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hi everybody, I know it has been awhile since my last post, but I felt like I had to talk about this one experience. I always had a strong connection to animals since a kid, I would say something and the animals would just act as if they heard and understood what I said, and I also can understand them when I look in their eyes. When I was four years old, I had met a cute dog, who was very playful and caring, but I being the stupid kid I was, began to call her names, and she immediately began to wind in sadness and lie down on the ground with its head down, my sister who was beside me told me to stop because I was making it sad, she was young back then and not skeptical of everything like she is now. Once I told my uncles dog to bark, and it took a couple of tries, but by the fifth time he did bark, as well as the neighbors dog. Once I began to test it on our guard dog, when I was looking for the groundskeeper, I sent an image of him from my mind, and she began to run and I followed, right to the groundskeeper himself who was working on the land. I began to call her, and she would obey me, but after awhile I think she got irritated and just completely ignore me, but now its back, it even works on my cat. I am able to sense her intentions and thoughts, but not by hearing words, just by intuition. I can tell them to calm down, and tell them good bye and to wait, and they seem to understand, and sometimes when I give them a compliment they seem to become even more excited. I even told my chickens to shut up once and they did. It seems to be getting stronger now, because I am becoming to be more connected to nature again, because I feel that I had broken my connection when younger, with my over fascination with material desire.

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