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A Voice In My Bedroom


It all happened a few months ago when a friend came over. We where just hanging out on my room, doing regular stuff that guys our age do. When I let him out of the house, we went downstairs and when he was getting his shoes on we heard a voice coming from upstairs, from my bedroom, slightly high it was. It only said maybe one or two words or mumble something. I couldn't hear if it made any sense what I heard. He said that it must be my pc or something else. But I knew it wasn't.

It's especially the fact he heard it too what makes me in the first place think it was not something I imagined, but on the other hand makes me think that it wasn't anything psychic at all.

I thought it might be a something spiritual, but I'm very inexperienced for this matter so I'm not getting to any conclusion yet. I still sometimes think about it and today I just went here to clear some things up. I haven't had any kind of psychic encounter in my life before and your thoughts would explain a lot, I hope.

I'm not worried, because these things never happened ever since, or before, but I am a little curious as to what it could possibly be...

Maybe it's from a person that once died in this house?


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Zilla (38 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-28)
Your story doesn't really have much of anything to really make a statement about it. Let us know if anything else happens. Just go about your regular life, and if something out of place happens, just let us know, but give us as much full descriptive detail as you can.

One should not label something " paranormal " just because we can not come up with the cause. Lets be practical here. Many incidents are easily explained. But then again, who knows, it could be something else. But like I said, Just let us know of any other happenings that seem to be "off". Take care.

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