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Is This Spirit A Guide?


To start... Well I'll give everyone a brief overview of my history... When I was younger I experienced a host of strange things, dreams that merged into real life, spirits, and regular 'bumps' by invisible forces into the side of my bed... On one occasion I experienced sleep paralysis too... And then for a few years I didn't have any experiences at all. Until one night all of a sudden it was like a gate was opened in my mind and I could hear voices clearly in my mind... They were just people often having conversations amongst themselves... Now I am 22 and for the last couple of years I have consistently heard voices, all of whom I would consider 'good' souls, they chatter to each other and occasionally to me, but nothing significant except for this one voice that I have heard regularly, he is almost always with me... He is very kind and loving... And frequently repeats 'I love you' to me. One night about a month ago I had a dream where I was walking and then suddenly I was surrounded by this light and it was this intense feeling of love... I think it was him...

I know I'm not psychic or anything... Just more open to the otherworld, as they say my 'gates' open but I just wanted to know if this 'love' is that of a guardian or guide or if this soul is someone from another life who I once knew? The only person I have ever known in this life who has past away was my grandpa but I wasn't very close to him.

Any thoughts? Maybe a medium out there preferably someone connected with the light who might be able to see who this man is who is close to me... I can give more details about myself if that helps like birthday etc.



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Rashidah (guest)
11 years ago (2010-12-02)
This maybe your spirit guide.

Mine tells me he loves me nearly everyday. So I find that the spirit around you to be very sweet and loving.

Try communicating with him more and see what happens. You have the potential of becoming a medium.

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