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I have had certain situations in my life where I have had unconscious visions. When I sleep or daydream I, unknowingly have visions that come true days, maybe weeks later. The way I know I have seen them before is, I get a strange burning sensation in my head and I realize that I have seen this before. The visions are through my eyes and when I know I have had a vision It is usually a person's clothes or the area around who I am looking at. No it cannot be deja vu. The reason I know it isn't, is because it was the first day of my school year my teacher first had all the students sit where ever they wanted and she came around giving us our assigned seats. (Please note this was a teacher I had never met before.) I had sat next to my friend and when the teacher got to me to assign, my seat she called out the very seat I was sitting in for me. I looked at her and rose my arms in triumph, I didn't have to move. Just as I rose my arms the burning sensation happened in my head and I knew I had seen this before.

I cannot remember when I started having visions, and I know once I got out of high school they stopped happening for a year but when I started College they started happening again.

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