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Out Of Body Experience And Ringing In Ears


I have been reading other stories on here and I'm not exactly sure if this is where I should be submitting but I am hoping to get some kind of feed back to this.

I started to have out of body experiences. Once I realized what was happening, I practiced them and was able to do it mostly whenever I wanted. I started to get really good at it. I have even seen and spoke to my mother who passed about 4 years ago. Then it seemed to stop. Instead I would seem to get stuck in my body or stuck in the room. I felt like I was struggling so hard to pull myself out. I felt like I was tossing and turning all around and even a few times thought I feel off the couch. When I was able to leave my body I couldn't leave the room. I stopped trying. Then I started to have what I guess I realized is just sleep paralysis. One night, I felt all the sensations of an OBE... Body vibrating, ringing in ears, feeling "free"...but I still felt stuck in my body. Once again I felt I was struggling to hard to pull myself out. I thought I stood up and was spinning around in circles trying to "get out." But I realize I'm not actually moving so I'm fighting to actually move my body. So this kind of thing keeps happening and its scary. I read about it and I guess its sleep paralysis. It scared me. I can't have an OBE now, instead this happens.

Now it happens a lot even when I'm not trying. I feel like I get to the moment right when you should be leaving your body and it just all goes wrong. When it starts to happen now, I pray for it to stop and I say "Please not right now" and it goes away.

Now the sleep paralysis calms down and it's more about very loud ringing in my ear. (the ringing in my ear always happened during sleep paralysis but now the ringing is much worse) A friend told me it's spirits trying to talk to me and I need to listen. Last night the ringing started and it was extremely loud. At first I tried to fight it. Then I thought I should just try to listen. But it got so loud. It reminded me of a train whistle. I felt like if I screamed, my scream would not be heard over this ringing. My boyfriend was asleep next to me and my fingertips were touching him. So this ringing is going on and I'm trying to pinch him so he will "wake me up." I say it like that because I feel like I am awake and totally aware of what's going on but I can't move my body. He actually did "wake me up" because he said I was shaking.

I also read you should not sleep with a mirror facing you. My bed faces the bathroom mirror. After I started having sleep paralysis I made sure to close the bathroom door and that seemed to help. Last night I forgot to shut the door. After my boyfriend woke me up I got up to shut the door and the ringing didn't happen again.

My friend to me to listen to the ringing. So I tried, but I feel like if this is something trying to talk to me it is not something positive because the ringing is very unpleasant. And as much as I am open to experiencing these things. This ringing scares me. Also I wonder (whether positive or negative) how am I supposed to listen to this ringing and understand what it means?

I wonder about the link (if any) between sleep paralysis and OBE's. To me, I feel like sleep paralysis are my OBE's gone wrong. I feel like I'm about to have an OBE but I get stuck inside my body and I'm fighting to get out. It started out with getting stuck in the room to getting stuck in my body. I feel like I've blocked something that I was just starting to "unlock." I can't seem to find any answers to this. I would love to get back to my pleasant OBE's and away from this scary sleep paralysis.

I hope this is where I am supposed to post this. Sorry if it is not. I appreciate any answers. I just found this website and I hope I can get some help. Thanks so much!

