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Sending Out Sexual Love?


I'm struggling with what I think I have.

I think I feel love.

And it's every form, including lack of.

Its very indescribable. Just say a boyfriend and girlfriend are whispering to each other. I can compare the love they have and I can sense why they feel that way. They may be giggling, but inside I know what's going on.

I go to parties and I feel tension but also an extreme amount of joy. And at my work its happening too but only with males.

Ive had to leave a few parties because the tension was unbearable.

I can hear what people are thinking about; my friends and I mainly, what intentions people have towards someone they are attracted to I can listen in on conversations when I'm in another room. When I get tipsy I switch off, but when I try to listen in again I become extremely dizzy to the point of vomiting. I also have an issue where men seem to be drawn to me regardless of if they have a partner or not. I bring out the love in people and I'm emanating it in such a way that's its turning into desire and sex... I try to avoid the group when I feel this but they call me back, asking where I am, strangers pour me drinks and one guy in particular met me once and couldn't stop talking about me for a week until we met again. Then he blew it by touching me up and then his friend got in on the action and my friend told them to leave.

Its not getting any better. I got so much attention at another party that I ruined the night for everyone who wasn't involved. My friends boyfriend was incredibly flirtatious with me and treated me like a princess I heard his thoughts: ' aww do you feel special now... Alicia?' one young boy proclaimed to the whole party that he wanted to get with me in which case we all went silent until we went to bed.

How do I turn that sort of love into a happy love? One where I can make friends instead of having these weird nights? I'm finding it very difficult. I have no guy friends because they all got attracted to me and it ended terribly when I told them I only wanted to be friends.

Anyway, there's a good side... A very good side:D

I pick up where the love is and what they are missing which is making them troubled. When everyone is happy, I get all tingly and I can't control my happiness. Its the best. I can send love to my friends telepathically, and they can respond in their own way- psychically! I can make a person feel good about themselves and I get along with anyone because I can feel what it is that makes their heart smile.

I like to would retain the non invasive love throughout the whole day without people getting all sexual. It would be so nice if someone could help me. Thank you:)

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nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
hey adaryn
I am not ashamed to say that, yes, I am bisexual, so it is understandable that that could cause the female attraction, but most of the girls in thee last few years have been straight, or at least always acted it and said they are Haha. No worries on it anyway:)
To be honest I haven't really got any worries or curiosity to what I explained, I do not have a full understanding of it but I have come to accept it and be able to control it, I am rather good at controlling it, be it biological or spiritual, I can control it and only use it for good purposes:) well I say good purposes, since me and my fiance got engaged I haven't felt the need to make anyone feel like that anymore, I sometimes get temptations as does anyone else but they can be controlled:)
Thank you for that anyway, very much appreciated:)
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
Hi nici,

If you can sense things in the spirit and are able to gauge information that way then this points to clairsentience (or "clear-sensing").

As I said to Leeshy88, it is quite common for people to be drawn to those with strong psychic abilities and/or positive energy, so if this is you, then you shouldn't be surprised by the attention.

As for females taking an interest in you, are you bi sexual/fluid? People on this website have different opinions about homosexuality, and I'm not expecting you to answer that question if you are not comfortable doing so. But if yes, then it may explain why you are generating attention from both males and females, as people of alternate sexualities often have better "gaydar" and will pick up on it.

As for people being attracted to you generally, please see the (rather long) comment I left for Leeshy88, there's no point in repeating it on the same page, but understand that a number of factors, biological and spiritual, may be coming into play.

The reason why you feel good when you have the attention of others is because this feeds your ego. Your ego is not really you, but your physical sense of self as separate from other entities (in reality we are all connected, but oneness in such a physical world can be hard to experience). For more information about the ego and how this affects your views of the world and of yourself, check out the section AnneV has written on the ego on the Spiritual Experiences website.

