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Recently I've discovered a new psychic ability I have, but don't know the name for it. When I clear my thoughts and focus on a person's Brow Chakra, I see, hear or sense their memories. When I tried it on my friend at school, the name "Mai" came to my mind. After asking her about it, she exclaimed she loved that name and had named her egg-baby that (we once had a school project where we had to pretend an egg was our baby - strange, I know). I also saw her as a Japanese girl and after informing her of my vision, she told me she had always been interested in Japan (which I hadn't known until after she told me). I could also see more recent memories from this life, such as her fighting with her little sister and playing video games.

I could also see things about my sister. The name "Ana" came to my mind, which explains why our mom calls her that (even though her name is Belinda). I could draw conclusions about some things, such as a French party representing that maybe she was French in another life or visited France. However, I had no idea where other things came from... such as when patterns and pottery visions emerged. I clearly saw a dark-blue vase in one vision, but have no idea why that was once so important to her. But it obviously must have been, because as soon as I vaguely told her "I see a dark blue vase" - and nothing more - she was able to draw it with every detail of its shape and size exactly as I'd seen it. It was as though it had been in her subconscious all along.

Has anyone had any experiences like that? If so, please share them - I'd be really interested in hearing them.

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Blackhammer (1 posts)
9 years ago (2012-01-02)
I know this was posted three years ago. But I'm so excited that I can't help I must write it somewhere!:)
I am now sure I have a new... Not maybe paranormal but surely weird ability. When I read for example a story, like this one I imagine it in my mind as I read, that's what most people do. But for the last few weeks I have noticed that when I imagine the story in my mind, my imagination usually contain details that are written in the text, but I haven't read that before, hmm It's kind of hard to explain with english not being my main language. So in this story after reading the first line of text I imagined a japenese girl. Few lines below... Yeah there are things about japenese girl. It happens very often lately. I'm pretty sure it's not paranomral though, but my mind reads the entire text at once (my subconcious mind). So I came up with conslusion that I don't have to read the text the way I'm used to, line by line from the top. If anyone have any idea how to use it properly please write an e-mail to me.
I apologize for my english, I hope there aren't many mistakes:) cheers
luvwatersports (2 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2008-11-05)
I was wondering you get the feeling or see stuff from pictures or does it have to be in person You said brow chakras, does that mean eye brow or did you mean brown aura like that? Jst122799 [at]
luvwatersports (2 stories) (16 posts)
12 years ago (2008-11-05)
I like this story and the title. I have had dreams after dreams where I speak French and I remember dark hair (I"m different shades of blonde. I can't help maybe I use to live in Canada and spoke French as my langage in another life time. I never thought much about recarnation but now I wonder. I believe in God and through God anything is possible. 😁
Link142 (guest)
13 years ago (2007-10-30)
I have had an experiance a little like that except that I see things and feel feelings instead of names or words. I also see things in dreams before they happen.
Abby (99 posts)
13 years ago (2007-10-24)
Dear Ghost_Whisperer,

I do not know about focusing on brow chakras in order to pick up something in regards to another person. I do know from my own personal opinion and experience that each human being carries with them a history. If you are open to the belief of reincarnation and even multi-dimensional lives then they also carry that history as well. I am sensitive and pick up another human being's history by the way I "feel" in my gut about them and all other information or messages will follow thereafter through other senses. I generally only deliver messages I get through my senses that are quite telling or are given to me many times over. Many times other information may be passing thought flotsam not belonging to the designated person or not relevant or meant for use or delivery at that present time. I generally will not pass along information about another's past life unless it is truly relevant or meant to help in the present, as this is why it is a "past life". It is my belief that a person when ready can pursue the past life issue on their own and I think if they do more of the work for themselves they will also take in more of the necessary healing and information as they need it in a balanced and responsible way. It will also help them on many other awareness levels. As well as to not only do the work themselves, but to learn to trust themselves, lessen any self doubt and to also hone their own personal abilities.

Like with all things it is with time, patience, practice, trial and error and learning to know one self and one's symbols. Learning about oneself will help immensely in order to understand the information being received and what boundaries are needed to be crossed and what boundaries need limits for the best interest of all.

Each human being carries a unique history though some broad history is the same or similar, it is still finely tuned to each specific, individual human being. Hence, the existence of a hall of knowledge and records that keeps the history of all of man/woman kind.

My personal advice is to take each ability and go with the flow of it. Take small steps, be patient and do the work. Above all be true, honest, respectful and responsible in regards to self, your abilities, as well as to others you read, all those living and/or non-living.

Blessings, Abby

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