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alwaysicreate (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-02-22)
I am very glad I came across your post here. I know it has been a few years since you had posted this but my girlfriend just asked me to search the internet for information on experiences similar to my own and this really hit the spot. I've been having almost identical experiences on and off since about 2003. They were not as frequent as they are now but yes, they can be scary. The ringing/buzzing can become extremely loud. I have only had one OBE with them but was unable to go any further than the foot of the couch I was napping on at the time. If you have had any success in finding out more about these experiences, please let me know. I'm very interested if you have had any "communication" or other positive outcomes with this. Thank you for sharing! - Laura Michelle
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (211 posts)
8 years ago (2013-08-22)
I think the afterlife is real but I read that afterlife might be a hallucinations caused by dmt in the brain. For example one died and said they saw a table with a note when revived there was no table or note. Others for example floating out of body and saw a shoe when revived there was a shoe accurately described. Some I think Iis not explainable but others are. So do you think after life is real or hallucinations? Need others opinions to see what they think.
PEMe (2 stories) (60 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-27)
wow. I have had two (maybe 3 or 4; I'll only count two because I am certain this is what was happening for two of them) OBE first one accidental more like a dream I help a little girl in a war torn area. Never quite looked down and saw my other body like people describe but I was definitely hovering or flying. My mom says I was a little girl. I know for certain it wasn't me. I've been having experiences all my life and I know the difference. Plus, I've made peace with a lot of childhood issue and let them go so I can grow my gifts. So, this was absolutely OBE. I meditated on it but never really got an answer. I accepted I was there to help her then let it go. Then it happened again. This time my husband and I were out late with friends and I went back to hotel and almost right after falling asleep I kind of land with a plop and naked not like the dreamlike passing of before this was very jarring. My deceased brother was suddenty there helping me up. I was very confused so I asked him what are you doing here? He said, you've always been able to cross over. Just don't let me know you're here or they'll want you to stay. He sort of shows me how to blend in and I start curiously and happily going down hallways. I'm thinking this is kind of cool and looking around. There were lots of people there passing by the hallways and everyone there seemed to love me. People even spoke to me in other languages I even recognized one as spanish. Then one man in particular seemed to notice I didn't belong there so I started 'running' from him because I remembered what my brother told me. I felt very panicked then I was suddenly in a hall like bus station and the woman started pleading with me for help. I'm not sure how I was supposed to help her so I started mimicking her and her emotions. She wanted to get out of there. So I shielded her and started trying to got out of the bus station. I see cops that send this woman into a panic so I kept covering her and turned the other way. I see a cab and a woman driver standing outside the cab. So I start calling to her and begging her to help us. She hesitates and looks at both of us sizing us up. She finally let's me and the woman into the cab and the woman ducked down in the backseat so I ducked down in the back seat. Then I woke up. The next day I called my mom just to tell her I saw my brother again. He hadn't visited me in a while so I was excited about this. I proceeded to tell her about my dream and when I was done she says. I know what your dream was about. Last night your aunt was travelling with friends and got into fights. They were drunk and the beat her up, took her money, and threw her out on the streets out of town. She was calling everyone in the family and when she heard I was in town started begging for my cell phone number. They wouldn't give it to her so my aunt started crying my name (because she knows I have gifts, she's always tried to use my gifts even when I was a kid she'd have me picking lottery numbers but I digress) Apparantly, she pulled me through. When I finally talked to my aunt she said a woman gave her a ride and helped her for free. I told her about pulling me through. We laughed I told her don't be doing that! I bring this story up because I wonder if your getting stuck has anything to do with my brother telling me "they would try to keep me". I know he told me I've always been able to. How he would know? Who cares! I have no desire to do more OBEs. Not so fond of the crossing over and there are responses here where people are practicing doing this ON PURPOSE. I don't like it when they happen; I'm still getting the hang of living in this realm!:)
dryadlady (2 stories) (22 posts)
10 years ago (2011-08-11)
wow me too, but I never came out of the closet about it, as I have been learning how to from shamanic newage books, also as I have links with native american indians in spirit for over 50 yrs, all who are named after a hunting bird, bear,wolf, or dometsitc pet.
I am learning how to link in as totem'shamanic animals, in the past I have been, like any good europpean witch was, shapeshifting as a hare, a white wolf, an eagle, a black and white magpie, a deer or doe, a frog, a cat... List goes on, the best thing about this, is if yu do this, this way, your affinity with these animals just grows and grows, yu fly like a bird, swim like a fish, intuite like others, and they seem then on earth to flock to yu!
hinnmikli (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-05-14)
I was talking to my friend this evening and he told me for the first time about him having this same experience. I was shocked to learn about this and that he had never told me about it after all these years. He told me it has been happening to him since he was a child and he got to used to it. It is still very unpleasant for him.

All this time he did not even think of searching about it.

I have been doing some research on DMT "The Spirit Molecule" It is said the brain releases small dosage while we are in REM sleep which give us hallucinations while dreaming. Could it be that while you are awake and paralyzed that you are on a DMT trip?

Check out the DMT experiences and maybe it fits the puzzle.

I think this has to be researched more because just the thought of people having to cope with this gives me the creeps.

Maybe you can enjoy this ride if it was understood.
Adaryn7 (6 stories) (460 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-30)
Interesting article kellyhubb11. I don't recall ever having an OBE while awake, but I have them regularly in dreams.

Lots of people report hearing ringing in their ears. I've heard the suggestion that it could mean spirits are trying to communicate with you (or that you may have tinnitus). If neither is the case, then what do you think causes it, AnneV?

kellyhubb11 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-28)
Wow! So glad I found this website. I've been looking for some feedback for so long.
I would love to share my techniques! I tried many different things... Most of them worked well but I just kept practicing.
The first thing I had a problem with is being able to quiet my mind and completely relax. I always read you should do it sitting up so you don't fall asleep, but I never can relax as easy sitting up. So 1, I don't do it if I'm tired, and 2, I lay down (usually on a couch) with my back rested up on some pillows and against the arm. This way I can relax, but hopefully won't fall asleep. I also like to place my hands under my bellybutton. I can always feel my hands vibrating first and eventually I can't even feel them on my belly. I also started putting a crystal under my hands and I think that really helps a lot. I don't do it without one now. I usually use angelite. That one has seemed to work the best for me. I also tried smokey quartz and amethist. They work for me also, but angelite is the best. I really love angelite and feel a good connection with it. I think you just need to find one that works for you.
So having it under my hands, I can feel the energy coming from it and into my hands. And soon enough my whole body is vibrating and relaxed. I like to sit and be aware of this part happening. Once it does, I try to not think about it (or anything) and just be. Usually it doesn't take long before BLAST OFF! I'm gone.
To keep my mind quiet I play some kind of music. Something with no words and very peaceful. If my thoughts keep going then I try to listen to the music and hear each instrument or sound by itself. Then you hear how they're connected and making this beautiful music together. Maybe that seems like too much, but I do it for a few minutes and it really does help me from thinking, and before I even realize I am completely relaxed and able to just be and listen to the music without breaking it down.
I am always on the search for new music but these two have worked the best for me:

Hemi-Sync-Journeys Out Of The Body. These songs are meant for this and you are supposed to play them quietly with headphones on. A man speaks in the first songs and tells you about it and some techniques. The sounds are supposed to help with your brainwaves to get to this state. Some parts there are the sound of waves, others are kind of white noise.
This has worked the best for me. I tried it with some angelite and I projected everyday for a week.
I would suggest this one to everyone. There's also a lucid dreaming series.