"Sending signals", as you have identified, can encompass spiritual as well as biological factors (but try not to look for a spiritual explanation every time before considering the physical). The reason you can "send out" signals to people is because all human beings, whether they realise it or not, are connected and we are ALL psychic. However, it seems as though you can manipulate energy to a degree if you are influencing the ways in which others think and feel. You are forcing connections without their permission. Understand that in Wicca this falls under the category of "Black Magic", which is magic (energy manipulation) employed for selfish purposes. I'm not going to tell you what is right and wrong, but you need to understand this.

Finally, if you are feeling the emotions of others as your own, then that makes you an empath.

Hope this helps,
nici4va (2 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-15)
I see you've had enough advice to help you and to be honest I'm still a little clueless when it comes to all this, unsure what to think, but I figure I'l share this with you anyway, get it off my chest and such lol.
I'v had pretty similar for as long as I can remember, I don't hear thoughts or anything, but I can quite often sense feelings strongly enough to imagine peoples thought, where my 'readings' if you can call them that have proven to be quite accurate. I have always had people that take an abnormaly large attraction to me, even some of my friends have noticed it recently and seen it as rather strange. To be honest I hang around with quite a few sceptics so it's not really surprising that they find it strange haha.
But anyway, when I was younger I found that there were more females finding attraction to me, I didn't actually notice any males taking attraction until I was in my teens, but as I say, when I was young a fair few girls seemed to take a more than friendly attraction to me, not sexually or anything like that, but more than friendship if that makes any sense.
I am now 19 nearing 20 and people seem to be acting rather strange, I'v made quite a few good friends in the last few years, but none of them stayed quite 'normal' (I can think of no other word for it) for longer than a few weeks, both male and female friends suddenly grow attraction to me, a few tellin me they are 'in love with me' and will 'never feel the same about anyone else' and the few that don't find a loving or lustful attraction to me tend to get overly jealous of small things and blow everything out of proportion.
The wierd thing is that no matter how much I hate it something in me gets a strong satisfaction from it all, a kind of great but pleasurable evil that makes me happy with what's happening, which of course I know is not healthy and I force myself to control, pushing the feeling of 'evil happiness' to the back of my mind.
Also, for the past few years I hav been able to kind of in a way, send out signals to people. I know a lot of people put it down to hormones and pheremones and such but this feels a lot stronger than that.
Eg. If I feel attraction to someone, or even just feel like winding them up or something, even people that I know for a fact have no interest in me, I can feel that they'r not interested and everyone can see it, I think hard about it and I can feel something being forced out of me and towards them, I sometimes feel lustful as it happens but not always. I don't even have to be near them, or talk to them, or do anything, just think about them, and after a short while they suddenly show usually a strong sexual interest, and if I like someone and decide to do this, it works the same but of course I do extra physically to make them fall for me lol.
It's not something I've ever meant to do, it used to just happen uncontrollably, at a similar time to which I would see things that weren't there, but that of course is a different story, but yeh, it used to just happen. But in the last year or so I've put my mind to it and learnt to control it and use it as I wish.
As for the knowing exactly how people feel, I obviously see from their actions and such aswell but I can literally feel as they do, I can't choose when I feel what they do, but I can pull myself out of it when it starts, all it takes me is enough mental power, it usually only happens with people I'm talking to directly or thinking about.
I don't know if any of this will help or make any sense or anything, I'm not the best with words but if anything I hope my experiences are at least a good read haha
Oh, and sorry for the length haha
Leeshy88 (1 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-11)
Callie, thanks heaps. Youve made my life ALOT easier to comprehend. Bless you!

