what I believe. I seen many demons in my life time and its kind of hard not to say they didn't live here before cause they seem to know their way around places.

Also you are correct on the spirit guide part with the past lives and stuff. My friend has two spirit guides from two past lives with that soul she has. How do I know they are seperate? Well one was with me in my room while the other was in my head talking to me. The other was touching me and other stuff.
sar (guest)
10 years ago (2010-10-19)
Good point, it could be posssible that spirit guides are made from a persons own energy and then molded by their mind into whatever spirit they see. Thus in a way the are seeing a the spirit of themselves aka a higher self.
Chetyre (guest)
10 years ago (2010-10-18)

However I find it just as plausible that "spirit guides" are mental forms your consciousness uses as a sort of mediator between the "conscious" and "subconscious".

In other words part of the mind is using forms that are familiar to the person in order to relay "pertinent" information to the part of the consciousness that deals with the real world.

As for "souls" I am not really receptive to the concept of specifically "human" souls versus other souls... A soul, if such a construct exists, is energy and does not rely on any specific lifetime to define it.

That would be like claiming that the electricity in your T.V is somehow different from the electricity in your wash machine.

These are merely my ideas on the subject (which may or may not change depending on the circumstances 😉)

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