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A Voice Informed Me of my Cheating Husband


I was at home with my two boys and was feeling happy. I went upstairs to the toilet, then as I was washing my hands, I heard this voice say "george is cheating on you" (that's my husbands name), I thought "where did that voice come from" (it sounded loud but it seemed to be coming from inside my head), I was shocked I said "no he's not, he loves me".

Then it said it again, "george is cheating on you, go to his job site now". I wouldn't believe it, I went to a friend's instead, but I could not settle, I kept feeling this pull from my stomach to go to my husband's job site. So I went there, george was shocked to see me, asked why I was there, I couldn't answer, but I found out later he was cheating on me and if I was 5 minutes earlier, I would have caught them.

I have never heard that voice since, but if I do, I will definitely listen to it. It just proves we are being watched, that person knew my husband's name and where he works, it's truly amazing. I feel blessed to have that person tell me, I wish I could hear that person speak to me again, I wanted to say thank you. I have had other paranormal experiences, but not like that, now I feel things when they are going to happen, no one tells me, it's just a kind of knowing. Since then, I have gave birth to 2 lovely daughters, my first daughter is very psychic, she sees things all the time, she has had good experiences and bad, but she has never heard that voice. I thought "why me, I can't see and hear like my daughter", but like I said, I feel blessed to had that opportunity to witness that the paranormal is very real.

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dartfrog (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-10-11)
[at] sunsurfer45 *i hope like crap that this goes into your email address, as a warning that you got a comment on your psychic story,here

You know the voice in your head saying that george is cheating on you? (is it possible for you to go to and read the extremely important saving billions of lives objective and make sure that you sit at either a place to send an email address to people and input:go to and save billions of peoples lives using its instructions and wait at the place to input a recipient email address for a voice in your head that finishes the same instant it starts, thus psychic due to finishing the same instant it starts, for a voice in your head like that to come saying someones recipient email address to someone who will actually do it, alternatively you can wait with that message inputted at and wait for a voice in your head to a mobile phone that's text messagable and the voice in your headll say someones phone number to whomll do it,PLZ,IT SAYS BILLIONS OF LIVES.)
Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-22)
What I don't understand, is when psychics and mediums say: 'don't do ouija board, it's dangerous, a demon might come through into your life and home!' But what they do, IS EXACTLY THE SAME- THEY CONTACT UNKNOWN SPIRITS, that masquarade as angels, spirit guides, helpers, dead people... And what is worse, mediums channel these spirits INTO THEMSELVES, and they speak with the mediums' mouth! LOL! Well, all I can say is: you asked for it! God warns us NOT to do these things. If you play with fire, you'll get burnt!
Stephanie167 (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-12-19)
I am glad I found this site. I know I too have a special gift, I have premonitions dreams also. My dreams range from Boyfriends to events. I had a pretty sad premonition this pasted weekend about my Boyfriend.
He is in the Military reserves, so he doesn't get shipped out. But he does go away for trainings in the States. He went away for two months. Anyways I had a premonition that he was doing good and still faithful to me. It was wonderful. Then, about two weeks later this pasted weekend I had another premonition.
He just got home last Monday. When he called, I missed his call and he left a voicemail, he sounded so excited but also like he had a sneaky little secret, I could feel him laughing inside. That loser Anyways, I called him back at seven am he was already sleeping because he works overnight as a cop. Then, fell back to sleep myself. That's when I had my dream. In the dream I was inside of a club sitting on a bed, he came in to meet me and we both were so excited, kissing, hugs, smiling and then we had sex (unprotected). Then, his soon to be ex-wife walks in and sits on the king size bed all the way at the end. I thought to myself wow she's pretty, and she seemed nice and sweet. She looked at me, and I felt calm like she was no threat. Then, this third women walks in, she starts flirting with him, and the whole time he gives me his undivided attention, he didn't say a thing though like his ex-wife. The girl doesn't like that he is focused on me, so she tries harder and harder, until he gives in and he has sex with her right there, unprotected, on the bed, I knew I was having a premonition. After he has sex with her, he goes back to looking at me, ONLY, and she gets angry. She then starts staring at me like this was war, and kept pursuing him, and trying to make him her man. Right, then I said to myself you have to remove yourself from this triangle. That's the only way you'll win him if you want him. This girl posted a threat unlike his wife, she seemed dangerous to me physically not just trying to steal him, and I knew I had to leave him. I saw for the first time how his wife looked, I know exactly how the girl looks who he is sleeping with, from head to toe. The club is where they met!

