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My Dead Fiance Making His Appearance Known Through Energy?


My fiance passed away suddenly just four months ago on July 9th, 2010. Soon after, I started seeing flashes of light orbs and other energies around me. They seem to get stronger each time. I have been seeing flashes of light balls for a very long time. But these are different.

Since his passing, I have been seeing very large and vivid blue energies and flashes around me. Yesterday I saw flashes that were about 3 feet in diameter. Sometimes they have a large white center and sometimes they look as though they are moving. And sometimes they are followed by other shadowy movement nearby.

I feel he is around me a lot. And I wonder if these flashes are him trying to communicate with me? I have also seen a portion of legs (a section at the calf about a foot long) that was light grey and see through walking right in front of me. Curiously, this does not scare me. I am usually quite a bit scared by things like this, but I do not feel it with this. The shadows happen all the time around me since his passing. I have seen ghosts and energy all my life, but this is now on a daily basis.

Then one night I saw his silhouette at the foot of my bed. I also heard crackling and beeping sounds coming from a corner of my room when this happened. Like there was a device in my room. I felt and heard buzzing in my head as well. I reached out to him several time and lifted out of my body. He did not move at all and I was trying in desperation to reach out to him. But he just would not move. I was then pulled from my body and sort of dragged out of my bedroom through my closet a foot away from where he was just standing. But he was not there now. I remember blessing the situation and asking higher power to come into the space. As soon as I did this, I was back in my body. My eyes were already open and my heart was beating so fast and I was out of breath. I am so curious about what this was. Is he trying to bring me to him? I have had a few other slightly scary experiences with him like this.

My Dead Fiance Making His Appearance Known Through Energy? 1

My Dead Fiance Making His Appearance Known Through Energy? 2

While I was meditating one day about a month after his death, he suddenly popped into my vision as clear as day. He was standing right in front of me looking as he always did. I was just meditating on openness and not guiding to a vision. He just appeared. He was in a sort of cave. It was a large space. He said this to me:

"Babe, I don't want to scare you, but you are going to die in 48 hours. I just want you to know [to prepare]." I remember thinking "no! I can't! I have work to do!" Which is interesting since for the first few months after his death, I felt like following him to the Other Side. I found myself in the middle of this cave and he was gone. A bunch of contracts were all around me. Some paper, some stone. I destroyed all of them. Then funnily enough, a white board appeared from the ceiling. My fiance had always used white boards to plan out his goals and idea. I wrote in big black letters, "I WILL NOT DIE IN 48 HOURS." Then I sent it back up towards the ceiling. I then became aware that there was a woman sitting in a chair by a small opening to the cave. She said to me, "We will consider your request." Then I came out of the meditation. I was scared for 48 hours:) But obviously nothing happened. But the vision was very, very real. I wonder why it happened?

I have a photo of my fiance that I took when he was 17. There is a red streak across the top. It looks like it's just light reflection. But it always reminded me of his passionate and at times, dangerous lifestyle. A few days after he passed away, I wore his hat to a special place we would go to. I took a few photos of myself wearing his hat. It was not until a few days later that I noticed there was a pronounced red streak and what looks like a little winged red energy on my neck. What do you think about this?

I am curious about your thoughts on this and why I seem to have some negative experiences with my fiance after his death?

Thank you!


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Rashidah (guest)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
This is a very beautiful and romantic experience of yours.

I thank you for sharing ❤
PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
Hi being able to see daily has increased because your heart is open to communicate.

He went quickly and your heart is still calling to him. We can call by missing them so much that it hurts.
A deceased person can show as grey or blue,
But if your seeing many he's coming through with a group if your see a lot of balls of energy.

I've seen balls of energy normally off white or grey they move very quicly.

In order to open up we have to be alert, objective, and put out a pre request. Above all seeing/sensing objectively.
The reality is it may be too soon for you.

His picture fire red (rep) -activity, battle. I've gotten lots of this in pictures were their is activity of battles or energy that moved quicly around a location.

Your picture shows a Portal=Red gold line.
Showing your ability to move via this portal to open this doorway. You also have a strong guide.

When you write on the chalk board you were working with the cards of the Askaic records. You know the area where the astral plane has a library.

Sorry for your loss, please know love is only a breath away.

Best wishes
asjh89 (1 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2010-12-01)
Your experiences sound pretty relatable to me...

The blue light is very common especially following hard time such as you described with your boyfriend translating.
Its a positive thing and nothing to be afraid of as your intuition has already shown. The easiest way to define it would be as spirit.

The sounds are also common but not as much so, they're generally missed or ignored. The sound is spirit as well.

The light and sound are experiences to be sought for sure, pay attention when you go to do your spiritual exercises. Do not be forceful, relax and build a feeling of love while maintaining awareness. It may help to think of your boyfriend while focusing on the love you feel and not the sorrow. Doing this during your exercises can help bring your attention back to the positive and may even bring about an experience.

Anytime you are confronted with fear - especially from psychic forces, stand your ground and fill your heart with love. Focus on that and nothing can hurt you.
It may help to visualize a loved one at such a time, or to focus on the blue light in your inner vision.

One other thing I would recommend is abstain from the mantras 'Aum' and "Om Mane Padme Hum", as these are based in the psychic worlds... Very seldom is it that you will find any help in those worlds and you don't want to go there unless you have that help or can help yourself. If you're unsure of either, then obviously...
'HU' (pronounced 'hue') is a good - all purpose - spiritual word, it is not based in the psychic worlds. Note there is a difference between psychic and spiritual, don't mess around with psychic or you'll probably get burnt.

Focus on love, always love, never forget it.

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