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Ghost I Saw


When I was about seven years old I lived in this old cabin with my mom and dad. We only rented the house because we were going to move in about a year maybe less. Anyway this one morning I got up from bed and started to walk to the kitchen for breakfast. I stopped because I saw a lady pouring a red drink. She had blond hair and brown eyes and I thought it was my mom because she used to have blond hair. So I said "Hey mom" out loud then I heard her say from the back porch "good morning" I jumped and turned around running to the back porch. "weren't you just in the kitchen?" I asked. She shook her head and I told her what I saw. She got up and went in inside but nothing was there. After that my mom called the landlord (real owner of the house), My mom told the lady what I saw. The lady was in mid sixties but very nice a understanding. When my mom got done telling the lady what I saw the lady wasn't surprised though. The lady told us that she saw the same exact women before, but only she could see her so she thought. The lady was her mother she told us and the mother had died in the house. I got kind of freaked out. Also when I was a baby I was in my crib and my mom was down stairs reading, when she heard me over the baby monitor. I was saying "Gaga don't go why are you leaving" Gaga was my grandmothers name on my moms side who died before I was born. My mom ran up stairs and saw me standing in my crib looking out the window. Do you think I can see ghost. I haven't seen them in a while but I think that's because I kind of blocked them out. Also I can see orbs every once in a while it depends on my mood. I have seen shadows if you read my one story. Please help me on this thanks!

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noralove (3 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-21)
I saw things more when I was younger but then as I got older self doubt and insecurity started to settle in. Meditation has been helping me to be more sensitive to my abilities.

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