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A Spirit Told Me I Am A Medium


I have spent the past 3 months abroad in a castle in the Netherlands. My friends and I have believed that this place is inhabited by several spirits, but it has taken us a while to attempt to find out more. Over this past weekend I made a Ouija board out of a sheet of cardboard and used a drinking glass as a planchette. On Saturday night we contacted a male spirit who was born in 1625 and was a doctor. He seemed friendly and wished to talk to us again. The next night (Sunday) we contacted him again in the same place and during our interaction he told us some information about ourselves. At one point, we asked if my friend, Hannah, had any sort of paranormal or spiritual abilities because the spirit knew her specifically and had been using her hand to guide the planchette. He said, "No" and then we asked if anyone else in the room had any sort of abilities. He said yes, and when we asked who it was, he went to the letter "K," which is the first letter of my name. We asked if it was me and he said yes, and then asked if I was a medium and he said yes. We then asked if it would be more difficult to talk to him if I didn't have my finger on the planchette, and as he was moving to "yes" I took my finger off, and the planchette moved more slowly than before. Now, this information is very exciting and whatnot, but I can't say that I have experienced psychic abilities before... I am pretty intuitive and can also feel presences, but I usually just blame it on nerves. I have also heard of spirits feeding people interesting thoughts through a Ouija board with hopes that these people will keep contacting them, thus making the connection stronger, and I am worried that this is what happened last night. Should I believe this spirit?

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Chetyre (guest)
9 years ago (2010-12-07)

Just because some ghost says something doesn't mean it is true nor does it mean any of them are privy to some sort of special information and it certainly doesn't mean any of them have some sort of special insight.

Sometimes an Ouija board is much like a pendulum in that it reflects your inner desire and simply verifies it...well,not the board but it is you doing the verifying through the board.

However if this..."thing" is saying you are a medium... It may not be a statement but rather a question based on the fact that you contacted it.

However what you might be responding to in this castle is merely residual energy left over from the activities of whomever lived there.

The point is that it is DANGEROUS to just believe whatever you are being told whether it is from the deceased or the living and also you need to have a clear mind and not expect answers one way or the other as this will influence anything you receive.

The problem as I am seeing it already is that you and your friends believe it is haunted and therefore you are expecting something to happen and I am simply concerned that whatever you may be receiving is not at all what you think it may be.

Don't expect encounters nor expect the answers you want to hear and don't assume that making a statement. It simply could be asking... I don't know.

Just be VERY careful...don't make the mistakes I did and just believe something because it sounds appealing.

I just feel strongly about this sort of thing I guess.

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