Rashida- you need to step in my shoes for a day. Lol! Its like being in the most beautiful places all the time. And everyone in the world is on their own stage singing out their life and I'm listening. I sound like a giant tool but that's the only way I can describe it right now. 😐

Amanda- I will do that:) thankyou so much. Lol

Sees Through- I hope this post helps you, the people who have commented have been truly wonderful. Can't thank them enough for their help. You must be sure you want to let it go though. Once I knew that I could do it without wanting it, I had enough so make sure you want to let it go, because it will still hang around if your not ready, maybe intensify. It cleared up right after I recieved the answers from these posts and now I'm able to focus on what my abilities originally were. And then you just need to revive it when you meet the love of your life- like Amanda said.
😆 😆
Sees-Through-Darkness (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-10)
Leeshy, I also seem to have the same "problem" as you do with the attraction of men. I'm always trying to find ways of turning that off, whatever it may be, but I don't know how.

I am usually drawn to people who are close to me when they have a problem, because I can just feel it when they need help. I let them know that I am there for them.

Because of all this, I would have to say that you are definitely an empath. 😉
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-02-09)
Leeshy, I pretend everyone who isn't my husband is a girl or treat them like I would my brothers and since I'm not a lesbian they figure it out.

Sometimes I just say it out loud, something like "you know my little brother used to do that..." or "arent you cute, my son gave me a flower yesterday."

Most people think I'm clueless and "innocent" but I prefer that to all the sex talk and innudenos. I just don't acknowledge the flirtatious signals and hints. Most people get the point and change the subject or move on to the next person they can light their lustful eyes upon.

Sending out love is a good thing, but lust is a distraction. I believe we subconciously emit chemicals, in addition to our body language and words that tell others what we are thinking or feeling. That is why intuitive people are able to figure things out. Empathy takes it one step farther and there are several stages of development. I'll email you later:) peace, light and love (nonsexual kind) 😆
Leeshy88 (1 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-09)
Adaryn7, thankyou firstly. To take your time out like this, well for everyone too, is really appreciated. Your definitely genuine and dedicated. Lol
Hell most of you seem really calm. Like you have no trouble talking about this. I don't know how to take it.
1. Wow then I don't think I'm an empath. Emotions come in and I know who it is coming from at work from the type of radiance? I feel their emotions and its consuming my own, yes of course! But does that make sense? The energy is different. The feelings comes to me no where else but right in the middle.
Well for example: I know when they need a break at work because I feel their lack of emotions, Is that what makes an empath? Lol in the morning I get dizzy when they walk in and begin their day. They all get into their work then the other feelings come in, lethargy, confusion, achievement, voices, pictures, sighs. I can concentrate on one or many, but this is where it confuses me because people are emotional human beings and display this sometimes anyway.

2. You couldn't be more spot on. Lol it took me nearly an hour to work up number 1's comment baahahah, should have read the whole post. Do you know how lonely that makes you feel? I feel like a freak because I'm not doing anything in a way that normal a person isn't doing. I'm trying to copy the people who I believe to be normal in order to get away... Doesn't help in the slightest. Yes I can feel all those influences. I have done so many tests on myself I have gone insane like- sitting back, not putting any input. Slightly adding input every now and again, being the centre of attention, then just not caring about a damn thing saying whatever I want when I want. I know someones answer before they finish their problem. Lol people have been coming to me with problems since I was young that's why I'm studying psychology because its a breeze to me. I don't have to think as much as I did with business studies.
3. This is why number 1 was hard! Exhibit A: A woman comes into work:
BOOM I'm dizzy because I got a low-down of her week. It goes on the whole day because, guess what! They don't stop thinking, and I don't stop hearing, seeing, feeling whatever it is that's going on. Parties... No different. Its the sexual stuff I just can't block out. Its so strong and it doesn't feel right.
4. Thankyou. I drink until I feel happy which is about 5 standards lol 8 or 9 on special occasions which would be hmmmm once every 2 months. I know what alcohol does. I have seen it. I know it.
5. Lol ok.
I like hanging around with positive people. But I also spend a lot of time one-on-one with people who dontt feel good about themself. When I feel that something is wrong, ill talk to that person. I put all my energy into those people, everything I can. I won't hang around the positive people until the other person is happy. My aunty was very depressed and I satyed by her until she felt happy again... My grandma- she needed attention because she felt bad about herself so I waited on her until I had to fly back home. And when their happy, I can be happy and spend my time with those positive people. Its how it is and that won't change.

