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Here To Answer Obe Questions


I am writing this to all my friends whom have comments or questions about having been "locked up and not being able to move their muscles by a higher force while being able to feel an entity around them". There is no reason to be worried about this phenomenon. I have been having OBEs since I was 8 years old until now that I'm 27. In these years there were entities who brought me out of my body and indeed could answer my questions. I had the exact same feeling initially until I came to know the black postures are no one but Angels in black robes or cloaks. They are really Angels but since we as earthly people have no recall of the realm we really have come from we have this imaginary image of angels in our mind of them being white with wings. However, that's does not always seem to be the case. Angels do not look like human. They might appear in dark robes and their presence is just for our protection even if we feel otherwise. They are always there, but by putting us in the astral state God wants us to know there's something more than this physical body. Please leave a comment or email me in case of further questions.:)

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catis28 (1 stories) (13 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-15)
Hi I read your story and found it very fascinating you seem to know a lot about OBE and I have had a few one was there was a alien standing over me (no joke) he was tall and had those eyes that were so big it freaked me out, I also had one of this old woman and she was wearing a white old style dress once it felt like I as been pulled from my sleep and but I was still on the bed does this make sense? The other time I was gettig dragged about and she was playing with me by threathening to drop me I was still on bed but saw her do this. I have had others to where I hear arguemnts and I can't get up to help they go on. Any ideas please? Xx how do you know so much about angels what were your experinces like? X
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-15)
I have no questions on OBE's because I can't ever remember having one. Well, maybe I do have a question. I have read a couple comments tonight from people who think they are more evolved it seems, because they have the ability to send their consciousness to the astral plan. I had always thought of being able to travel like that as something more along the lines of each incarnation being different. Each different one could or could not have the ability.

Do you think this ability is gained after many lives and then kept from that time forward or do you think it's random or maybe during certain bunches of lives as that kind of training is needed.

I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts on this. Email me if you want.

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