I needed to know if my premonition was on point. So, I called a psychic friend. She confirmed that everything I saw indeed happened down to a tee. He is supposed to go back to the same training site in two months for training. I'm not going to wait around looking like a fool. I'm going to enjoy my life and date too. So, I told him I knew he met someone and was having sex with her. I broke up with him, bc I know for a fact he will sleep with her again when he goes back. Oh the ish was fun when it was a secret, and he thought he'd be doing us both. The minute I blow up his spot, and broke up with him and he didn't have the chance to sleep with me before I did it, and before Christmas. Must be eating him up inside. Oh your horny, fly that girl out, oh yeah you can't because your still living with your wife who is suing the pants off you in this divorce. It that girl going to wait for you for two months when you get back? When she starts tripping who you going to run to and lay up with to get your mind off it? Not me the women who I know you love. He does love me. Sneaky secret that! Now he has time to make the right choose. It's always fun, when it's a secret, well not anymore.

Lastly, a few years ago when I was 22, I had a premonition that the first man I feel in love with told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I was also living in a huge house or mansion. AND in my dream one of my girlfriends tried to sleep with him, and he denied he sending her off angry. SO he was faithful. The most crystal clear dream premonition I've had to date. However the dream was in the future, and at the time I was upset wondering why it didn't happen sooner. But it's been a couple years, and I heard a voice in my head today saying Boaz is on his way. Boaz is in the bible in the book of Ruth, read it you'll fall in love with the story. So, if this premonition happens, that other women can have him. To think I saved myself for his return, loser. Although he's the second man I've every loved. But thank God for my gift! Could you image the pain I'd be it if I didn't have this gift, and found out too late.
Also, I want to apologize for the bad language. As far as unprotected sex he was the first guy I'd done that with, and to know he did the same with someone else, HUGE warning. Always use protection. Good luck ladies.
joshua (guest)
12 years ago (2009-08-13)
I know we all have our own beliefs. Some are conflicting in many ways. However the ultimate goal is always the same. We live, we die we go to heaven. Thats about it really.

However, there are many different religions who look at this sppiritual belief in different ways. Some say it is a gift as I do, some say it is a curse and should not be messed with.

I am in no way knocking anyones religion now. I have been spiritual for about 20 years and I see and hear spirit, I also invoke spirit to my house and talk with them. I only do this if I am asked by someone who needs closure on a death.

As much as many people may want to poo poo this, you must always remember that this is a gift from GOD, it is NOT evil in any way. Yes there are evil spirits out there, we know that, and I have met some of them. However, I do get rid of them with the help of light and the Lord.

I am a spiritualist, not a Christian, or a Catholic or Methodist or anything else, I am a spiritualist. I know that some other religions will knock what we do, which is fair and I do admire your faith.

This gift was given to me 20 years ago. I have helped many people get in touch with loved ones, I have helped spirit stuck in limbo pass onto the other side, I have passed on messages to people I do not know as a friend, but gave them good solid information that really took their breath away, but they felt great afterwards.

