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Hearing Music 2


I hear music at night at my house. When I come home from work I hear it. It is specific tunes and seem out in the distant. One night it was amazing grace with music and singing. It played over and over again. I do not recall hearing that song that day. The next night it was a silent night, o little town of Bethlehem.

I searched the whole house and could not find a source but none. I went outside and walked the street, could not find a source. I had my family and friends listen, they said they heard no music or singing. This happens every night. Especially bad laying in bed trying to sleep. Have to use ear plugs and sleeping pill to get to sleep. If I get up at night I hear it again. Sometimes it is country music, orchestra, classical, recently Christmas tunes.

I do not hear this is my car, at work, out in stores. Only at home. I never thought my hearing was especially good and certainly not better than others, who can't hear this. Why only at home and no where else? Has this happened to any of you? What did you try? The same song plays over and over like a broken record. Is this significant? These are not songs I necessarily even like. People call me crazy when I tell them about this. What can you say?

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A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-14)
Clariaudience is a possibility.
This happens to me often, but I cannot place where I have heard it before, much less what the heck it is. So I sympathize.
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-13)
I have a couple comments that I doubt will help you figure it out, but here they are.

My mom has heard what she calls "funeral music". I think she said it has happened 7 times. The first couple times she didn't know what caused it, then she heard this music and found out a little latter that day that a lady in a house next door to where she was visiting friends, had died. The other times she heard it, someone in the neighbor hood had died. She has no explanation for it. No one else heard it either. I don't know how this story could help and probably doesn't but there it is anyway.

This second one you have probably already heard, but it wouldn't explain the songs repeating over and over I don't think unless someone somewhere was transmitting them like that, or maybe playing them on some kind of player over and over.

There has been one case, and I think more where someone has had a filling put in their tooth and have picked up radio signals. I think it has to do with the shape of the filling, the materials, maybe other things. Maybe the dentist wired you for sound. Are you wearing a retainer that you only put on at home?

Something else, but of little use to you I suppose. I remember hearing a story when I was a little kid and can't remember the details very well. Someone who was on a stagecoach must of had a radio transmitter. The stage was being robbed. A man in town was sleeping in a bed with a metal head board on it and he had somehow hung his tuba on the bed stead so the big end was toward his head. Somehow the combination picked up the radio signal and the horn amplified it and the guy woke up hearing the robbery. I think they caught the robbers. True story.

But you say no one else in the house hears the music? Or do they? Does your family have a wicked sense of humor?

There are ways of receiving radio wave's that we don't think of. I suppose there are different ways of receiving other kinds of transmissions, waves, what ever.

If the song keeps repeating maybe someone is trying to send you a message. Look up the words to the songs or keep a list of titles and see what they might tell you.

Maybe you're telepathically linking up with a musically challenged person trying to learn a couple songs. Boy, what a bummer that would be.

I may have some actual good advice here though that maybe would help a little bit.

When I, and I think most people sit down to meditate or relax, there might be some sort of distracting noise. Maybe like a lawn mower or something like that. If a person tries to shut the noise out it can become more and more annoying, the more you dislike the sound the more time you spend on it. Disliking it, hating it, being mad at it. It can become all consuming if you get annoyed enough. But, if you try listening to it, try listening closely and getting into the sound of it, your mind will automatically start to drift away from the sound. Your mind will go back and forth on it but for the most part you can go on meditating, just sort of checking in and out once in awhile. Letting the lawnmower do it's own thing without hating it and spending time worrying about it.

So maybe just learn how to not fight it and it won't occupy all of your time. Fight it and it will become a big deal. Maybe try listening to the background and between the notes.

Some people can listen so closely to music that it can become like a meditation.

Also you might find somewhere where you can get checked for alien implants. I hear they are finding them in lots of people lately. Sorry. Just kidding. Good luck with the songs.

Merry Christmas

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