Frank Danna-Voyage To The Other Side. This song is also meant for this. It doesn't work as well as Hemi-Sync, but this is what I listened to when I couldn't stop thinking and broke down the music. There is a part where I think it gets very quiet and I think its very angelic. If my body is relaxed enough it usually makes me feel like I'm floating. I like to just listen to this when I'm sleeping also.

This is the technique that has worked best for me! I think the best thing to do is try different ones. I do highly suggest some kind of peaceful music to keep you from distractions, and a crystal.
I also realized that once I was practicing, I woke up in my sleep if I was going to project. (when I wasn't practicing)...something I never did before.

Last thing! I tried many many times and nothing happened. I would just be completely relaxed and vibrating but never leave. Kind of frustrating but I realized, it didn't work but I still felt good after I gave up. I was completely relaxed in a peaceful kind of meditation. Still something beneficial. So I try not to get frustrated when it doesn't work.

Just keep practicing and trying different techniques. You'll find something that works for you.

I hope these techniques can help anyone! It's such an amazing thing. Happy traveling for everyone! I'm going to read more about the catatonic state and hopefully start projecting again. Thanks so much!

firsteyeblind (8 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-28)
(kellyhubb11) I have had bad vibes coming from mirrors when I first started having these experiences its not a sure thing but I'm pretty sure that if they are real mirrors they are portals similar to the shadow peoples transportation! On the subject of getting stuck maybe you need to try and revert your mind back to where you were when you started I just found out how to have OBE but couldn't hurt to try you know. (RHood) can she transform into anything else? (AnneV) I agree I think that the ringing though I have not experienced it could be the body and spirit re orientating themselves back in sink!
Javelina (67 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-25)
Correct me if I'm wrong RHood, but you seem to be doing a lot of self promotion and recruitment to your own website. Isn't that against the rules?
If her experiences are the type you think we'd enjoy then why not post them here? It's not polite to come to another site an steal their membership, no matter how sweet you make yourselves sound. To me you sound like a con man. Yes, you have all the traits of a con man alright!
RHood (1 stories) (31 posts)
10 years ago (2011-03-25)
Dear Kellyhubb11 and AnneV,

Your abilities to do premeditated OBEs are quite rare. Do correct me if I am wrong, AnneV, but most people can do OBEs only when they are dreaming. My wife is one of those rare people who can do OBEs at will. She learned it on her own and it gave her an enormous sense of freedom. Once she got stuck and, to escape, she transformed herself into this wonderful bird. Since then, she uses this bird form for her astral traveling. She says she can travel anywhere she wants to and has done little experiments to prove that she was actually in the places where she perceived she was. If you would like to read her story and how she mastered this ability, have a peek at this link:
AnneV (4 stories) (1062 posts) mod
10 years ago (2011-03-25)
Fist, you're very lucky to have so many OBE's. With as hectic as life is, it's amazing any of us can project.

The catatonic state is just pre-projection. We can "wake up" mentally but not physically and then we're in this state. Our brain is not able to send signals to the body to move so we are catatonic. The noise you're hearing is often part of this. We can also hear lots of other things like radio waves, our partner's thoughts, and so on.

If you find yourself in the catatonic state, stop thinking! You need to increase your vibrations so that you can fully separate. Thinking fires off electronics which increase the magnetic hold on your astral form. When you totally go mentally blank, it allows the vibrations to happen. You know all too well what those feel like (a huge earthquake). I always tell people to "go dead" because remember, we all project naturally when we sleep so the goal is to deepen that sleep state. If you're mentally chattering a mile a minute you're just going to stay stuck.

In my years of astral projecting, I've never linked spirits to the ringing noise. I beg to differ on that one. When we are in the etheric (the state before the astral), we can easily have a dialog with spirits. I also think the mirror thing is not true. There are too many rumors out there by people who don't even consciously project. I've been projecting for years and found that most illusions are self-created.

All of this is on my other webpage, There is also an advanced guide. Since you have so much experience with this, it probably might be an interesting read for you:

But there are other articles too on time-travel, guides, the catatonic state, parallel universes and so on.

You're also free to write me personally with any other questions that you have at eclecticraven [at]

Thanks and best to you!
P.s. I think it would be highly informative if you shared with us how you taught yourself how to do this. Perhaps I could make an article out of it? New techniques are always valued.

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