So what I am getting at is; it really is not a bad evil thing we do. It is just different to what others believe and practice. We work in the light of God only, NOTHING ELSE. I know some will not believe that, but I would not have it any other way. So all of you, go for it and do you very best in the spiritual light. Once you have it under control and you understand that they are here to help not hurt, you will then start to enjoy the love they give you.
Love and Light to you all.
cline1986 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-12)
I don't know what you believe in, but I believe that God told you to go look. Not to upset you, but to keep you from having a bigger heart ache later. I have heard the same voice coming from inside of me sometimes and I try so hard to listen and not ignore it, because usually if I listen to the voice I will find out that the voice is right. Keep on watching and monitoring your daughter's behavior. I said that because you said that she can see things what do you mean? Do you mean she has premonitions or sees spirits. I am not meaning to sound negative, but if your daughter is seeing things that might look human those spirits are not human. Bad spirits have a way of disgusing themseleves to look good or harmless.
joshua (guest)
12 years ago (2009-08-07)
Maybe our spirit guides are making sure we stay on the path we are supposed to be on.
I had a similar experience. I had a girlfriend, of only a few weeks. She went to Greece for a week with her Mum. When she was there, I spoke with her a few times on the phone but not much. Anyway, I had a dream of her dancing on the bar in a club or a bar and getting very drunk with the man who owned the bar.

I questioned her about it, she was gob smacked by it. She owned up that she was cheating on me with the man who owned the bar. How cool is that. What a lucky escape, that's all I can say.

Oh, I did not get any present from her by the way, ha ha ha.
ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-07)
wow! My only guss on that one would be that you were supposed to catch him, otherwise you would not leave him, and you were meant to...? Of course I am probably wrong, but their OBVIOUSLY is a very good reason why they wanted you to know this. Things happen all the time, and no one knows if no one tells. Then, why you, why were YOU told this?
Awesome! Ps. Very sorry that happened to you. I hope you are ok:)
N8tiveMom (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-09)
I have captured a disembodied voice, not my family or friends, on my Call Notes service, with no outside interruptions, static or disruption from weather. Usually around 3-4am and it's happened twice.

I also can hear a "discussion" between 2 people outside my bathroom window, but when I go to see, there's no one there. Another time, I heard children laughing out on my porch in broad daylight, but when I stepped out, again, no one there and no one on the block.

Another time, a voice that called my name brought me out of a deep sleep. At that very moment, 800 miles away, my beloved aunt had passed away after a short battle with cancer.

What would that make me? Sensitive?
oddgirlout69 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-13)
This is like reading my own story. Mine differs in that I not only heard the voice, I also seen his shaddow that would direct me to where I needed to look to find proof and evidence. Oddly enough, he even lead me to my boyfriends computer.
Like your own experience, since the insite, the voice and shaddow have dissapeared never to be heard from since. I've even meditated and talked directly to that spirit. My only explination is that at this moment, things in my life are where they need to be and he has no need to protect me. Hang in there. To those who waite, all things reveal themselves.
Halah (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2008-05-21)
I did not hear voices, but was involved and very much in love with what I thought was a wonderful new relationship. I had two dreams, on two consecutive nights, that he'd slept with one of my girlfriends, and then he'd slept with another. I dismissed it as "only a dream", and actually told him about the dreams only to be comforted that of course, everything was alright.
The relationship became abusive and actually the most difficult to escape and destructive one I have ever had, I found out, three years later that he had propositioned both of the girls in my dream. (wish theyd told me!)
It was a good lesson for me though a hard on in trusting the messages. Since then if I have a dream of warning or a dream of explanation or that I am being cared for by a loved one, I know it is real.
Lisa (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-27)
This is for sunsurfer45's concern

("...But saying that there's something that scares me, my daughter who is 8 now but at the time was 4 was ill, I remember waking up to my mums voice and she was looking at my daughter she was with someone else she said no not yet, what did that mean is my mum going to take my little girl soon?" )

I don't think you mom intended to mean that your daughter would be taken soon. Being that your little child was very ill, your mother was telling the other soul "it isn't her time yet".

To me, that could mean, that she has a long life ahead of her to learn her life experiences and to grow before she is meant to pass on.