Lol maybe iam sending signals, but I couldn't have a force that strong. There are other girls who men meet that are much more naive. Believe me. I'm self aware. I pull up on myself alot. Even now. I always take a step back. So it could definitely be the people I hang out with.

Thanks adaryn7. No really I think you got it.
Leeshy88 (1 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-09)
WOW thankyou sooo much for the comments. I don't know where to

Zilla- lol I'm no prettier than the average girl. I have blonde hair, I'm 173 cm and I weigh 87 kilos... I'm 22.

Miss numen (thankyou) - why would I be asking a question on this site if I didn't rule out science? Lol. Your right though, men and women can smell hormones and pheremones, its a sensitivity anyone can have; I understand that they are in perfumes etc too. Numen I'm a serious person... Lol I don't wear things that flaunt anything, I'm not flirtatious by any means, its very unwanted to be quite honest, I generally feel comfortable with older people because I can have a decent conversation - I spend time with my parents and their friends when I can- this is where I have been going when I have been leaving parties since the age of 16 I think! My mum and dad know I love them and want to be around them, but they know I'm not doing it for them. All I know is I simply go out and have a crack at a normal day to day life and its not working anymore. Thanks heaps for the comment

AmandaHuy- great point and thanks, however how do you suggest a person overcomes these issues?. And has it been studied how long a humans mating season is or better still how long these hormones/pheremones are emitted for? I'm sure a menstral cycle fits in that category... Lol maybe I should go to work or visit my friends on my 'off mating season'. Why am I emitting such a strong odour then? And why can I 'smell' them all year round with any age? I guess I need to do some more experiements, ill see what happens. Thanks amanda. Please email me if you could with any details or websites.

A5- lol well arent you a breath of fresh air:) perfect timing. The other way? I meditate likes its gone out of fashion lol. Even power meds at work haha. Tc will you?

Thankyou marissa!- and I will take your advice on board. Question, a little help with the shield-ing? I shall do this all the time before and when I go out.

Hahah Callie I will. And you got through your troubles? That's good to know. I have put one on now 😆
Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2011-02-09)
This isn't empathy. Anyone can feel love or lack of love. As a matter of fact you do not even need to feel it. The actions of others will obviously tell you if they love you or not.
Callie (68 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
Oh - oops. Let me also add -- if you tend to lift your left hand to your face in face to face conversation, that is actually a wordless signal to people. Your empathy likely compounds the issue if you're trying to be nice, or polite, or friendly, or open, because suddenly THEY may be sensing all of these things from you because your own emotions are so strong. Combine that with physical symbols and voila. The wiccan way to put it is that you're - basically accidentaly - generating a glamer with your empathic abilities and your somatics. Though most witches will tell you the only place Glamer spells really 'worked' was in the move The Craft;) you can in a sense 'change your appearance' by changing your... (starts grasping for words) vibrational level? Resonance?

Think of the difference between a person who is always happy so that they RADIATE happiness, then the one day you see them CRUSHED with despair. They radiate that too. It changes the whole of their appearance, so that they look like a different person.

And of course as others pointed out that could all have a 'non-spritual' basis, but as I'd place it more in psychology than just phermones (guh. Imagine if that's ALL we were commanded by. The mental image is hilarious, to be honest) and psychology itself is one of the most 'subtle' of sciences, to where if you start looking into depth psychology, you find they are talking about the same things most psychics talk about, just with drier terminology.

If you're attractive AND self confident AND kind AND empathic you're just going to be the kind of person people will want to be around. I've mentioned elsewhere I have NO real empathy of my own beyond the mundane, but during a certainpoint in my life (from like 17-27ish) if I sat in a room, people would start to sit around me, until I found myself in the center of a circle of people wanting my attention. It was not always for the same thing - some eventually may have just sensed the circle itself - but there you go. And it never mattered what I wore or looked liked that day either. But what it came from was my personality, and the fact that on some level I was broadcasting it (the term 'wearing your heart out on your sleeve' works well). So people could see in a sense who I was (in bits and pieces at least) from the inside out.

