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Both Had A Similar Dream The Same Night


On 11/25/10 I had a dream I was kidnapped, and my sister was with me. While we were in the kidnappers car, they both had weapons in there hand that they were flaunting, and I thought to myself 'wont police see what they're doing' because they had us in the backseats and the kidnappers were both sticking their knifes out the window laughing. And I knew I shouldn't scream for help because, they had weapons and I'm more afraid of knifes than I am guns. The one driving was an old woman, and they one in the passenger seat was a mid-aged woman about in her thirties. So I asked 'what are you going to do to us?' and I spoke in a monotone voice, like I was getting ready to face what was going to happen, and I accepted my fate and took a deep breath.

She answered with a smile and a stare. And I already knew she was going to torture us. I said please let us go, at least don't make me watch my sister get cut open because she's only a child! (she's 9) and she looked at me and said were just going to have some fun. So I sighed and looked at my sister, she was so stunned that she never spoke, never screamed, never moved, and was pale as a ghost with no expression. We got into the house they stayed at and they were getting prepared, I turned to them (I'm a smooth talker with situations as these) and I said, Ill do anything if you don't touch my sister... And I stuttered, and don't touch me. Ill be your friend with benefits (I don't know why). The old woman looked at the other and she accepted.

So her and the woman were talking to their neighbors that were visiting them and I mouthed the words help to the father, and he gave me a cold stare, like saying he will help. And the woman saw me say that and looked betrayed. I said can you take me home now? And she walked into another room and said I have a better idea, and I picked up my sister and stood by the door 'worst case scenario id run' and she didn't finish her sentence because I knew that the neighbor was apart of it, he smiled and I ran out the door, and stopped... I didn't know where I would go, and I awoke. I talked to my sister and she said that same night she had a dream a murderer came after my family, and everyone was gone except me and her, and I was hiding so she distracted them and told me to run, and I did so, and something saved her she wasn't sure what, and we both ran off together, her in my arms... Like my dream... And we both woke at the same time... How does this happen? I have a very low medium abilities I have been told. But I don't know what this means?

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