Maybe you seeing your mother say this was meant as an encouragement for you as you were probably more than a little concerned if your daughter would make it through that illness.
katieppafl (3 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-26)
Hi. I hear voices mostly in my head. I have heard a man's voice tell me something out loud 2x in the last year. At first I didn't pay attention because I never had any experience with that or even thought that stuff was possible. Now I look forward to it. Anyway last week I was meditating. I've been trying this for awhile, but never knew if I was doing it correctly. I think now I might of caught on to it. My mind was very free and clear from all thoughts and then this voice popped in my head that said "You won't ride the bike tonight". I thought what the heck does that mean. I bike ride every night for an hour and its very important to me, I have to get my exercise in, its like breathing, I have to do it. So I was disturbed by what I heard. Then I got this image of 2 figures, they were running or something. It wasn't clear, I just imagined it had something to do with my 2 boys. So all day I was wondering what this meant if anything. Well as it turned out, my boys were fooling around with each other and one bumped his head on something and was bleeding. He ended up having to get stitches that night. So my bike ride was not going to happen due to that and I guess my meditation experience proved to be true. I feel kind of good knowing there is someone of some higher source watching out for me.
Shaz1960 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-26)
hi my name is sharon]i believe for sure that these things happen as its happened to me. My mum who is dead spoke to me to warn me my daughter was in danger. And to check on her and I did and she was soo right. That was proof to me that there is a afterlife.
sunsurfer45 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-19)
im glad someone else has experienced what I did, you are lucky you heard the voice twice, I would love to experience it again just to see if this time I would recognice the voice because last time I wasint paying too much attention just shocked what I was being told, since then I have lost both my parents 5 years ago and I have never heard them talk to me, even tho I keep asking. But saying that there's something that scares me, my daughter who is 8 now but at the time was 4 was ill, I remember waking up to my mums voice and she was looking at my daughter she was with someone else she said no not yet, what did that mean is my mum going to take my little girl soon?
angela (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-17)
I have had that happen to me a few times in my life. Once a male voice said, "slow down there is a cop behind you" while I was speeding. I looked in my rear view mirror to see a policeman entering the interstate behind me from and exit ramp. The one most similar to yours was another male voice referring to my boyfriend (a huge lying cheater) at the time. The voice said, "he's not who he appears to be". Like you, I argued with it refusing to believe anything bad about him... It turned out to be true, everything he told me and represented about himself was a lie. I felt really bad for challenging whoever was trying to help me and appreciate thier concern now. I will be more open next time.
sunsurfer45 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-16)
actually I think you are right, I do have thoughts pop into my head quite alot, my friend is having problems about a tricky situation and while she was talking to me about it my mind seemed to wander with these thoughts and I instantly new the answer on what the problem was, and believe me it wasint something I could of thought about, it was to horrible to imagine, she said to me she thinks I'm right I just never knew where I got it from, now I know thanks for your advice
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-15)
At that time they wanted to make sure you heard what they were saying.
Other times when a Spirit speaks to us and this is the way it happens to me, it just pops into my head like a thought.
Other times I can hear them quite clearly.
For example, I will say where did I put this or that? Then it will pop into my head where it is.
I communicate with Spirits all the time and I know they are there, and different ones communicate in different ways depending on how good they are at communicating with people on Earth.
Sometimes they come in dreams with words and pictures and sometimes a thought just pops into ones head.
sunsurfer45 (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-14)
thank you for your advice, but I couldint make out if it was male or female, it sounded like a very loud whisper. But I could not understand why I couldint hear it like normal because it seemed to be coming from inside my head, if that makes sense to you. Why havint I heard it since? I have been in situations which I could of done with a warning but nothing
CVT6702 (15 stories) (111 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-14)
This voice was no doubt the voice of one of your Guides in the Spirit World and it could also hae been the voice of one of your relatives who knew what your husband was doing and didn't want him to treat you that way.

You say you would like to thank the voice, and I think you already have by writing this copy and who knows that Spirit may have actually put the idea into your head to tell this story, to help others believe, and listen.
That is what Spirits do.

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