Hope this helps.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
Hello there, fellow Aussie ^^

I think there could be a number of things going on here, and a few of the comments touch upon these things.

1. If you feel the emotions of others as your own, then you are empathic. Sometimes this is a difficult ability to have, especially if you're sensitive, as not only can you lose track of your OWN feelings, but the influences of others can drive you to the point of anxiety. Public places where emotions are running high, such as parties or my university library during exam time, can be particularly difficult places for an empath to be. For example, a guy recently confided in me that last year he almost got married, but then his girlfriend got cold feet. When he told me that I had a sick, twisty feeling in my stomach, and felt hurt for quite a long time afterwards. It wasn't until I questioned why I was feeling that way, that I realised I didn't really feel that way at all--I had simply picked up his feelings, which went away almost as soon as I realised what I had done. Perhaps you can relate, and if so, maybe give this a try next time.

Also, a very helpful psychic advised me to practice shielding, and I can give you the techniques that she passed on to me if you'd like to use them as a starting point. My email's on my profile.

2. You are sensitive to energies. You have an ability to feel the energies around you. Powerful emotions such as love or lust are easier to detect and that is why you understand the dynamics of the relationships around you. People probably tell you that you read too much into things sometimes, and you probably can't understand how some people can be totally oblivious to what you feel, right? Your perceptions are subtle, and you have to recognise not only that, but also that others around you do not have senses as sharp as yours. This is not to make you feel like a freak, or to give you a superiority complex, it is merely important for you to accept that this is the way things are. It sounds as though you have not yet fully accepted this, and it helps to do so I think.

I wonder if you are able to feel the influence of other powerful emotions, such as anger, or whether you can sense that a person is lying or insecure? For example, when I was in primary school a friend of mine was trying to sell me a highlighter pen--you know the type--the kind of kid that could sell a fridge to an eskimo. As he spoke to me I could feel something like a soft, heavy blanket of energy emanating from him to me. I knew he was exerting his influence over me, and felt the dizzying effects of it.

Personally, unless you're sure the person would understand I wouldn't tell others about this. I told one of my friends about my empathic tendencies, and now she thinks she needs to walk on eggshells around me for fear of influencing me with her emotions. On the upside, however, if you mention the things you feel every now and then, and are later proved right, then you will see that people begin to come to you for your advice on relationships. It may be that you are meant to help others in this way.

Again, you need to protect yourself from these energies, and shielding or meditating upon the white light will help you with this.

3. If you can hear the thoughts of others, then you are telepathic. I am curious: do you hear strings of sentences, or do you "just know" what others are thinking? If it's the latter case, then you are actually claircognizant or "clear knowing", which is the ability to "just know" things in the spirit. It's common to have stronger connections with friends and family members than with strangers.

4. Alcohol dulls your senses and lowers your defences. This is the reason why you may find your empathic abilities more overwhelming when under the influence of drugs (yes, alcohol is a drug, as I'm sure you know). While I am not yet ready to give up alcohol either, it's a good idea to be mindful of how much you consume as drugs of any kind mess with your body's chemistry, and therefore, your energetic balance as well, leaving you vulnerable to negative energies.

5. There are a number of reasons why men may be drawn to you. AnandaHya is right about the pheromones. I don't know too much about them, but you may release more than the average person (if that is how they work, forgive me, scientists) but such a thing would be difficult to determine and so I think we need to see this phenomenon as a combination of different variables.

First, as Zilla suggested, you may be physically attractive. If you disagree then like most women I presume you need to work on your self-esteem.

Second, if you're a positive and/or confident person then others will be attracted to your energy. You love hanging around positive people as well, don't you? Often, people are drawn to those with psychic ability because they sense that they are understood.

