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I have been able to feel energy from the living to the dead, but I can't hear no sounds only when the dead really want to speak to me they use the livings voices I have heard a neighbors voice threw my labtop over music I can sit alone an hear low noises, but the energy part gets me I'm 33 years old an it still doesn't get easy. Now I have a friend who is a guy I can feel his energy like fire burning an when I don't say anything to him he gets mad at me and when the guy is doing bad things its like his energy grabs me from a distance or sitting in the room together I am looking for someone who can help me with my problem with my energy. An how to get rid of unwanted energy from a person also the guy I speak of he is single an we are friends sometimes when I'm standing the guys house things grab me by the shoulder if I don't talk to the guy an the energy gets mad like bring you to your knees grab. Sometimes I feel like running away from myself knowing I can feel peoples energy at my age. So if anyone can help it will greatly helpful on my part. Like right now I know my friend is standing the livingroom looking at my bedroom door and the guy has always said there is no way he would have me as a girlfriend, but why is it I feel his energy have dreams of the guy having black wings and wearing nothing but black on and I have had a dream about him smiling at me saying its not over and when I dream I can touch people and hear everything everything is in color each time I dream,

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Darkstar (guest)
12 years ago (2010-12-06)
By feeling people's energies I would have to say you're a empathy. Now one way to block this is to set up shields and barriers around you.

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