Third, I wonder how self-aware you actually are? I sense a certain naivety about you--I'm not saying you're virginal or don't know what you're doing, but merely that you may be unaware of your sexuality, which many men ironically find quite sexy. Something about your posture, perhaps the way you touch your hair, or make eye contact... You may not THINK you're sending signals, but that doesn't mean you AREN'T.

Fourth, I can't help wondering about the sort of company you keep. If men are drawn to you regardless of whether or not they have a partner, then perhaps this is more a reflection upon them than it is upon you. Instead of wondering what may be wrong with you, if your company bothers you then perhaps you should seek out acquaintances with values more reflective of your own.

Finally, I'm sorry to have to ask this, but are you flirting as well? Perhaps you're not fully aware of it, but touching, teasing, lots of eye contact and/or responding positively to these behaviours for example, may all be interpreted as flirting. If you sense this going on and are uncomfortable, then nip it in the bud and walk away, or tell the other person straight out. If they get upset, it says more about them than it does about you. Also, most men prefer directness rather than beating around the bush--in the latter case they may feel led on.

I think a little social awareness will go a long way here. Perhaps check out a book on body language; this will tell you how to read signals in yourself and others, and has wider applications, such as knowing how to behave in job interviews:)

6. I'm so glad that you were able to identify some positives here as well. Remember that there are positives and negatives that come with every psychic ability, and if you learn to work with them, then you will greatly help yourself and others.

I'm sorry that this comment was so long, (I've spent a long time on it!) but I hope you find it helpful.

Callie (68 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
Going to sound like the dumbest idea ever, but I had to do it when I was younger.

Put a ring on your left ring finger. Any ring. Don't matter.

It's both a symbolic block in the subtle realm AND in the real one.;)
Tortilla (42 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
I don't know what you look like but try toning down the looks if you want to discourage men. Dress more for comfort, less makeup. Keep a few different conversation topics handy that would put an end to any lust thoughts. As far as the empathic stuff practice your shielding. You need to control your abilities not let them control you.

A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
You're definately an empath. Sounds like you help people too, so that's good. I don't know what's up with the guy thing. Thankfully I don't run into that. Also, you may want to be cautious of when and how much you send your mind out to hear thoughts. Sometimes things go the other way, and you should learn to gaurd your mind. Try meditating also, it's good for you.
This is going to sound stupid, but in mythology there was a godess of love. I'm not saying anything here for certain, but if you do a bit of research on that, it might help. You seem to have developed similar powers as she.
Hope this helps
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
Miss_numen, I think an introduction of science into this conversation would be an excellent idea.

Do you know the concept of pheromones that animals emit during heat or mating season?

Humans do the same thing and it is a much less studied phenomenom.

I wouldn't discount that we were also built with the sensory perception to detect and understand the release of hormonal messages, which could explain "empathetic" abilities and other "paranormal" abilities.

They could be the ability to tap into our innate sensory organs, not commonly documented by present accepted scienctific fields of research.
Miss_numen (1 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
how do you know you're not just subconciously creating what you hear when you feel these loving or joyous feelings? I know that's probably not what you want to hear but you cannot just discount science and simply view everything through the spirtual. Like zilla said its probably hormones, the thing is I don't think a lot of people recognize the strength of hormones honestly they regulate so much down to if you're feeling frisky or not that day. If you don't think your attractive on the outside than what's inside is definitely glowing and attractive to men around you. If its really bothering you then stop allowing people to make advances, you do that by finding out what's not so attractive and bringing into conversation haha, bring some seriousness into your personality men can tell rather quickly who's serious and who just wants to have fun and sorry but in these times especially having fun means getting down and dirty.
Zilla (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-08)
Are you sure its not just becaus your really attractive or something? And if you are like in your teens, then that means the guys hormones are going crazy and it's very normal for guys to behave this way.

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